Small Business Cyber Resilience Service

Small Business Cyber Resilience Service

What is Small Business Cyber Resilience Service?

The Small Business Cyber Resilience Service grant provides up to $8.1 million to small businesses to enhance their cybersecurity. This program, part of Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy, aims to bolster cyber resilience and support businesses impacted by cyber incidents. For expert assistance with your application, contact Bulletpoint.



The Small Business Cyber Resilience Service grant, part of the Australian Cyber Security Strategy, is aimed at enhancing the cyber resilience of small businesses. Recognising that small businesses are increasingly vulnerable to cyber incidents, this program provides crucial support to help these enterprises improve their cybersecurity capabilities and recover from cyber incidents effectively. This initiative supports the broader goal of strengthening Australia’s cyber defenses and ensuring the safety and continuity of small businesses in the digital economy.


The objectives of the Small Business Cyber Resilience Service are to enhance the cyber resilience and capabilities of small businesses, support them in recovering from cyber incidents, improve their cybersecurity, and help them understand and implement cybersecurity measures effectively. This initiative aims to ensure that small businesses can operate safely in the digital landscape, mitigating risks associated with cyber threats.

Eligible Entities

Eligible entities for the Small Business Cyber Resilience Service grant are:

  • Entities incorporated in Australia
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (Cth)
  • Companies limited by guarantee
  • Incorporated trustees on behalf of a trust
  • Incorporated associations
  • Incorporated not for profit organisations or registered charities
  • Publicly funded research organisations

Eligible Expenditure

The eligible activities for the Small Business Cyber Resilience Service grant include:

  • Conducting individual assessments of a small business’s cyber security needs.
  • Developing tailored plans that provide specific actions, tools, and guidance to improve cyber security.
  • Offering one-on-one support services via a helpline to address and recover from cyber incidents.
  • Facilitating referrals to appropriate experts for additional support needed due to cyber incidents.
  • Providing advice on legal obligations and steps to recover from incidents and prevent future attacks.
  • Reporting real-time data on cyber threats to the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD).
  • Referring businesses to the Cyber Security Hotline for ongoing incidents.


The total funding available for the Small Business Cyber Resilience Service grant is $8.1 million over three years, from 2024-25 to 2026-27. 

Eligible Activities

Eligible expenditure for the Small Business Cyber Resilience includes:

  • Undertaking individual assessments of small businesses’ cyber security needs.
  • Developing tailored plans providing advice and solutions aligned with best practice guidance.
  • Assisting small businesses to navigate available material and tools.
  • Referring small businesses to health checks and the Cyber Wardens program.
  • Offering person-to-person support services via a helpline to manage the impact and aftermath of cyber incidents.
  • Developing and maintaining referral pathways to industry customer support services.
  • Advising on legal obligations and recovery steps post-incident.
  • Encouraging small businesses to report incidents and providing preventive advice.

How to get Small Business Cyber Resilience

In order to get the Small Business Cyber Resilience Service grant, you will need to focus on:

  • Demonstrate your understanding of small businesses’ unique cyber security needs.
  • Detail your approach to conducting individual cyber security assessments for small businesses.
  • Explain your method for developing tailored cyber resilience plans for each business.
  • Show capability to navigate small businesses through available cyber security tools and resources.
  • Discuss your strategy for providing real-time support during cyber incidents.
  • Outline how you will help small businesses recover from cyber incidents with practical guidance.
  • Present your plan for connecting small businesses to necessary cyber security expertise.
  • Provide evidence of your team’s qualifications in cyber security and small business support.
  • Illustrate your experience in handling similar projects or services effectively.
  • Detail the expected impact of your service on improving cyber resilience among small businesses.


The closing date for the Small Business Cyber Resilience Service grant is 31 March 2027.

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