Research Data Infrastructure Grant

Research Data Infrastructure Grant

What is Research Data Infrastructure Grant?

The Research Data Infrastructure Grant Opportunity provides up to $2.5 million to Australian entities for projects that enhance health research data platforms.


The Research Data Infrastructure Grant Opportunity is designed to strengthen Australia’s capacity in health research by enhancing data infrastructure platforms. This initiative aims to support the development of innovative solutions that can lead to better health care outcomes across the nation. By funding projects that improve and extend existing research data infrastructure, the government seeks to facilitate advanced research that addresses critical health challenges and furthers scientific discoveries. This grant not only aims to elevate the quality of health and medical research but also ensures that Australia remains at the forefront of global advancements in these fields.


The objectives of the Research Data Infrastructure Grant are to:

  • Enhance the capabilities of Australia’s health and medical research data infrastructure.
  • Support innovative research that leverages existing data sources to advance health outcomes.
  • Facilitate the development of novel methodologies that improve the utility and reach of linked research data infrastructure.
  • Foster collaborations across academic, industry, and government entities to maximise the impact of health research initiatives.

Eligible Entities

Applicants for the Research Data Infrastructure Grant must meet the following criteria to be eligible under the program:

  • Must have an Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Must be incorporated in Australia.
  • Can be a medical research institute, university, corporate Commonwealth entity, or a corporation, including businesses and not-for-profits.

Eligible Expenditure

The eligible expenditure for the Research Data Infrastructure Grant are:

  • Development or installation of research equipment essential for the synthesis, repurposing, and transformation of existing research data infrastructure.
  • Employment of personnel directly involved in the delivery of the project activities.
  • Other direct research costs that are critical to the project’s execution.


Eligible organisations can apply for grants between $500,000 and $2.5 million with funding covering up to 100% of eligible project costs.

Eligible Activities

Eligible expenditure for the Research Data Infrastructure Grant  includes:

  • Creating or upgrading digital platforms to streamline data management and user engagement.
  • Implementing advanced data analysis tools to enhance research outcomes.
  • Establishing collaborative networks to expand research capacity.
  • Developing new data collection methodologies to improve data accuracy and reliability.
  • Training initiatives focused on advanced data handling and analysis techniques.

How to get Research Data Infrastructure Grant

In order to secure the Research Data Infrastructure Grant you will need to focus on:

  • Clearly define your project’s objectives and how they align with the grant’s goals.
  • Outline the innovative aspects of your project and its potential impact on the industry.
  • Detail your project’s methodology and the technological tools you will utilise.
  • Demonstrate your team’s expertise and experience relevant to the project.
  • Present a robust project management plan including timelines and milestones.
  • Show financial stability and the ability to co-fund the project, highlighting budget planning.
  • Include evidence of previous successful projects or research to support your application.
  • Detail the anticipated outcomes and benefits of your project for broader community impact.
  • Address potential risks and your strategies for managing them effectively.
  • Emphasise your commitment to ethical standards and regulatory compliance in project execution.


The opening date for the Research Data Infrastructure Grant is Monday 15 July 2024 10:00am AEST. The closing date is on 28 October 2024 5:00pm AEDT.

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