Resource Productivity Assessment

Up to $10,000 is available to undertake a Resource Productivity Assessment and discover how they can prevent waste, save resources and increase productivity in their business.

Resource Productivity Assessment

Resource Productivity Assessment

A Resource Productivity Assessment can help your business to identify opportunities to improve your business operations by:

  • making it more efficient
  • saving resources (materials, water, energy)
  • preventing waste
  • increasing your productivity.



Through the South Australian Government Trade Waste Initiative (the Initiative), eligible businesses can apply for up to $10,000 (plus GST) in matched (1:1) grant funding for a Resource Productivity Assessment completed by a third party chosen from the Preferred Supplier List. An assessment will identify and prioritise areas for improvement, focusing on trade waste management, resource efficiency and productivity, taking into consideration economic and environmental costs and benefits.

In many cases, a Resource Productivity Assessment is required prior to applying for a trade waste implementation grant. For businesses that are not eligible for trade waste implementation grants, an assessment may be a good first step towards implementing sustainable change within your business and may lead to cost reductions, resource savings, improved environmental performance and productivity.



Matched funding of up to $10,000 is available to cover half the cost of getting a Resource Productivity Assessment for your business by a member of the preferred supplier list.



To be eligible, you must:

  • hold an SA Water volume and load based trade waste discharge authorisation, or
  • be a commercial business able to provide evidence of generating and discharging trade waste at certain thresholds, or
  • be licensed under section 6 of South Australia’s Environment Protection Act 1993.

To be eligible for funding, the Resource Productivity Assessment must be delivered by a member of the preferred supplier list, and completed in accordance with Resource Productivity Assessment guidelines.

In order to prepare a quote, suppliers will typically request information about the business to help them get an understanding of the scale of the job. They might request a site visit in order to help them better understand your current situation, future plans, and any areas to which they should pay particular attention with respect to trade waste management, resource and process efficiency. Suppliers may also request access to any previous reports or information that could assist them in undertaking your resource productivity assessment, as a way to avoid duplication of work and thereby keep assessment costs to a minimum. In some cases, having information already prepared will reduce the duration and cost of an assessment.



Applications close 30 November 2018.


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