Renewable Hydrogen For Export

Up to $5M is available from Renewable Hydrogen for Export to accelerate the development of a potential renewable energy export supply chain, centred around hydrogen and related carrier materials.

Renewable Hydrogen For Export

Renewable Hydrogen For Export

The Renewable Hydrogen For Export funding aims to support research to accelerate the development of potential renewable energy export supply chains (e.g. through cost and/or efficiency improvements), in acknowledgement of the broader impact this is likely to have on the creation of international demand for Australian renewable energy.



Under the 2017 ARENA Investment Plan, the Exporting Renewable Energy investment priority aims to create new, scalable export value chains in renewable energy. Supply chains that include hydrogen (and related materials) are possible mechanisms for the storage and export of renewable energy. These pathways have the potential to make use of renewable energy that would otherwise may be curtailed, and provide a market for Australia to capitalise on its excellent renewable energy resources, beyond meeting domestic demand.

Hydrogen production, conversion to a carrier or substance suitable for export, and transformation into energy at point-of-use are all stages in the supply chain that have significant scope for cost reductions. The capability to supply renewable hydrogen (or a related substance) at a competitive price is likely to drive further investment throughout the rest of the supply chain, including increased support for dedicated renewables for export.



The objectives of the Renewable Hydrogen For Export are to provide funding to deliver the following outcomes:

  • a range of high quality and innovative Renewable Energy Technologies that enhance Australia’s world-class research position and/or address conditions specific to Australia;
  • an increase in skills, capacity and knowledge relevant to the Round’s Priority Renewable Energy Technologies within Australia; and
  • an increase in investment that improves the Technology Readiness and Commercial Readiness of the Round’s Priority Renewable Energy Technologies.



It is expected that ARENA Grants awarded to Projects under Round 4 will be between $500,000 and $5 million, with at least matched funding from the Applicant and/or a third party on a 1:1 basis. Projects with a greater proportion of cash to In-kind Contributions will be considered to deliver greater value for money.


Eligible Projects

The Applicant must be able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of ARENA that the Research and Development Project described in the proposal:

  • meets the definition of research and development activities as set out at item 3.5 of these Guidelines;
  • involves development of technologies that are assessed as having achieved a TRL between 2-6 (inclusive) at the time of applying;
  • involves renewable energy technologies, which may include:
    • hybrid technologies; and
    • technologies (including enabling technologies) that are related to renewable energy technologies; and
    • meets one or more of the Program’s priorities for Round 4

Specifically, the funding priorities for Round 4 are to accelerate the development of a potential renewable energy export supply chain, through research and development on one or more of the following:

  • the production of gaseous hydrogen (or direct production of a hydrogen carrier suitable for export) using renewable energy, including lowering the cost and/or improving the efficiency of established methods; and/or
  • the conversion of gaseous hydrogen to a substance or form suitable for export, including reducing the cost and/or improving the efficiency of established methods; and/or
  • the conversion of an exportable substance to hydrogen, including reducing the cost and/or improving the efficiency of established methods; and/or
  • the use of hydrogen and/or an exportable substance as an energy source, including reducing the cost and/or improving the efficiency of established methods.


Eligible Applicants

The Applicant must:

  • at the time of applying, hold an Australian Business Number (ABN) and
  • be either:
    • an eligible Australian research institution; or
    • an Australian entity incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001

The Australian research institutions listed below are eligible to apply for the Program:

  • an Australian university (University);
  • the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO);
  • the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) including Data61;
  • the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS);
  • the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO);
  • Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs);
  • the National Measurement Institute (NMI); or
  • Australian Research Council (ARC) Centres of Excellence.



Applications close 28 February 2018.


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