Skills and Training Initiative

A $30M program to assist workers from Holden and Toyota transition to new jobs as the car manufacturing industry winds down in Australia.

Skills and Training Initiative


The Skills and Training Initiative is part of the $155 million Growth Fund to support employees, businesses and regions affected by the closure of Australia’s car manufacturing industry by 2017.

Programmes for eligible supply chain workers are provided by the:

  • South Australian government’s Automotive Transformation Taskforce and
  • Victorian government’s Skills and Jobs Centres.



The Skills and Training Initiative complements state government programmes for eligible supply chain workers as well as existing activities undertaken by Holden and Toyota to help their workers become job ready.

Together, these initiatives seek to help impacted workers, many of whom have extensive experience and are highly-skilled, to transition to new jobs, self-employment opportunities or retirement. These initiatives will help workers build on existing skills and gain new skills that are transferable to other sectors, such as health services, tourism, education, food and agriculture and advanced manufacturing.

Holden and Toyota have each contributed $15 million to the Skills and Training Initiative.



The Skills and Training Initiative helps workers build on existing skills and gain new skills, to transfer to:

  • new jobs
  • self-employment opportunities and
  • retirement.



Workers will have access to tailored support, including:

  • financial education
  • health and wellbeing services
  • information on jobs in demand
  • career, transition and training advice
  • skills assessments and skills recognition
  • training and general skilling (such as verbal or interpersonal skills) and
  • business start-up advice.

Workers will have access to these services while in their current job. Holden and Toyota will inform workers as these services become available. Some services will continue to be available to workers after they leave their jobs.

Workers can contact their HR area for more information.



This initiative is to workers in Holden and Toyota manufacturing in South Australia and Victoria.



To be announced


More Information

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  • Skills and Training Initiative Fact Sheet

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