Recreational Fishing Grants Program (RFGP)

What is Recreational Fishing Grants Program (RFGP)?

The Recreational Fishing Grants Program (RFGP), being held annually by the Victorian Government through the Recreational Fishing Licence Trust Account, disburses revenue derived from the sale of Recreational Fishing Licences to projects that will improve recreational fishing in Victoria. It has funded over 600 projects, worth more than $21 million throughout Victoria.



The Recreational Fishing Grants Program (RFGP) aims to help recreational fishing projects which benefit public recreational fishing in Victoria.



Small Grants Program provides funding of up to $5,000 (GST exclusive) for small recreational fishing projects

Large Grants Program provides funding of up to $100,000 (GST exclusive) for projects in one or more of the following categories:

  • Category 1: Recreational fisheries’ sustainability and habitat improvement
  • Category 2: Recreational fishing access and facilities
  • Category 3: Recreational fisheries-related education, information and training
  • Category 4: Recreational fisheries research


Eligible Projects

Small Grants Program eligible activities include:

  • Implement or upgrade existing recreational fishing facilities.
  • Conduct an event/program to promote responsible recreational fishing practices, improve angling skills and knowledge amongst participants, and/or increase participation in recreational fishing.
  • The preparation of educational material such as brochures, reports, DVDs, radio programs, etc., that would promote responsible/sustainable recreational fishing practices.

Large Grants program eligible activities include:

Category 1

  • Fish habitat improvement programs for recreational fish species.
  • Assessment of recreational fisher catches and use patterns.

Category 2

  • Provide easy, safe and efficient access to coastal and inland waters for recreational fishers
  • Improve facilities in areas of high current or expected recreational fishing demand.
  • Provide facilities for users from an identified wide catchment area.
  • Provide all-weather facilities at selected sites.
  • Minimise maintenance costs.
  • Include appropriate signage (for which funding is also available, as part of the project cost).

Category 3

  • Development of educational programs designed to promote recreational fishing and good recreational fishing codes of practice.
  • Development of displays to promote recreational fishing and/or educate the public on recreational fishing.
  • Running of specific-purpose events, field days or training programs (which may include the participation of Fishcare Victoria) on recreational fishing.
  • Preservation of angling history in various forms.
  • Assessment of new techniques for fishing and transfer of information to recreational fishers.

Category 4

  • Research on biology and habitat use of recreational fish species.
  • Research on response to, and impacts of fishing on recreational fish species.
  • Evaluation of the success of fish habitat improvement programs.
  • Evaluation of specific recreational fish stocking programs.
  • Investigations of the impacts of environmental factors on recreational fisheries.
  • Research on the social and economic impacts of recreational fisheries.


Eligible Applicants

Small Grants Program

  • Community not-for-profit organisations.
  • Angling clubs/associations.
  • Schools.
  • Statutory bodies/government agencies.
  • Incorporated bodies/associations.

Large Grants Program

  • Statutory bodies/government agencies
  • Incorporated bodies/associations



Small Grants applications open all year round while Large Grants applications close 29 February 2020.


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