Regional Health Infrastructure Fund

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What is Regional Health Infrastructure Fund?

The Regional Health Infrastructure Fund is a program that provides funding to rural and regional health services so they can continue to provide safe and efficient care to local communities.


Case Studies


Bulletpoint assisted KHA secure $1.04M for a National Education Program for End Stage Kidney Disease. The cumulative cost to the Australian Government of treating all current and new cases of ESKD is estimated at around $12 billion. The project will support the development of comprehensive education to support the patient journey towards home dialysis potentially saving $430 M.

healthfirst logo

Bulletpoint assisted Healthfirst secure $770,000 to provide telehealth training and support to 800 health professionals in South Australia.Healthfirst are major providers of health care services and training in Australia.They focus on improving access and models of care (service redesign) in General Practice and community settings.


Bulletpoint assisted Eldercare secure $400,000 to build workforce capacity and capability in Residential Aged Care.Eldercare is a not-for-profit aged care provider with 22 locations throughout Adelaide, South Australia.The project will focus on increasing the competencies of carers from a sample of locations and reconfiguring their roles.




The Victorian Government established the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund (RHIF) in 2016 to assist rural and regional health services and other eligible agencies to improve service capacity, service efficiency and the ability to deliver contemporary models of care within the regional health sector through minor capital grants. The investment will ensure continuity of services to the public and assist economic recovery.

The key objectives of RHIF 2022-23 are to assist regional and rural health services to:

  • mitigate infrastructure risk and to maintain patient safety, healthcare worker safety, service availability and business continuity
  • enhance service capacity, support contemporary models of care and improve patient and staff amenity
  • sustain and improve infrastructure assets that provide essential capacity for delivering responsive and appropriate clinical services across rural and regional public health facilities
  • provide a stronger role for outer regional services that will allow care to be safely provided closer to where people live
  • further incentivise health services and agencies to implement effective asset management that aligns with existing government frameworks and policies.

The capital funding will result in delivery of renewal, reconfiguration and refurbishments across a range of projects and service delivery streams and deliver the key state government policy objective of ensuring all Victorians can access high quality health care, no matter where they live



Established in 2016, the $790 million Regional Health Infrastructure Fund is the largest program of its type in Victoria and was created to improve:

  • safety and quality of services
  • enhance service capacity
  • efficient models of care
  • patient and staff amenity
  • service efficiency.


How to get the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund grant?

Your Regional Health Infrastructure Fund application will need to show:

  1. How your hospital is under demand pressures from increasing population or changing demographics. What evidence do you have?
  2. How your current buildings are not fit for purpose? An example is moving from low-care to high-care residential aged services? How can you prove this?
  3. That your buildings and equipment need a major refurbishment? Why are your current facilities not adequate?
  4. That safety and quality of services is being compromised? Do you have figures or incidents to support this claim?
  5. That you are failing compliance and regulatory requirements. Any evidence to support this?
  6. Clinical risk is increasing.  Can you show a trend of increasing risks or a recent risk management report?

Things to focus on

This is where I would spend my time on this grant:

  • Improved patient experience & quality of care (40%) – Describe how your project will result in improved patient experience & quality of
    care (eg. Improved access to care, Reduced incidence of patient harm, Increased patient satisfaction).
  • Increased system efficiency (35%) – Describe how this proposal will increase system efficiency (eg. Increased system throughput, Reduction in reactive maintenance expenditure).
  • Improved workforce experience and safety (10%) – Describe how your project will improve workforce satisfaction, Reduction in health sector job vacancies). Provide evidence of safety, quality, regulatory issues or standards non-compliance. Provide copies of PIN notices or adverse audits to support the case for the proposal, if applicable.
  • Stronger regional communities and economies (15%) – Provide a description of how this proposal will strengthen regional communities and economies (eg. Decreased distance to treatment, Increased employment in health sector). Include supporting data to summarise current problems and predicted improvements where possible.



This year’s budget includes a $300 million boost to the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund. Distributed over four years, this extra investment will give health services the resources they need to do targeted upgrades, tailoring projects to the needs of their local communities.


Eligible Projects

A major change introduced in 2022 is the inclusion of two streams of funding:

Stream 1 – Ready for implementation

  • submission is ready to be considered for full funding
  • designs and/or specifications substantially complete
  • detailed design accompanied by a detailed cost plan
  • regulatory approvals in place
  • ready to invite market tenders for construction/delivery quotations.

Stream 2 projects – Ongoing planning or design development

  • funding provided to advance projects to the next stage of readiness (seed funding)
  • projects can be funded for planning, design refinement or further technical work, to improve the site understanding and refine the accuracies of cost estimates before formal commitment to funding is provided
  • allows for ongoing consultation with VHBA and Department representatives to gain full support for a refined proposal.

