Skilling the Bay

$500,000 is available for a project that will transfer R&D from the laboratory into industry to generate jobs and new business opportunities.

   Skilling the Bay Geelong Future Industry Project


Skilling the Bay Geelong Future Industry Project is a three year (2012-14), $1.3 million project being led by The Gordon and delivered in conjunction with Deakin University, the Victorian State Government and the City of Greater Geelong.

The Victorian State Government established Skilling the Bay Geelong Future Industry Project in response to economic and industry changes impacting Geelong. The City of Greater Geelong has played a key role in establishing industry based networks in Geelong. As part of its continuing commitment to assisting regional industry to grow, the City of Greater Geelong is playing a key role in delivering the Skilling the Bay Geelong Future Industry Project.



Skilling the Bay Geelong Future Industry Project has two complementary objectives which address the changes impacting Geelong:

  • to develop a long term jobs vision for Geelong and a workforce development action plan to achieve it; and
  • to support the growth of existing and emerging industries through targeted demonstration projects.

The objectives and deliverables of the Skilling the Bay Geelong Future Industry Project are to:

  1. transfer R&D from Deakin University into local industry to generate business opportunities and sustainable employment;
  2. provide both TAFE and university students with the opportunity to participate in the project so that they gain the skills and knowledge required for employment in the industry sector; and
  3. create a relationship which enhances links between Deakin University, The Gordon and local industry in Geelong to support long term collaboration, commercialisation and employment growth in the chosen industry sector.



The $500,000 funding will be allocated to one project that will be delivered over an 18 month timeframe, from July 2013 to December 2014.



Round 1 closed on 19 April 2013. A future round is yet to be announced.


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Additional Information


Latest Recipient

Minister for Higher Education and Skills Nick Wakeling today officially opened a one-stop-shop to support the retraining of Geelong workers directly affected by changes to the region’s economy.
Speaking at The Gordon, Mr Wakeling said the Victorian Coalition Government remained committed to supporting Geelong as the region shifts away from traditional manufacturing into exciting new areas of growth such as advanced manufacturing and health care.
“The Geelong Region Workforce Development Centre, will be one of three centres across the state that provide Victorian workers affected by the restructuring of a number of large employers with vital services and assistance to reskill,” Mr Wakeling said.
“Workers in Geelong will be given immediate access to careers information, financial advice, training and reskilling support, as well as employment workshops and referrals to other support services.”
Mr Wakeling said the centre was part of the second phase of the Napthine Government’s $11 million Skilling the Bay Initiative, and would deliver retrenched workers in Geelong a significantly better chance of accessing the training and skills to secure long-term job opportunities.
Liberal Candidate for Bellarine Ron Nelson welcomed the opening of the new centre.
“The Napthine Government’s Skilling the Bay project is a fantastic initiative that enables Geelong’s students and workers to engage in training, and importantly, improves the job-readiness and skills of those at risk of unemployment,” Mr Nelson said.
Mr Wakeling said the investment in Skilling the Bay was on top of the Napthine Government’s record $1.2 billion annual investment in vocational education and training.
“This investment is 50 per cent more than Labor’s spending in its last year in office.
As well as significantly increasing funding, under the Coalition Government there are more Victorians training in areas of public value or skills shortage, now at 70 per cent compared with 49 per cent in 2010,” Mr Wakeling said.
Two other Workforce Development Centres, located in Broadmeadows and Dandenong, will open next month.
Skilling the Bay is being led by The Gordon in partnership with Deakin University, local industry and community organisations in Geelong.


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