SETS Client Services

Up to $1M is available from SETS Client Services to help humanitarian entrants and vulnerable migrants identify, understand and take action to address their identified settlement needs.


SETS (Settlement Engagement and Transition Support) Client Services

SETS – Client Services is an element of Settlement Services under the Families and Communities Program. The Families and Communities Program aims to strengthen relationships, improve well-being of children and young people, reduce the cost of family breakdown, strengthen family and community functioning and help the settlement of migrants and humanitarian entrants in the community.

SETS – Client Services are delivered to eligible clients in their first five years living in Australia in the following categories:

  • humanitarian entrants
  • family stream migrants with low English language proficiency
  • dependants of skilled migrants in rural and regional areas with low English language proficiency
  • selected temporary residents (Prospective Marriage and Provisional Partner visa holders and their dependants) in rural and regional areas with low English.



SETS is a key ongoing program in the suite of Settlement Services (previously referred to as the Settlement Grants Program and/or the Settlement Services Program). It is an effective early intervention program that contributes to humanitarian entrants and other eligible vulnerable migrants achieving full participation in society as soon as possible, reducing the chance of longterm welfare dependency. For humanitarian entrants, SETS builds upon the foundation services provided by the Humanitarian Settlement Program (HSP) and is complementary to other mainstream services. Clients are eligible to receive SETS and HSP services simultaneously. SETS and HSP Service Providers should work together to ensure that the services they provide do not duplicate each other and that the client’s settlement needs are addressed holistically.

The SETS program consists of two components:

  • SETS – Client Services
  • SETS – Community Capacity Building

The SETS program aims to meet the diverse needs of humanitarian entrants and other vulnerable migrants. It does this by facilitating collaboration and building partnerships across settlement services and other relevant organisations, and by fostering innovative support services.



The objectives of SETS – Client Services are to:

  • Equip and empower eligible clients and communities with the knowledge and skills to identify, understand and take action to address identified settlement needs
  • Improve social participation, economic well-being, independence, personal well-being and community connectedness
  • Deliver services in accordance with a needs-based approach.



The Australian Government will allocate a total of $1.065 million (GST Exclusive) for the Settlement Engagement and Transition Support (SETS) Client Services sub-activity gap funding for the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2022.


Eligible Projects

You can only spend funds on eligible grant activities listed in your grant agreement and they must directly relate to the delivery of services.

SETS – Client Services grants can be used for, but not limited to, the following eligible activities:

  • Intake services that provide the opportunity for an initial needs-based assessment to be undertaken that determines the level of support required by the client.
  • Low-intensity casework support to clients requiring minimal assistance to meet their settlement needs and achieve their goals.
  • Medium-intensity casework support to clients who are identified as requiring this through the needs assessment, which targets individual needs.
  • Delivery of services targeted at youth.
  • Casework and targeted group sessions that align with the nine priority areas identified in the National Settlement Framework.
  • Strengthening relationships with other settlement and mainstream services including advocating with services for improved referral pathways and developing informal or formal partnerships.
  • Conducting community consultations to discuss issues, needs, and challenges affecting the settlement and integration of specific cohorts.

The funding for this grant opportunity must be spent on providing settlement and support services to the target client. Costs that the grant can be used for are:

  • staff salaries and on-costs which can be directly attributed to the provision of the grant program in the identified service area or areas as per the grant agreement
  • employee training for paid and unpaid staff including Committee and Board members, that is relevant, appropriate and in line with the grant program
  • operating and administration expenses directly related to the delivery services as per the grant agreement, such as:
    • telephones
    • rent and outgoings
    • computer/ IT/website/software
    • insurance
    • utilities
    • postage
    • stationery and printing
    • accounting and auditing
    • interstate travel/accommodation costs
    • assets, including motor vehicle purchase or lease that can be directly attributed to meeting agreement deliverables.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible to receive a grant, you must be one of the listed invited organisations and have received an invitation to apply through GrantConnect.

The list of eligible applicants was determined by the Department of Social Services as they:

  • are concerned with settlement issues of relevance to the needs of migrants, humanitarian entrants and refugees, particularly in relation to family and/or community services
  • demonstrate a high standard ability to fulfil their roles and responsibilities under the formerly known Settlements Services grants
  • have relevant experience and be high-performing, community based organisations;
  • currently provide critical services to vulnerable cohorts
  • provide continuity of service delivery to ensure established local community relationships continue.

No further organisations will be invited to apply.

Applications from consortia are acceptable, as long as the lead applicant is an eligible organisation as per the list above who is solely accountable to the Commonwealth for the delivery of grant activities. Eligible organisations can form a consortia with ineligible organisations.



Applications close 18 April 2019.


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