Please note: Successful applications under Stream 2 are not automatically guaranteed to receive funding in subsequent rounds. Stream 2 projects will be required to demonstrate progress and will be eligible to be submitted for continuation of funding in successive annual funding applications.


Eligible Applicants

Regional Health Infrastructure Funding is available to Victorian regional and sub-regional and rural:

  • health services
  • multipurpose services
  • public residential aged care services
  • registered community health services
  • bush nursing hospitals and centres
  • women’s health services
  • Aboriginal community controlled health organisations
  • publicly funded community specialist palliative care services.



Regional Health Infrastructure Fund Applications close 22 July 2022.


Need Help Preparing This Grant Application?
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More Information


Latest News

20 June 2022 – Round 6 now open

Submissions for the latest round of the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund (RHIF) are open. The Victorian Budget 2022-23 delivers $300 million over four years in grants to upgrade vital health infrastructure. This investment will give health services and agencies the resources they need to do targeted upgrades.

The latest round of funding will provide seed funding for projects to undertake planning and design, to advance proposals to be considered for successive grant funding rounds. 122 health services and agencies are eligible for funding.

The Victorian Rural and Regional Health Infrastructure Fund (RHIF) has opened for applications. The RHIF – now worth $790 million – provides government funding to eligible rural and regional health services across Victoria. More than 480 projects have been funded since 2016, including a $9.7 million Healthy Community Access Hub in Kyneton.


26 May 2022 – Huge Regional Health Infrastructure Funding Boost for Round 6

Victorian patients will have access to first-class health services and treatments closer to home. More than $1 billion for regional health infrastructure, and investments in nurses, doctors, ambos and allied health professionals. A massive $300 million boost to the Regional Health Infrastructure Fund takes total investment in the fund to $790 million since it started in 2016.

The program will deliver a variety of projects including operating theatre refurbishments, new waiting rooms and hospital beds. It builds on work already delivered through the program such as the expansion of the intensive care unit and paediatric services at Mildura Base Hospital.

The Victorian government is investing $500 million to deliver the Barwon Women’s and Children’s Hospital. It will provide much-needed care for young families as the region’s population continues to grow. The hospital will feature new paediatric and maternity capacity, operating theatres, special care, and women’s outpatient services.



Regional Health Infrastructure Fund Round 3 Recipients

#AgencyTypeProject allocationProject Description
1Albury Wodonga HealthAcute$2,000,000Fire Sprinklers Installation
2Albury Wodonga HealthPalliative Care$2,356,500Construction of Palliative Care sub-acute services Building
3Alpine HealthAged Care$120,000Replacement of two generators at Bright Hospital and Hawthorn Aged Care
4Alpine HealthAged Care$112,000Hot water boiler replacements at Myrtleford & Bright Health services
5Bairnsdale Regional Health ServiceMaternity$545,000Relocation of Family Birthing Centre
6Ballan District Health and CareAged Care$105,259Purchase of two high-efficiency boilers
7Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative LtdAboriginal Community$1,000,000Urgent safety upgrade to east wall of main building
8Ballarat Health ServicesAcute$1,046,500Replacement of ultrasound equipment
9Balmoral Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$126,009Replacement of two community transport buses
10Balmoral Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$93,286Refurbishment of site entrance including installation of CCTV & evacuation alarms. Separation of pedestrian and vehicular access
11Bass Coast HealthAcute$253,990Re-scaping of Helicopter Medical Transport Landing Site including installation of fire-fighting equipment
12Beaufort and Skipton Health ServiceAged Care$975,000Nursing home alterations and additions Beaufort Campus
13Beechworth Health ServiceAged Care$350,000Replacement of mechanical infrastructure including air conditioning systems
14Beechworth Health ServiceAcute$66,025Bed and trolley replacement
15Benalla HealthAged Care$58,000Installation of above ground water storage tank and fire pumps
16Bendigo Community Health Services LtdAcute$3,412,250Redevelopment of Holdsworth House and develop contemporary therapeutic treatment facility
17Boort District HealthAcute$90,000Construction of purpose-built maintenance workshop and storage facilities
18Boort District HealthAcute$200,000Construction of on-site short-term staff accommodation
19Buchan Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$20,150Motor vehicle upgrade
20Buchan Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$5,700Installation of staff and client security system, including CCTV monitoring & intercom system
21Cann Valley Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$40,000Motor vehicle replacement
22Casterton Memorial HospitalAcute$108,000Installation of fire sprinkler system in acute wing
23Castlemaine HealthAcute$165,522Upgrade of Central Sterilizing Services Department including steriliser replacement and reverse osmosis system
24Castlemaine HealthAcute$1,478,754

Construction of car park to include disability access

Construction of purpose-built storage facility

25Castlemaine District Community Health LtdPrimary & Community Health$41,938

Motor vehicle replacement

Replacement of clinical equipment, including defibrillator, physiotherapy bed and treadmill

