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Unlock your full potential with a 43.5% R&D rebate paid in cash. Invest more in development, hire top talent, and extend your runway.

R&D tax a simpler way

At Bulletpoint, we redefine the process of securing your R&D tax incentive. We take on the complexities, ensuring that your claim progresses swiftly and smoothly, without burdening your team. Our experts do the work for you; from conducting in-depth interviews to extract the essential information, to crafting the technical narratives and hypotheses.

We understand that the biggest bottleneck often comes from the extensive documentation and speculation required. Unlike other consultants who might expect you to draft detailed accounts or devise hypothetical outcomes, we take that responsibility off your shoulders.

You’re not just hiring us for guidance; you’re engaging a partner who actively shapes and steers your R&D claim from conception to submission.

With Bulletpoint, you’re free to focus on your core business, knowing that your R&D claim is not just in progress but is being propelled by specialists committed to your success.

Your time is valuable, and at Bulletpoint, we respect that. Our streamlined process means your involvement is limited to just five hours, ensuring your focus remains on your business while we handle the intricacies of your R&D tax claim. Here’s a snapshot of your minimal yet crucial participation:

  • Technical Interview (1 hour): A focused discussion to understand the core of your innovative activities.
  • Plan Review (1 hour): Validate our summary of your R&D efforts, ensuring every detail is precise.
  • Financial Overview (1 hour): Gather key financial documents with our guidance, a straightforward step.
  • Time Substantiation (1-2 hours): Help us determine the time spent on R&D projects, a critical part of your claim.
  • Budget Finalisation (up to 1 hour): Review and confirm the R&D budget and any company structure nuances.

With Bulletpoint, you invest minimal time and gain maximum value.

Effortless Involvement, Effective Outcomes

Ben Cusack. Founder of Bulletpoint and Australia’s highest rated grants consultant

At Bulletpoint, our commitment to compliance is non-negotiable. We pride ourselves on our meticulous substantiation process, ensuring that your R&D claim stands strong under scrutiny. Our approach is designed to position us within the top 1% of consultants, a testament to our unwavering standards.

  • Rigorous Substantiation: We dive deep into the details, leaving no stone unturned. Our thorough documentation and rigorous analysis mean your claim is robust and resilient, built to withstand audits and reviews.
  • Selective Clientele: Excellence is our benchmark. We partner exclusively with clients who meet our stringent criteria for strong core activities and solid substantiation of expenses. This selective approach ensures that every Bulletpoint collaboration is synonymous with quality and compliance.
  • Shielded from Exposure: When you choose Bulletpoint, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re opting for peace of mind. Our meticulous methodology means you’re safeguarded against the uncertainties of audits and reviews. With us, your R&D claim is not just compliant; it’s a benchmark of excellence.

Secure, Compliant, Assured. Connect with Bulletpoint Now. 

Straightforward Expertise, Trusted Results

Trust in Bulletpoint, your no-nonsense partner with over a decade of mastery in R&D claims.
Our track record speaks for itself: 500+ applications lodged, backed by 250+ positive Google reviews.
Let’s tick this off your to-do list today, freeing you to focus on what’s next for your business.

Connect with us now and move forward with confidence.

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