Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund

What is Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund?

The Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund provides management expertise and makes equity investments in early-stage renewable energy companies to help them overcome capital constraints, develop technologies, increase skills and forge international connections.



In 2011, the Australian Government allocated $100 million to establish the REVC Fund. The Program was designed to support the development of renewable energy and enabling technologies in Australia.

The Program is a continuation of the program of the same name operated by the Australian Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE) and is run in accordance with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s (ARENA) General Funding Strategy. The existing Governing Documents of the Program established under ACRE were transferred to ARENA to administer pursuant to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (Consequential Amendments and Transitional Provisions) Act 2011.

In 2015, ARENA restructured the Program and reduced the allocation of funding to the Program from $100 million to up to $60 million (Restructure).

In 2018, ARENA increased the allocation of funding to the Program from up to $60 million to up to $75 million (2018 Amendment).



The objective of the Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund is to provide venture capital and active investment management to encourage the development of Australian companies that are commercialising Renewable Energy Technologies.

The intended outcome of the Program is to develop and commercialise Renewable Energy Technologies by:

  • increasing the number of Australian renewable energy and enabling technology companies that are successful in Australian and overseas markets;
  • fostering the skills and management capability of Australian renewable energy and enabling technology companies by providing active investment management; and
  • leveraging additional investment in Australian renewable energy technology and enabling companies from the private sector, including from international sources.



Committed capital of up to $120 million with 50% Softbank China Capital (SBCVC) and 50% from ARENA.

The ARENA Board is responsible for the Program and is the decision maker in respect of the Program, except where Program funding exceeds $50 million initially or a further round of funding would increase the total funding from ARENA to over $50 million, in which the case the grant must be approved by the Minister.

From the date the Restructure takes effect, the REVC funding from ARENA will not exceed $60 million.


Eligible Projects

Particular areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Smart grid / micro grid (IoT/SAAS)
  • New materials
  • New business models
  • All forms of distributed energy
  • Energy recovery (eg. micro hydro, waste heat)
  • Modular/transportable renewables
  • EV infrastructure enabling renewable energy


Eligible Applicants

The Renewable Energy Venture Capital (REVC) will provide funding to:

  • Entrepreneurs able to succinctly express the purpose and vision of the company.
  • Businesses targeting large, growing markets that are ripe for disruption.
  • Technology-based solutions with products or services that are differentiated and defensible.



Application is on an ongoing basis.


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