26Castlemaine District Community Health LtdPrimary & Community Health$124,639ICT infrastructure upgrade including server, personal computers/monitors and website redevelopment
27Cobden District Health ServicesBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$4,488Replacement of computer wiring and cabling in Urgent Care Centre
28Cobram District HealthAcute$1,623,500Refurbishment of Irwin House residential aged care facility
29Cobram District HealthAcute$930,867Refurbishment and installation of new kitchen
30Cohuna District HospitalAcute$327,903Upgrade of essential facilities and equipment including nurse call system, fire detection system, ICT server, floor coverings, patient beds, theatre suction system, washer disinfector, and pan flusher
31Colac Area HealthAcute$200,000Replacement of Operating Theatre lights
32Dargo Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$53,211Installation of renewable energy system with climate control capabilities
33Dargo Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$15,163Minor refurbishment of Bush Nursing Centre
34Dhauwurd Wurrung Elderly and Community Health ServiceAboriginal Community$301,081Replacement of roofing iron, gutters and downpipes, internal ceiling repairs, carpeting, and minor repairs to wall at health facility
35Dingee Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$7,898Refurbishment of treatment and foyer areas
36Djerriwarrh Health ServicesAcute$160,000Central Water Dialysis Unit – Renal Dialysis unit
37Djerriwarrh Health ServicesAcute$1,150,000Upgrade of Mechanical Services – Maternity Ward
38East Grampians Health ServicePrimary & Community Health$630,000Engineering Infrastructure Replacement – Lift Replacement
39East Grampians Health ServicePrimary & Community Health$2,931,000Theatre Redevelopment and Expansion
40East Wimmera Health ServiceAcute$1,000,000Birchip Campus Redevelopment Project
41East Wimmera Health ServiceAcute$303,000St Arnaud Urgent Care Relocation Project
42Echuca Regional HealthAcute$184,162Air conditioning upgrade
43Edenhope and District Memorial HospitalAcute$817,000Refurbishment of Urgent Care Centre and Administration
44Elmhurst Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$32,100Installation of air-controlled cabinetry
45Ensay Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$20,000Minor refurbishment of Ensay Bush Nursing centre
46Euroa Health IncBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$190,000Refurbishment of bathrooms
47Gateway HealthPrimary & Community Health$250,000Cybersecurity enhancement across health service
48Gelantipy District Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$8,950Sound-proofing of clinical Areas
49Gelantipy District Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$5,272Replacement of ICT hardware and administration equipment
50Gippsland Southern Health ServiceAcute$246,862Operating Theatre equipment replacement and upgrade
51Gippsland Southern Health ServiceAcute$149,347Upgrade of Korumburra nurse call system
52Gippsland Women’s Health Service IncPrimary & Community Health$40,785Information and Communications Technology upgrade and replacement to connect to NBN
53Goulburn Valley HealthAcute$348,637Upgrade of the clinical areas used by Allied Health including cooling systems and flooring
54Goulburn Valley Hospice Care ServicePalliative Care$44,078Mobile technology: improving access, improving outcomes.
55Grampians Community HealthPrimary & Community Health$85,250Installation of solar panels on roof
56Gunditjmara Aboriginal Co-operative LtdAboriginal Community$281,950Upgraded facilities to improve community access to health services
57Harrow Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$50,000Information and communication technology infrastructure replacement and upgrades
58Heathcote HealthPalliative Care$134,000Refurbishment of Palliative Care area
59Hepburn Health ServiceAged Care$770,000Creswick Aged Care upgrade to exiting Facility
60Hepburn Health ServiceAged Care$80,500Purchase of replacement Colonoscope, Light Source & Processor
61Hesse Rural HealthAged Care$250,500Natural Gas Conversion
62Hesse Rural HealthAged Care$199,518Upgrade and Replace Fire Detection, Monitoring Systems and Booster Pump set
63Heywood Rural HealthAged Care$183,000Fire Service Infrastructure Upgrade
64Heywood Rural HealthAged Care$6,500Dementia-friendly Resident Rooms and Outdoor Area Redevelopment Project
65Inglewood and Districts Health ServiceAged Care$20,000Purchase and installation of ceiling hoists in aged care facility
66Kilmore and District HospitalAcute$499,713Closed Circuit Television upgrade
67Kooweerup Regional Health ServiceAged Care$18,334Nurse call software upgrade
