ReMade in Queensland

ReMade in Queensland

What is ReMade in Queensland?

ReMade in Queensland is a transformative program offering grants of up to $2.5 million to eligible businesses. It aims to support the manufacturing sector by funding projects that increase the use of recycled materials, representing a critical step towards sustainability in Queensland’s manufacturing industry.

Eligible Entities

Eligible entities for ReMade in Queensland are:

Queensland-based businesses primarily involved in manufacturing, as defined by the ANZSIC 2006 Division C.
Recyclers transitioning to manufacturing new products using recycled materials.
Independent entities operating within Queensland with established corporate governance.
Small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with 5 to 200 full-time equivalent employees in Queensland.
Companies, co-operatives, or incorporated trustees applying on behalf of a trust.
Background of ReMade in Queensland The Queensland Government, acknowledging the significant role of manufacturing in the state’s economy, introduced ReMade in Queensland to address environmental concerns associated with traditional manufacturing. This program promotes the use of remanufacturing to reduce landfill waste, conserve resources, create jobs, and enhance Queensland’s competitiveness in the global circular economy.



The objectives of ReMade in Queensland are to:

Increase the use of recycled materials in Queensland’s manufacturing sector.
Support the growth of Queensland’s circular economy.
Create jobs in Queensland’s manufacturing sector.


Eligible Expenditure 

ReMade in Queensland covers costs associated with:

Implementing advanced technologies that increase the reuse of recycled materials in manufacturing.
Projects that enable the remanufacture of products for circular economy goals.
Production of market-ready products from recycled waste streams.


Applications for ReMade in Queensland close on 19 February 2024.


More Information

ReMade in Queensland Guidelines


The Queensland Government has launched a new $10 million grant program called ReMiQ to help small and medium-sized manufacturers adopt remanufacturing practices. This initiative is part of the broader $1.1 billion Recycling and Jobs Fund and aims to:

  • Reduce waste and energy costs: By encouraging manufacturers to reuse materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.
  • Create new products: By supporting businesses to develop innovative products using recycled materials.
  • Grow Queensland businesses: By helping manufacturers become more competitive and sustainable.
  • Drive job creation: By supporting the development of “manufacturing jobs of the future” focused on advanced technologies and processes.

Key points:

  • Grants range from $50,000 to $2.5 million.
  • Projects must increase the use of recycled materials in manufacturing or enable the remanufacturing of new waste streams.
  • Applications open 16 January 2024 and close 19 February 2024.


  • More sustainable manufacturing practices.
  • Reduced reliance on virgin materials.
  • Increased business growth and competitiveness.
  • Creation of new jobs in the manufacturing sector.


ReMade in Queensland is a grant program supporting the use of recycled materials in manufacturing.

Queensland-based manufacturers and recyclers transitioning to new product manufacturing using recycled materials are eligible.

Projects that increase the use of recycled materials in manufacturing and align with circular economy goals are eligible.

Costs related to implementing advanced technologies and processes for recycling and remanufacturing are covered.

Grants range from $50,000 to $2.5 million per eligible project.

Applications for ReMade in Queensland close on 19 February 2024.

Only manufacturing businesses and recyclers moving into manufacturing with recycled materials are eligible.

No, the grant is for market-ready product manufacturing using recycled materials.

The program is open to all manufacturing sectors as long as they meet the criteria of using recycled materials.

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