Rural and Regional Landfill Support Program

Up to $500,000 is available to develop transfer stations and resource recovery centres.

Rural and Regional Landfill Support Program


The Rural and Regional Landfill Support Program aims to support landfill closure planning and the development of transfer station/ resource recovery centres (TS/RRC) to replace closing landfills.



Victoria has a number of both licensed landfills and landfills exempt from licensing which may be suitable for closure. Reasons for closure include capacity issues, environmental and financial pressures and the social and amenity impact on the community. In the absence of any other treatment, waste will need to be transferred to another landfill.

The establishment of a transfer station on the existing landfill site or nearby to enable the consolidation of the waste before it is transferred to the new landfill will continue to support those who deliver waste to the existing site. It will also increase the potential that residual waste will go to landfills which have a lower environmental risk profile or greater financial viability. The development of a new efficient transfer station will also improve resource recovery at these sites.

The closure of landfills and conversion of some of the sites to transfer stations aligns with the strategic direction and priorities identified in the draft Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan (SWRRIP). This supports the consolidation and aggregation of material streams around a hubs and spokes network to achieve quantities for reprocessing and to minimise potential social, environmental and public health impacts.


Eligible Applicants

The Rural and Regional Landfill Support Program targets licensed landfills and landfills exempt from licensing in regional Victoria which are owned by local government.


Eligible Projects

Rural and Regional Landfill Support Program funding is available for the development of TS/RRC facilities by rural and regional councils, who will close a landfill, to manage the waste that was previously deposited in the landfill. Funding is also available for closure planning. An eligible project must meet the following criteria:

The landfill must still be open to receive waste at the time of the announcement of this funding

Infrastructure works are able to be completed and the landfill closed by 30 June 2017

Rural / regional councils must contribute a minimum of 50 per cent of total project costs (i.e. Sustainability Victoria (SV) will match funding at a 1:1 ratio), which may include in-kind contributions up to a maximum of 10 per cent of the applicant’s contribution.

Examples of in-kind contributions include staff time to manage project implementation and installation costs that utilise existing internal resources.



Rural and regional councils are able to apply for Rural and Regional Landfill Support Program funding of up to $500,000 for infrastructure development and closure planning at existing landfills with projects complete by 30 June 2017.



Rural and Regional Landfill Support Program applications close 31 March 2015.

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