Supplier Continuous Improvement Program (SCIP)

SCIP aims to help businesses improve on products, services, or processes

Supplier Continuous Improvement Program



Supplier Continuous Improvement Program (SCIP) is a change program designed to increase the competitiveness of an industry by raising the performance of its supply chains.



SCIP aims to assist businesses to standardise processes; remove duplication and hence reduce costs; reduce the number of duplicated quality interventions by customers; modernise business relationships; improve communications and collaboration; increase efficiency and simplicity; and increase innovation

For suppliers, the aim is to assist their business to:

  • be the first choice for their customers for the product or service they provide;
  • meet their customers’ expectations and deliver on time every time;
  • aim to consistently provide 100% quality and delivery;
  • have a sustainable customer focused improvement process; and
  • receive the recognition it’s performance deserves.



The SCIP Eligibility criteria have been developed to provide guidance for particular eligibility areas and should be used to assist in the assessment process.

To be eligible to receive an SCIP service, businesses must operate in the Defence Industry, Rail or other agreed sectors and meet the respective sectoral eligibility criteria.

To be eligible for the SCIP service applicants:

  • should have completed an Enterprise Connect Business Review and fully addressed the review action plan, and
  • be able to demonstrate that they have the internal capacity, aspiration and commitment to participate in and benefit from the SCIP service in the areas of:
    • leadership;
    • strategy;
    • people;
    • partnerships and Resources; and
    • processes, Products and Services.

The SCIP is a service designed for individual firms. Group applications are not accepted.

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