Regional Flagship Events Program

Up to $20,000 is available to support marketing of events that has the potential to bring more visitors to regional NSW and strengthen its economy.

Regional Flagship Events Program


The Regional Flagship Events Program focuses on events that are currently drawing visitation from outside their region and have the capacity to grow that visitation. It provides a grant to assist events in marketing to a broader audience outside their region. Destination NSW also supplements the marketing by providing its own campaign activity for Regional Flagship Events. These events are selected through a competitive process.



The Regional Flagship Events Program offers funding of $10,000 for one year or triennial funding of $20,000 per event to be spent on marketing initiatives. There are two stages to the process.:

  • Stage One – Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Stage Two – Application Process.

Since 1996, the NSW Government has provided more than $5.1 million to support more than 235 events in Regional NSW.



An event selected by the panel to receive program funding must satisfy the aims of the Program – namely, to identify and support the tourism marketing activities of events that:

  • Have the strong support of the local council
  • Have the strong support of the regional tourism industry
  • Have a well structured and organised management event committee
  • The Event must have adequate public liability insurance and other relevant insurance cover
  • Attract overnight tourists from outside the immediate locality to the event
  • Have a developed marketing plan which demonstrates the capacity to grow the event well beyond current visitation
  • The event must be operating for two years prior to funding
  • The event must occur outside the peak tourism seasons for that area, i.e. during the off peak/shoulder season
  • The event has a strategic plan which shows how the event will become sustainable and not rely on State Government funding to run each year

Before applying for the Regional Flagship Event Program you may wish to seek advice from previous events that have received funding in the past to gain ideas and help grow your own event. You may want to find out what other events are held in your and neighbouring regions and when they are held. Determine how your event will complement the unique local experience of your region and consider how you will differentiate your event from others.



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