68Kooweerup Regional Health ServiceAged Care$138,800Replacement of Air conditioning in aged care centre
69Kyabram and District Health ServicesAcute$585,949Replacement Nurse Call System
70Kyabram and District Health ServicesAcute$500,000Operating Theatre central sterilising service upgrades
71Kyneton District Health ServicePalliative Care$26,606Replacement of Palliative Care beds
72Lake Bolac Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$6,700New internet server
73Lake Bolac Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$28,370Vehicle replacement
74Lockington & District Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$11,877Replacement of ICT hardware and administration equipment
75Mallee Track Health and Community ServicePrimary & Community Health$105,380Refurbishment of staff and student accommodation
76Mansfield District HospitalAcute$320,000Service Planning
77Maryborough District Health ServiceAcute$1,300,000Replacement of existing Computed Tomography equipment
78Mildura Base HospitalAcute$211,700Installation of negative pressure isolation room in Medical Ward
79Moyne Health ServicesAcute$630,452Replacement and capacity upgrade emergency power and electrical infrastructure
80Nathalia District HospitalAged Care$39,358Nathalia District Hospital floor covering replacement
81Nathalia District HospitalAged Care$45,580Installation of air conditioning system in Banawah campus
82Northeast Health WangarattaAcute$616,000Refurbishment of Maternity, Critical Care Unit and Emergency Department
83Omeo District HealthAcute$33,750Urgent Care Defibrillator Replacement
84Omeo District HealthAged Care$46,070Omeo District Health Air Conditioning
85Portland District HealthAcute$656,691Replacement of Perioperative Equipment
86Portland District HealthAcute$126,690Replacement of Central Sterilizing Service Department batch washer/thermal disinfector
87Portland District HealthAcute$320,000Service Planning
88Primary Care ConnectPrimary & Community Health$781,067Community Space upgrade of reception and waiting areas
89Primary Care ConnectPrimary & Community Health$257,742Technology upgrade to include telehealth facilities
90Red Cliffs and Community Aged Care Service IncAged Care$143,370Air Conditioner upgrades to high care building
91Rochester and Elmore District Health ServiceAged Care$200,000Bed and mattress replacement, installation of bed lights
92Rural Northwest HealthAged Care$132,840Refurbishment of residents’ bathrooms at Hopetoun Residential aged care facility
93Rural Northwest HealthAcute$32,558CCTV and lighting in facility carpark
94Seymour HealthAcute$3,170,000Barrabill House Aged Care redevelopment to incorporate single rooms with ensuites
95Seymour HealthAcute$410,000Upgrade the fire detection system and sprinklers
96South West HealthcareMental Health$1,490,000Construction of purpose-built facility at Percy St site of Portland Community Mental Health Service
97Stawell Regional HealthAcute$293,979ICT infrastructure upgrade and digitizing of Medical Records
98Stawell Regional HealthAcute$912,600Upgrade and replace whole of health service Nurse Call and Duress System including security and fire panel upgrade
99Swan Hill District HealthAcute$200,000Replacement of flexible endoscopy equipment
100Swan Hill District HealthAcute$119,452Replacement of rigid endoscopy equipment.
101Swan Hill District HealthAcute$360,000Service Planning
102Swifts Creek Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$19,142Essential maintenance Swifts Creek Bush Nursing Centre including water re-usage pump
103Swifts Creek Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing – Hospital / Centre$18,348Installation of additional solar panels and L.E.D lighting across centre
104Terang & Mortlake CommunityAcute$273,659Kitchen corridor and fire safety upgrade
105Timboon and District Healthcare ServiceAcute$92,517Installation of new clinical patient monitoring system
106West Gippsland Healthcare GroupAcute$550,000Upgrade of Central Sterilizing Services Department including steriliser replacement and reverse osmosis system
107West Gippsland Healthcare GroupAcute$358,000Kitchen plant room upgrades to control air conditioning, hot water and flow control
108West Wimmera Health ServiceAcute$1,197,075Redevelopment of Central Sterilizing Services Department
109West Wimmera Health ServiceAcute$124,000Nhill Mira Roof Replacement
110Western District Health ServiceAged Care$326,628Penshurst Rural Health Service hydraulics and fire service upgrades
111Wimmera Health Care GroupAcute$982,578Upgrade of Central Sterilizing Services Department including steriliser replacement and reverse osmosis system
112Women’s Health Loddon Mallee IncWomen’s Health Service$85,000Floor Replacement
  Round 3 Total$47,729,619 

