RRIDP (Resource Recovery Industry Development Program)

Up to $100M is available from RRIDP to develop a high-value resource recovery and recycling industry – including biofutures.

RRIDP (Resource Recovery Industry Development Program)

RRIDP (Resource Recovery Industry Development Program)

The Resource Recovery Industry Development Program (RRIDP) is a $100 million funding program that was  announced in the 2018 State Budget. $100 million is available over three years, to develop a high-value resource recovery and recycling industry – including biofutures.

The funding will be available to support local governments, businesses, not-for-profits and consortia, and will  support improvements to existing facilities and attract new major projects to our state.

The RRIDP is one initiative to achieve the Queensland Government’s long-term vision to attract investment, develop new industries and grow jobs in the recycling, resource recovery and waste to energy sectors.



The RRIDP has been established to assist with the development of projects which will divert waste from landfill,  reduce stockpiling and encourage activities which facilitate waste avoidance and increase recycling activities.

The program will focus on enhancing economic development opportunities and jobs growth led by building  advanced processing and technology capacity. Projects will be supported which invest in transitioning Queensland towards a circular economy where products and materials keep circulating within the economy for as long as possible, through re-use, recycling and  remanufacturing.



The three streams of the RRIDP are targeted to support different sections of the resource  recovery industry and the types of support they require.

Each funding stream has been designed to meet the varied needs of the resource recovery industry at it grows and invests in new and expanded facilities and infrastructure in Queensland.

  • Stream one, the Resource Recovery Industry Grants fund, will provide grants from $50,000 up to $5 million on a dollar-for-dollar basis to provide funding for infrastructure projects which will enhance or build new facilities or for capital investments in new processing and technological capabilities. It will operate in a competitive rounds-based system.
  • Stream two, the Resource Recovery Project Fund, will provide incentives to attract or expand major resource recovery operations. These are expected to be larger-scale projects which offer significant opportunities for Queensland.
  • Stream three, the Resource Recovery Project Investment Pipeline Fund, will offer support for professional and technical investigations to inform final investment decisions. Up to $1 million with no cash cocontribution for pre-project investigations to assist with investment decisions.


Eligible Projects

An eligible project must target waste materials which are currently being landfilled, stockpiled, or streams that are demonstrated to be at risk of being landfilled without more stable recovery pathways.

The government has identified a number of infrastructure types which may be needed to achieve the objectives of the Program, but it is not exhaustive, and we look to the resource recovery sector for other types of projects which might also improve infrastructure to return our valuable resources back into a productive economy.

Examples could include:

  • infrastructure that generates energy from single stream or mixed waste
  • upgrades to Materials Recycling Facilities (MRF) to meet tighter product quality standards or refurbishment of
    older MRFs to improve viability.


Eligible Applicants

Queensland-based local governments and businesses as well as not-for-profits, or businesses seeking to establish significant operations in Queensland, will be able to apply for support where they meet the eligibility criteria of the program.

The program is also open to consortia of local governments and businesses and not-for-profits seeking to implement integrated projects including supply, processing and offtake elements.



Stream one applications close 5 October 2018.

Stream two and Stream three applications open on an ongoing basis.

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