Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund

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Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund

Up to $500,000 is available from the Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund to support infrastructure development projects which improve the collection and processing of recycled materials.

Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund

Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund

The $7 million Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund aims to support the development of infrastructure which improves the collection and processing of recycled materials. The program seeks innovative projects that will increase jobs in the resource recovery industry while also increasing the recovery of priority materials.



The Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund is part of the State Government waste and resource recovery portfolio’s $21 million Jobs and Innovation in Resource Recovery funding package. SV’s research indicates that government intervention is required to facilitate the additional investment necessary to achieve a higher level of recovery for certain (priority) materials. Whilst SV has programs to address a range of barriers to investment, initial capital costs remain a barrier.

The Victorian Government is committed to increasing Victoria’s recovery rate and reduce reliance on landfills. Additional infrastructure for priority materials will be necessary, including rigid and flexible plastics, and food and garden organics. In addition, the government has committed to implementing an e-waste landfill ban. Infrastructure support will be required to achieve this ban. Furthermore, the MWRRIP has recently been released and identifies infrastructure needs.



Round 1 has up to $4 million in grants available. Metropolitan councils and private enterprises are able to apply for Round 1 funding of between $40,000 and $500,000 for infrastructure development. Infrastructure can be for collection, sorting or processing.


Eligible Projects

Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund Projects that will be funded must meet the following criteria:

  • must align to the State wide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan goals and directions ( our-priorities/statewide-waste-planning/2015-2020-priorities/ statewide-waste-and-resource-recovery-infrastructure-plan)
  • must align to and support implementation of the MWRRIP
  • must address recovery (not disposal) infrastructure – as measured by tonnes recovered and/or reduction in risk to public health/ environment, including prioritising priority materials; organics, flexible and rigid plastics and e-waste
  • the extent to which it will achieve measurable change by 30 June 2020
  • the extent to which it leverages investment (private or local government)
  • address a demonstrated need or barrier
  • address demonstrate best practices and/or innovation
  • the extent to which it will strengthen the competitiveness in Victoria’s resource recovery sector


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for Resource Recovery Infrastructure Funding, applicants must:

  • be a metropolitan council or a business servicing the metropolitan area
  • have a current Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • meet the minimum co-contribution requirement of the fund
  • have not had any Environment Protection Authority (EPA) or Victorian WorkCover Authority violations in the past five years, or if the applicant has any violations:
    • the violations were not serious
    • the violations have been satisfactorily resolved
    • the applicant has made appropriate efforts, including implementing management systems, to ensure the violation is not repeated
    • since the violation, the applicant has had a satisfactory level of compliance with environmental and Victorian WorkCover Authority legislation.
  • agree to comply with SV’s Terms and Conditions.
  • agree to comply with the Terms of Participation in Grant Program

Successful Resource Recovery Infrastructure Fund applicants must:

  • deliver the project as outlined in their application
  • monitor and evaluate the project as appropriate
  • provide facilities with appropriate security
  • collect and release data on the project, and participate in project evaluation conducted by SV for up to five years
  • participate in and contribute to case studies that may be published about the funded projects
  • provide evidence that Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) issues are addressed
  • provide suitable training for operational staff in line with changing requirements from new infrastructure
  • meet the minimum co-contribution requirement of the fund.



Bulletpoint expects Round 3 is expected to open in 15 April 2018.



Round 1 Recipients

Round 1 funded 14 projects first, all of them managing waste from metropolitan Melbourne.

Applicant Project Name Project description Amount of funding
Reground Pty Ltd Coffee Grounds and Flexible Plastic Recycling Expansion Infrastructure to allow an expansion of the collection of spent coffee grounds from retail and manufacturing venues. Also instituting a concurrent flexible plastics recycling collection. $40,000
Van Schaik’s Bio Gro Pty Ltd – Timber Waste Recovery Timber Waste Resource Recovery Project Establishment a waste timber drop off recovery facility. The facility will receive up to 200,000 tonnes p.a. of waste timber. $427,000
Knox Transfer Station Pty Ltd as The trustee for Knox Transfer Station Trust Knox Transfer Station (KTS) Process Engineered Fuel (PEF) KTS Recycling will establish a Process Engineered Fuel manufacturing facility at the Knox Transfer Station. $459,000
Polytrade Pty Ltd Polytrade Dandenong Mixed Glass Fines Processing Project This project will install machinery to colour sort and clean the 3-8mm fraction into 22,000 tonnes per annum of saleable products. $500,000
Miabella Enterprises Pty Ltd ITF The A and J Spiteri Family Trust (EPlastics) Recovery of Expanded Polystyrene and Rigid Plastics Project This project will enable E Plastics to expand its services to include polystyrene (both expanded and high impact) and rigid plastics. $66,499
Recycling Solutions (Vic) Pty Ltd Advanced recycling of flexible plastic by polymer type Recycling Solutions aim to increase the diversion of flexible plastic from landfill by over 10,000 tpa through the development of an advanced recycling facility. $500,000
Polymeric Powders Company Pty Ltd Production of tyre crumb derived composite material Creating tyre crumb derived Polymeric Powder from end-of-life tyres for use in the large volume irrigation pipes and sewerage pipes markets. $121,000
Melton City Council Melton Recycling Facility Upgrade Upgrade Melton Recycling Facility $391,500
Yarra City Council Closing the Loop on Yarra’s Food Waste Yarra City Council will provide a kerbside food waste collection service to 5,000 residents to recover and process 910 tonnes of priority materials at a local in-vessel composting facility. $500,000
Future Metals Recyclers Melbourne Pty Ltd Upgrade Cardinia Transfer Station Upgrade of the Cardinia Transfer Station. $500,000
460 Cooper Street Developments Pty Ltd Washing Plant 460 Cooper Street Establish a state of the art washing facility which will utilise best practise technologies in the processing of typically untreatable waste streams currently being sent to landfill. $500,000
Repeat Plastics Australia Pty Ltd (Replas) Recycling plant expansion Purchase and install new proven re-processing equipment to allow the recycling more post-consumer waste. $379,100
Westall Road Resource Recovery Pty Ltd Westall Road Resource Recovery Pty. Ltd. Development of a new resource recovery centre at Westall Road Springvale which will focus on green and wood waste, recoverable hard waste, construction and demolition waste and recyclables. $237,500
Red Horizon Pty Ltd Enrich360 Onsite Food Organic Waste Recovery Program Installation of 18 food organic dehydration units to restaurants, hospitals and similar facilities to allow waste to be collected and then turned into compost. $500,000


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