Regional Health Infrastructure Fund Round 2 Recipients




Project allocation

Project name

1Albury Wodonga HealthRegional Health Service$168,200Wi Fi Infrastructure upgrades
2Albury Wodonga HealthRegional Health Service$98,796Replace flooring & furniture for Residential older persons Mental Health facility
3Albury Wodonga HealthRegional Health Service$1,000,000ED  Planning Existing Commitment
4Bairnsdale Regional Health ServiceSub-Nursing Hospitals$124,072Acute ward Nurse call bell  infrastructure
5Ballan District Health and CareBush Nursing Hospital$14,030Medical Device washer and disinfector
6Ballarat Health ServicesRegional Health Service$411,500Air conditioner replacement Mental Health
7Ballarat Hospice Care IncPalliative Care$6,234,931Establishment of Palliative Care Hub in new Ballarat  Health precinct
8Barwon HealthRegional Health Service$3,000,000Mental Health Acute unit refurbishment
9Barwon HealthRegional Health Service$485,000refurbishment of Hydro pool
10Bass Coast HealthSub-Regional / Local Health Service$605,400body protection to patient care areas
11Bass Coast HealthSub-Regional / Local Health Service$315,000Replacement of Emergency Lift
12Bass Coast HealthSub-Regional / Local Health Service$205,600Medical Air compressors and back up medical air manifold system
13Bass Coast HealthSub-Regional / Local Health Service$512,000Replacement air handling  units
14Bass Coast HealthSub-Regional / Local Health Service$287,080replacement fire panel
15Beechworth Health ServiceSub-Regional Health Service$30,000Replacement X-ray equipment
16Benalla HealthLocal Health Service$200,000Upgrade Soluscope and drying equipment
17Bendigo and District ACCHO Co-operative LtdACCHO$800,000Stage 2 Early Learning Years Centre
18Bendigo HealthRegional Health Service$4,984,000New 15 bed wing and refurbishment project
19Boort District HealthSub-Regional Health Service$992,691Relocation of Dental Clinic
20Cann Valley Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$49,654Bush Fire safety improvement
21Castlemaine HealthLocal Health Service$780,000bed replacement program
22Central Gippsland Health ServiceSub-Regional Health Service$466,000Air cooled Chiller Replacement
23Cobram District HealthSub-Regional Health Service$378,399Theatre equipment upgrade
24Cohuna District HospitalSub-Regional Health Service$213,400Fire systems upgrade
25Colac Area HealthLocal Health Service$349,266CSSD upgrade inc: Air-conditioning and reverse osmosis water to Theatre
26Dargo Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$43,412remote rural Nursing service car
27Dargo Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$3,823Mobile ICT device for Client communication
28Dhauwurd Wurrung Elderly and Community Health ServiceACCHO$154,464Refurbishment to accommodate Allied Health Services
39Dingee Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$5,603Service expansion support
30Djerriwarrh Health ServicesLocal Health Service$468,000CSSU  rectification building works
31East Wimmera Health ServiceSub-Regional Health Service$211,420St Arnaud Campus lift replacement
32East Wimmera Health ServiceSub-Regional Health Service$1,301,200Renovation of Birchip campus and Aged Care facility
33Echuca Regional HealthSub-Regional Health Service$958,297Operating Theatre equipment
34Elmhurst Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$27,802Vehicle replacement
35Ensay Bush Nursing centreBush Nursing Centre$82,000Vehicle replacement and Covered ambulance parking
36Gelantipy District Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$7,255Increase power efficiency
37Goolum Goolum ACCHO CooperativeACCHO$63,251Upgrade Hamilton Street Medical Clinic
38Heathcote HealthSub-Regional Health Service$260,934Fire Safety Works
39Heywood Rural Health $680,000To integrate Medical Clinic & Primary Care Services to Community Health Hub
40Indigo North Health $275,301Kitchen Refurbishment
41Indigo North HealthIncorporated Public Residential Aged Care$361,000Heating and Cooling
42Kilmore and District HospitalSub-Regional Health Service$284,892Fire Upgrade Works to meet DHHS Fire Risk Management Guidelines
43Kyneton District Health ServiceSub-Regional Health Service$119,500Purchase Image Intensifier
44Kyneton District Health ServiceSub-Regional Health Service$78,580Purchase replacement Operating Table
45Kyneton District Health ServiceSub-Regional Health Service$140,000Purchase Steam Autoclave to replace Atherton Steam Steriliser
46Kyneton District Health ServiceSub-Regional Health Service$65,000Purchase replacement Instrument Washer Disinfector
47Lake Bolac Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$17,333Clean & Lean renewable energy project
48Latrobe Community Health ServiceCHS$304,758Dental Prosthetic Expansion
49Maryborough District Health ServiceLocal Health Service$498,967Kitchen Upgrade
50Maryborough District Health ServiceLocal Health Service$3,621,179Student Accommodation
51Mildura Base HospitalSub-Regional Health Service$3,882,000Paediatric Unit Development
52Mildura Base HospitalSub-Regional Health Service$309,791Replace operating tables and lights
53Moyne Health ServicesSmall Rural health Service$2,100,000Development of Active Health Hub precinct
54Nexus Primary HealthCHS$3,711,249Redevelopment of Nexus Primary Health Broadford Centre
55Northeast Health WangarattaSub-Regional Health Service$6,997,990Stage 2 Redevelopment
56Numurkah District Health ServiceSub-Regional Health Service$376,000Replacement of Air Conditioning System Karinya Residential Aged Care
57Otway HealthMPS$205,559Upgrade of X-Ray Equipment & Room refurbished
58Seymour HealthSub-Regional Health Service$1,621,000Redevelopment Urgent Care facility
59South Gippsland HospitalSub-Regional Health Service$1,650,000Reconfiguration of operating/maternity suite
60Stawell Regional HealthLocal Health Service$2,202,000Upgrade critical infrastructure
61Swan Hill District HealthSub-Regional Health Service$240,000Fire Safety Works – sprinkler installation
62Swan Hill District HealthSub-Regional Health Service$245,913Replacement of theatre lights and service pendants
63Swan Hill District HealthSub-Regional Health Service$56,800Purchase of OPG x-ray machine to provide new patient service
64Swifts Creek Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$5,967Replace vinyl flooring in treatment room and Nurses bathroom
65Swifts Creek Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$15,785Replace nurses vehicle
66Terang and MortlakeSub-Regional Health Service$271,643Endoscopy / CSSD critical upgrade
67Walwa Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$102,593Environmental control heating and cooling
68West Gippsland Healthcare GroupSub-Regional Health Service$250,000Sub-acute bed relocation
69West Gippsland Healthcare GroupSub-Regional Health Service$90,000Ceiling track and Equipment for Andrews House resi Aged care
70West Wimmera Health ServiceSub-Regional Health Service$2,000,000Nhill Hospital Kitchen redevelopment
71Wimmera Health Care GroupSub-Regional Health Service$164,481Kitchen upgrade and dishwasher replacement
72Wimmera Health Care GroupSub-Regional Health Service$319,030Kitchen upgrade and Meal delivery system
73Wimmera Health Care GroupSub-Regional Health Service$98,584Kitchen blast chiller replacement
74Women’s Health Loddon MalleeWomen’s Health Service$6,550Clinical Chair  replacement
75Woomelang and District Bush Nursing CentreACCHO$16,693Flooring replacement
76Woomelang and District Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$5,467Floor line data rack
77Woomelang and District Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$9,091Solar Power
78Yarrawonga HealthSub-Regional Health Service$112,475Acute and Urgent care Centre entrance redesign

