Your R&D Tax benefit is

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Did you really undertake eligible R&D?

Just because you did these things, does not make it eligible R&D:
But it could be eligible if you relate it to a scientific approach.

What is the R&D tax incentive?

Essentially, it is a rebate you get for developing new products and services. As long as you:
Over 11,000 companies claim the R&D tax incentive per year. But many get it wrong.

What is the main issue?
With over 10 years’ experience and lodging 500+ R&D claims I have seen what works and what doesn’t.What I see is that there is a big difference between what businesses regard as R&D and what the Government deem as eligible R&D.

So, in other words, companies tend to claim things that are not R&D

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What is the difference?

In simple terms the difference I have found is:
I help identify what you are doing and relate it to the government criteria

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Ben was incredibly helpful & insightful in understanding the grant opportunities & suitability for my company
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Very responsive, speedy, practical and professional. Great content on their site and youtube channel to help navigate the murky world of grants!
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Ben gave me game changing advice before any discussion around fees. Unusually good customer experience in these times.

What are the problems with getting it wrong?

AusIndustry doesn’t care if you have done R&D or not, they just care what you have written on your R&D application.
Once the deadline is over, you don’t get a chance to resubmit it or change it.
Poor R&D applications trigger audits which are very time consuming.
If you are deemed ineligible, any R&D rebates must be paid back with a 50% penalty applied.


Some Recent Feedback From Clients Who I Have Helped Get An R&D Grant

How do I approach an R&D assessment?

Before I develop an R&D application I conduct an assessment to see if there is eligible R&D.
These are the things I need to know:
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Small Business Ombudsman Review

In 2019, the Ombudsman did a review of the excessive R&D audits.
They found:

Late -

“In all cases, this compliance activity was retrospective and commenced several years after the relevant R&D was undertaken and the R&DTI refund received and spent.

Penalties -

“Often these affected businesses were required by the ATO to repay the R&DTI in full, with a severe penalty applied.

Ruin -

“This has had a devastating impact on the businesses involved, with some saying they face financial ruin.

Reduced -

“Others have discontinued or scaled down their R&D efforts in Australia and reduced their R&D staff.

Genuine -

“Most of these small and family businesses were genuine in their belief they were undertaking R&D; their claims were totally justified and they had already invested the money back into the business.

Reduced -

“Others have discontinued or scaled down their R&D efforts in Australia and reduced their R&D staff.

– Kate Carnell – Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman

So, there can be problems with getting it wrong.

Can you write an hypothesis?

The Government wants you to relate what you do into scientific language. I find this is the hardest thing for non-scientists to develop.
Things to keep in mind, what is not a hypothesis:
We can do it via Zoom or phone if you would like

Big changes for 2021 R&D Registrations

The Government has brought out a substantially new form for 2020-2021.
Previously, they wanted you to separate your ‘New Knowledge’ from your ‘Experiments’.
Now they want them linked together in an experiment.
If you label a ‘supporting activity’ as a ‘core activity’ – guess what….
– it can be deemed ineligible and any costs associated with it will have to be paid back.

New R&D Form
The new form is more closely aligned with the legislation and the questions are more direct.

  • New Knowledge – Previously, AusIndustry wanted you to separate your ‘New Knowledge’ from your experiments. Now they want them linked together in an experiment.
  • Unknown Outcomes – The ‘Unknown Outcomes’ of the experiment will also need to be directly linked in an experiment. You will need to detail why you couldn’t predict these outcomes in advance.  
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The key changes to the Core Activities

Old Form – Core Activity (3,000 characters)
New Form – Core Activity (18,000 characters)

Been Successful in the past?

“But… I have been ‘successful’ in the past with my R&D claims”. I hear this a lot.
You haven’t been successful in the past, you just haven’t been audited.
Nearly 10,000 applications are not reviewed by AusIndustry annually. But they can review it in the future.
The 2021 R&D Form makes it harder for non-scientifically minded people to describe what they did as eligible R&D.
But it makes it easier for AusIndustry to find non-conforming or ineligible applications.

My experience

John Rezga, General ManagerEmerg Technology
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"We would absolutely recommend Bulletpoint. I’ve dealt with Ben and the lady that helped us last year, and find them both to extremely. I was also impressed with the follow up, and the way that they communicated. We only had to do the pointers, they did most of the work in writing the whole thing up, putting the right things in and discussed"
Scott Williams, Managing DirectorGreen Bear Recycling
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":We have gained access to grants we wouldn’t otherwise have known about, with minimal input from our end."
Martyn Ryan, CEOBenojo
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"We have already highly recommended Bulletpoint. We most appreciated their proficiency, frequency and helpfulness around communication, and getting the result that we needed. I continually say to people I have had a positive experience with Ben and the Team, and we will use them again. The obvious knowledge and understanding of the subject matter was impressive, and this had two benefits to us. The first being it helped us navigate through what we were trying to get through, so we could provide the right information.The second benefit was that this information was then collated and put into the format it needed to be, to get the desired result. Pricing and what you represent was spot on."
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