Single-use Waste Reduction Fund 2017

Up to $2,000 is available from Single-use Waste Reduction Fund to reduce the use of plastic bags, coffee cups, straws and bottled water.

Single-use Waste Reduction Fund 2017

Single-use Waste Reduction Fund 2017

City of Melbourne is launching a $50,000 Single-use Waste Reduction Fund to help retail and hospitality businesses reduce their impact on the environment.



The War on Waste Program (ABC-TV) disclosed that of the more than 1 billion disposable coffee cups used by Australians each year, approximately 92% go to landfill. According to, that equates to 2.7 million coffee cups per day.

The used energy and economic cost of disposing single use plastic is immense. Australians use 10 million plastic bags per day and three billion coffee cups per year. Often these items end up in parks and waterways and are washed into the ocean.

Single-use waste refers to any product that is intended to be used only once and then discarded. This includes:

  • shopping bags
  • coffee cups
  • plastic cups
  • straws
  • packaging
  • bottled water.



Single-use Waste Reduction Fund Small Grant applications must:

  • reduce or remove a single use waste item from use in your business (for example, replace single use cups with a reusable alternative); and
  • replace the single use waste item with a sustainable, resusable (or avoidance) alternative.



Up to $2,000 (plus GST) is available to fund innovative measures that meet the Program goals. Funding may be a part contribution towards the cost of a larger program of work or it may fund the complete initiative.


Eligible Projects

Some examples of likely eligible projects include:

  • the purchase of re-use items that avoid single use items such as bags, cups, straws and bottles
  • a customer based campaign to promote available recyclable or re-use items.

The City of Melbourne welcomes other innovative measures that will meet the Program goals.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for a Single-use Waste Reduction Fund Small Grant, you must be:

  • the business owner or manager, within the City of Melbourne. If you are the manager, you will have obtained the permission of the business owner or managing agent.
  • willing to commit to using the funding for the agreed purpose within a defined time period.

All applicants will need to provide evidence of public liability insurance.



Applications close 21 September 2017.


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