Regional Health Infrastructure Fund Round 1 Recipients

#AgencyTypeProject allocationProject name
1Albury Wodonga HealthRegional Health Service$330,414

Upgrade of facilities and equipment at Kerford

Inpatient Unit, Mackie House OPMHS

Wangaratta and Nolan House Albury

2Albury Wodonga HealthRegional Health Service$302,235Replacement of the Nurse Call system at Wodonga Hospital
3Bairnsdale Regional Health ServiceSub Regional Health Service$273,500Replacement of existing Chiller system servicing the Theatre Complex and Medical/surgical ward – Bairnsdale Hospital
4Ballan District Health and CareBush Nursing Hospitals$108,671Main Kitchen Refurbishment
5Ballan District Health and CareBush Nursing Hospitals$81,600Risk management system
6Ballan District Health and CareBush Nursing Hospitals$78,427Servers and associated equipment Redundancy and back-up
7Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative LtdRegional Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation$6,000,000New standalone medical clinic and regional health – hub housing new and existing health and specialist services
8Ballarat Health ServicesRegional Health Service$1,000,000Planning for redesign of hot floor at Base Hospital
9Ballarat Health ServicesRegional Health Service$1,547,870Replacement of six Laparoscopic camera tower systems in Operating Suites – Ballarat Base Hospital
10Ballarat Health ServicesRegional Health Service$1,320,000Replacement of chillers – Queen Elizabeth Centre
11Ballarat Health ServicesRegional Health Service$150,225Expansion of current wireless network – Queen Elizabeth Centre
12Barwon HealthRegional Health Service$921,378Call Bell replacement program
13Barwon HealthRegional Health Service$600,000Cardiac  Services Telemetry Monitoring System
14Barwon HealthRegional Health Service$400,000Barwon Health Cancer Services Audio Visual Connections
15Bass Coast HealthSub Regional Health Service$611,000Theatre Air Handling Units (AHU’s), controls and Building Management System
16Bass Coast HealthSub Regional Health Service$55,400Neo-natal Resuscitation Cots
17Bass Coast HealthSub Regional Health Service$437,500Water filtration system and associated infrastructure
18Bass Coast HealthSub Regional Health Service$985,350Installation of sprinkler system to all bed based areas  – Wonthaggi Hospital
19Bass Coast HealthSub Regional Health Service$17,143Replacement of Instrument Drying Cabinet – Wonthaggi Hospital
20Bass Coast HealthSub Regional Health Service$982,000Replacement of the central chilled water plant
and associated equipment – Wonthaggi Hospital
21Beechworth Health ServiceSmall Rural Health Service$92,775Installation of a fire sprinkler system –- Beechworth Health Service
22Benalla HealthLocal Health Service$1,580,000Construction of a new building comprising seven single rooms with ensuites, a store room and a Nurse Unit Manager’s office – Morrie Evans Wing (Stage 1).
23Benalla HealthLocal Health Service$2,601,000Construction of a new building comprising nine single rooms with ensuites and ancillary areas – Morrie Evans Wing (stage 2)
24Benalla HealthLocal Health Service$52,670Purchase of Portable Ultrasound device – Benalla Hospital
25Benalla HealthLocal Health Service$32,970Purchase of a defibrillator monitor – Benalla Hospital
26Benalla HealthLocal Health Service$130,000Replacement of Clinical ICT infrastructure – Benalla Hospital
27Bendigo Community Health Services LtdRegistered Community  Health Service$384,150Fit-out of new premises (and the adjoining entry/reception area) adjoining current base at 171 Hargreaves Street
28Buchan Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$18,309Upgrade of Motor Vehicle – Buchan Bush Nursing Centre.
29Casterton Memorial HospitalSmall Rural Health Service$135,000

