Shopfront Improvement Grants

Up to $6,000 is available to encourage businesses to enhance their street appeal

Shopfront Improvement Grants



The Shopfront Improvement Grant Program has been initiated by the Adelaide City Council to encourage city businesses to get creative and enhance their street appeal and it has generated a great deal of interest since it opened at the end of May.



The Shopfront Improvement Grant Program are for businesses that are in need of a little spruce up. They are designed to help owners or tenants of properties make improvements to the visual appeal of their shopfronts.



You can apply to Adelaide City Council for grant funding of between $1,000 and $6,000 to cover up to half of the cost of improvements to your shopfront.


Eligible Projects

Grants are available for long-term, street-level improvements to your shopfront. These can include:

  • Repainting of external shop frontage
  • Improvements to advertising signage if part of a broader shopfront enhancement project
  • Adding external materials and treatments that provide attractive detail, such as texture or tiling
  • Improving accessibility for all users
  • Adding greening elements such as planting vines, green walls or window boxes
  • Improvements to frontages to interact with the street,such as the addition of folding windows
  • Removal of security shutters and replacement with glass or security glazing
  • Improvements to under awnings
  • Removal of fixed outdoor dining furniture (including planter boxes) and replacement with non‐fixed furniture
  • Internal and external display lighting.


Eligible Applicants

Under the first pilot grant program, business and commercial property owners located in the areas highlighted on the map are eligible to apply for a Shopfront Improvement Grant. Consideration may also be given to applications that fall outside of these areas, subject to funding availability and the quality and creativity of the proposed works.

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The program will run until the allocated funds are committed.

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