Up to $30,000 is available through the Small Business Grants to help innovative small businesses located in Melbourne to start-up and grow.

City of Melbourne Small Business Grants

City of Melbourne Small Business Grants

The City of Melbourne Small Business Grants  provides financial assistance to support market-ready products and services that enhance the City of Melbourne’s reputation for innovation and creativity, and contribute to a thriving, sustainable business culture.

Grants are open to forward-thinking small businesses currently located or intending to locate within the City of
Melbourne including the central business district as well as Docklands, East Melbourne, Fishermans Bend,
Jolimont, Kensington, North Melbourne, Parkville, South Wharf, West Melbourne and parts of Carlton, Carlton
North, Flemington, Port Melbourne, South Yarra and Southbank.



The City of Melbourne Small Business Grants aims:

  • To encourage the establishment, growth and retention of sustainable businesses which enhance the City of Melbourne’s reputation for innovation, creativity, business vitality, diversity, inclusiveness and environmental sustainability
  • To create employment opportunities and increase the level of business investment in the municipality.
  • To support innovative businesses that demonstrate solid market potential and a sound business model,
    including long-term financial viability.
  • To increase the overall value and volume of exports from the City of Melbourne municipality.
  • To foster new partnerships and collaboration between businesses and business support groups.
  • The grants seek to encourage and support new, creative and diverse business activities that will contribute
    to a thriving and competitive business environment within the city.
  • In addition, the program seeks to encourage a greater number of city-based businesses to engage and
    expand their export activities.



Support is available in a number of categories:

  • Start-up – supports new and creative small businesses in starting up. Grants up to $30,000 are available.
  • Business expansion – assist existing businesses that are introducing innovative services or products to grow. Grants up to $30,000 are available.
  • Export entry – encourage and support businesses to enter and expand into new overseas markets (exporting). Grants up to $10,000 are available.
  • Business support services – supports member-based organisations to deliver new initiatives and provide benefits to their members. Grants up to $10,000 are available.
  • Micro business – assist business owners from marginalised target groups to establish a new business or expand their existing business. Grants up to $25,000 are available.


Eligible Projects

Your proposal needs to:

  • be innovative and creative with a strong point of difference
  • have a product or service that is market-ready
  • deliver benefits to the City of Melbourne
  • be financially viable
  • be able to proceed without grant funding.


Eligible Applicants

The City of Melbourne encourages applications in key target industry sectors such as advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, creative industries, environment services, finance and business services, healthcare, higher education, hospitality, information and communication technologies, retail and tourism businesses.

Small businesses that will make a measurable contribution to the small business grant objectives are eligible
to apply. An applicant must:

  • have a registered Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be located within or committed to relocate promptly to the City of Melbourne municipality
  • employ 20 people or less
  • have an appropriate legal structure, such as a sole trader, an Australian registered company, business
    cooperative or partnership and have documentary evidence of an appropriate legal structure. Business support groups are eligible to apply for a grant under the business support services category.



Applications close 6 August 2018.


2017 Recipients

Allen Kong Architect Pty Ltd

Allen Kong Architect is an architectural design company that specialises in sustainable architecture for intentional and therapeutic communities. As an export entry grant recipient the business is planning to export their design and project management services to the Kiribati Housing Corporation, Kiribati.

Assemble Technologies Pty Ltd (T/A Atticus)

A start up grant will assist Atticus to develop software-as-a-service (SaaS) products for the legal and professional services industries.

Beethoven & Dinosaur Pty Ltd 

Having recently secured an exclusive deal with publisher Annapurna Interactive for their debut action and adventure game The Artful Escape, independent game developer Beethoven & Dinosaur received a start-up grant to enhance their Docklands-based studio.

Churchill Club Pty Ltd

The Churchill Club is a member-based organisation whose primary objective is to drive economic and job growth amongst Victorian businesses by promoting the adoption of new and emerging technologies. This enables organisations to better create and utilise innovation. They have secured a business support grant.

Code Like A Girl Pty Ltd

Dedicated to providing girls with the tools, knowledge and support to enter and flourish in the world of coding, social enterprise Code like a Girl received a start-up grant to support the integration of an education portal with the Victorian DigiTech Curriculum.

Cumulo Group Pty Ltd  (T/A Beetbox)

The Cumulo Group, trading as Beetbox, has obtained a start-up grant to design, develop, manufacture, market and distribute the world’s best-loved lunchbox for bowl meals, salads and leftovers.

Disco Development Pty Ltd

A leading software development partner of the Shopify platform, an ecommerce software solution used by over 500,000 retailers worldwide, Disco Development received an export entry grant to explore new business opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.

Enabler Interactive Pty Ltd

Enabler Interactive received a start-up grant to develop an interactive 3D simulation training application for disability support workers that is cost-effective and can be accessed on mobile devices and websites.


Having developed Australia’s first dedicated environmental DNA service specialising in finding traces of DNA in the environment to identify and track invasive or threatened species, EnviroDNA received a start-up grant to purchase specialist equipment to streamline and grow their service offering.


Based on years of extensive research Faramoon has developed new technology to automate and simplify the collection and conversion of data points to three-dimensional models, such as the interior of buildings. The business received a start-up grant to support the integration of the technology to a cloud-based infrastructure.

Last Mile Solutions

Last Mile Solutions received a start-up grant to establish Melbourne’s first freight consolidation centre on the fringe of the central business district. Using low impact delivery methods, Last Mile Solutions handles the final stage of delivery to help relieve traffic congestion on our city roads.

MOG Laboratories Pty Ltd

With a reputation for developing outstanding laser and electronic scientific instrumentation, MOG Laboratories received a business expansion grant to upgrade their laboratory space to optical cleanroom quality to facilitate the production of new products which rely of near-perfect optical mirrors.

PolyActiva Pty Ltd

A world-class biotechnology and drug development company currently developing a site-specific antibiotic delivery implant to treat infection after ocular surgery, PolyActiva received a business expansion grant to support the introduction of an in-house manufacturing capability.

Reground Pty Ltd

Having established a valuable service collecting coffee grounds from urban cafes and roasters’ waste streams and transforming to compost and garden fertilisers, environmental services company Reground received a business expansion grant to introduce a new plastics recycling service as well as develop a waste audit platform to help City of Melbourne businesses evaluate their green credentials.

Wendy Voon

Women’s clothing store Wendy Voon showcases ethically made garments, jewellery and accessories by outstanding local and Australian designers. The retailer received a business expansion grant to create an after-hours curated trunk show service to complement their current offering.

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