Replacement of existing air conditioning system in Acute

Residential Care and Reception/Administration – Casterton Memorial Hospital.

30Central Gippsland Health ServiceSub Regional Health Service$4,126,691Expansion of the surgical services at Sale Hospital to include major orthopaedic surgery.
31Cobaw Community Health Services LtdRegistered Community  Health Service$9,771,000Construction of a new Health Community Access Hub – Cobaw Community Health
32Cobden District Health ServicesBush Nursing Hospitals$40,000Replacement of Hydronic Heating System, upgrade Switchboard and Controls – Community Health & Lovely Banks Nursing Home.
33Cobram District HealthSmall Rural Health Service$180,000Upgrade of current telecommunication infrastructure
34Cobram District HealthSmall Rural Health Service$370,000Upgrade of current electrical substation and main switchboard
35Cobram District HealthSmall Rural Health Service$460,000Replacement of the Chilled water system – Cobram Hospital
36Colac Area HealthLocal Health Service$642,000Installation of hydrant flow and pressure upgrade; automatic fire suppression systems; building occupant warning system
37Djerriwarrh Health ServicesLocal Health Service$9,000,000Operating Theatre Renovation
38Djerriwarrh Health ServicesLocal Health Service$1,590,000Maternity Unit Renovation
39East Grampians Health ServiceLocal Health Service$4,120,000Expanded Community Health Centre
40Edenhope and District Memorial HospitalSmall Rural Health Service$6,317,642Redevelopment of the aged care facilities – Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital
41Elmhurst Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$8,930Carpet replacement in clinical areas
42Euroa Health IncBush Nursing Hospitals$231,104Replacement of Nurse Call and security system. Installation of solar panels – Euroa Health.
43Gelantipy District Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$28,388Upgrade Motor Vehicle
44Goulburn Valley HealthRegional Health Service$9,957,000Waranga Campus Redevelopment to support the co-location of acute health, aged care and community health services from the Waranga Memorial Hospital on a single, central site in Rushworth
45Hepburn Health ServiceSmall Rural Health Service$2,475,875Creswick Nursing Home Redevelopment
46Hepburn Health ServiceSmall Rural Health Service$354,632Replacement of ICT equipment – Hepburn Health Service, Daylesford, Creswick, Trentham and Clunes campuses
47Kilmore and District HospitalSmall Rural Health Service$337,103Purchase of clinical equipment for Maternity and Neonatal services
48Kilmore and District HospitalSmall Rural Health Service$143,500Replacement of Nurse Call for  Caladenia Nursing Home
49Kyabram and District Health ServicesLocal Health Service$823,180Remodelling Urgent Care Services and Acute Services hub – Kyabram and District Health Services
50Kyneton District Health ServiceSmall Rural Health Service$167,750Replacement of backup Generator – Kyneton District Health Service
51Latrobe Regional HospitalRegional Health Service$2,621,000Expansion of the Special Care Nursery to treat neonates – Latrobe Hospital.
52Lockington & District Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$47,890Replacement Motor Vehicle
53Lockington & District Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$44,138Expansion of verandah – Lockington & District Bush Nursing Centre.
54Lyndoch LivingIncorporated Public Residential Aged Care Service$494,216Replacement of Nurse call duress alarm system Lyndoch Living
55Maldon HospitalSmall Rural Health Service$341,431Provision of dementia friendly outdoor living area sheltered from the weather and gardening activity area – Jessie Bowe House, Maldon Hospital
56Mansfield District HospitalSmall Rural Health Service$475,000Refurbishment of bathrooms, bedrooms, medication room and staff dining area in Buckland House Nursing Home – Mansfield District Hospital
57Maryborough District Health ServiceLocal Health Service$258,000Replacement and upgrade of MDHS Dunolly Fire pump
58Maryborough District Health ServiceLocal Health Service$898,800Increasing access to Medical Imaging Services
59Mildura Base HospitalSub Regional Health Service$2,164,900Redevelopment and refurbishment of the Inpatient Unit to assist with the reduction in restrictive intervention
60Mildura Base HospitalSub Regional Health Service$2,296,000Expansion of the Intensive Care Unit and High Dependency Unit – Mildura Base Hospital
61Moyne Health ServiceSmall Rural Health Service$2,100,000Urgent Care Centre at Port Fairy
62Nagambie HealthCareBush Nursing Hospitals$258,376Upgrade of fire protection system – Nagambie HealthCare
63Nexus Primary HealthRegistered Community  Health Service$616,831Renovation and remodelling of the Nexus Primary Health Wallan site including treatment area, pharmacy, kitchen and installation of elevator – Nexus Wallan
64Northeast Health WangarattaSub Regional Health Service$15,175,000Construction of new 12 bed Critical Care Unit; construction of new medical records unit; relocate Oncology; expansion of Emergency Departments and clinics; and associated engineering infrastructure – Wangaratta campus
65Otway Health and Community ServicesMulti Purpose Service$371,757Upgrading Urgent care Unit at Apollo Bay
66Rochester and Elmore District Health ServiceSmall Rural Health Service$488,525Replacement of Surgical Services equipment – Rochester Hospital.
67Rochester and Elmore District Health ServiceSmall Rural Health Service$80,342Upgrade of duress and Critical Messaging system
68South West HealthcareSub Regional Health Service$5,500,000Total Planning for stage 2 Warrnambool Base Hospital redevelopment. (confirmed 11/5/17)
69South West HealthcareSub-Regional$749,024Refurbish Operating Theatre Complex
70South West HealthcareSub-Regional$1,251,740Medical Equipment
71Stawell Regional HealthLocal Health Service$220,000Purchase of two sterilizers to expand CSSD capacity
72Swan Hill District HealthSub Regional Health Service$2,660,000Establishment of Sub Acute Services to include GEM, General Rehabilitation, Palliative care and Transition Care Program – Swan Hill District Health
73Swifts Creek Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$6,993Install an automatic switch for backup generator – Swifts Creek Bush Nursing Centre
74Swifts Creek Bush Nursing CentreBush Nursing Centre$3,945Install a CCTV system – Swifts Creek Bush Nursing Centre.
75Tallangatta Health ServiceSmall Rural Health Service$263,843Upgrade of fire protection system – Tallangatta Health Service (main building, acute ward, Bolga Court and Lakeview residential care).
76Timboon and District Healthcare ServiceMulti Purpose Service$133,220Replacement of existing emergency generator – Timboon Hospital
77Upper Murray Health and Community ServiceMulti Purpose Service$783,479Replacement of the Air Conditioning systems
– Corryong Hospital
78West Gippsland Healthcare GroupSub Regional Health Service$1,000,000Planning of redevelopment Warragul Hospital
79West Gippsland Healthcare GroupSub Regional Health Service$3,300,000Establishment and operation of 8 bed Short Stay Unit
80West Gippsland Healthcare GroupSub Regional Health Service$6,000,000Establishment and operation of a 3rd Operating Room and required infrastructure
81West Wimmera Health ServiceSmall Rural Health Service$352,560Upgrade of the Air Conditioning System – Nhill Campus
82West Wimmera Health ServiceSmall Rural Health Service$396,003Upgrade of the fire detection system – Nhill, Natimuk, Rainbow and Jeparit campuses
83Wimmera Health Care GroupSub Regional Health Service$2,600,000Contribution to $5.2 m Wimmera Cancer Care Centre
84Wimmera Health Care GroupSub Regional Health Service$634,245Upgrade of Medical Records, Telephony and ICT infrastructure – Horsham and Dimboola campuses
85Wimmera Health Care GroupSub Regional Health Service$90,741Replacement of ICU Patient Monitoring System
86Wimmera Health Care GroupSub Regional Health Service$500,000Installation of Fire Sprinklers in Acute Building
87Woomelang & District Bush Nursing Centre IncBush Nursing Centre$8,634Installation security system
88Woomelang & District Bush Nursing Centre IncBush Nursing Centre$6,000Upgrade computer server
89Woomelang & District Bush Nursing Centre IncBush Nursing Centre$2,699Replace vaccine fridge.
90Woomelang & District Bush Nursing Centre IncBush Nursing Centre$34,650Install of back-up generator
91Woomelang & District Bush Nursing Centre IncBush Nursing Centre$33,400Replacement Motor Vehicle
92Yarram and District Health ServiceSmall Rural Health Service$4,000,000Constructing new integrated Healthcare Centre – Yarram Hospital
93Yarrawonga HealthSmall Rural Health Service$413,031Refurbishment of the aged infrastructure in Warrina Hostel
  Round 1 total$132,050,795 



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