Small Business Mentoring Program

The Small Business Mentoring Program provides a low cost business mentoring service available for medium, small and micro business operators to help them achieve goals in expanding their business.


Small Business Mentoring Program

The Small Business Mentoring Program aims to help business owners refine their business strategy, map out the direction that a business should be taking and assist in setting goals for the business to succeed.



Mentoring services are provided by nearly 90 highly experienced business people with skills and qualifications in a wide range of industries and disciplines. For minimal cost, Victorian small businesses can access the wisdom and experience of the Small Business Mentoring Service (SBMS) mentors.

An Small Business Mentoring Program mentor can help businesses with:

  • starting new businesses
  • setting objectives and direction for your business
  • writing business plans
  • developing more effective marketing strategies
  • increasing sales and profits
  • identifying new products and services
  • improving time management
  • identifying new opportunities.



There are three ways that a business owner can book a mentoring session from the Small Business Mentoring Program.


1. Small Business Clinics

Small Business Clinics offer free 45 minute sessions with a mentor at 113 Exhibition Street, Melbourne. You can now view available Small Business Mentoring Program mentoring sessions, read up a mentor’s profile and book one that has expertise in particular industries or strengths.


2. Small Business Bus

Free 45 minute sessions are also available at the Small Business Victoria’s Small Business Bus which is a van travelling around metropolitan and regional Victoria.

Mentoring sessions on the Small Business Mentoring Program Bus must be booked in advance.


3. Ongoing Paid Mentoring with SBMS

Small business owners and people intending to start a small business can book longer sessions on an ongoing basis with a mentor of their choice who have specific skills and industry backgrounds.

The Small Business Mentoring Program sessions are longer than the free 45 minute sessions and enable clients to engage with mentors over a longer period of time on a regular basis.

Number of SessionsCost
One session$100
Two sessions$190
Three sessions$255
Four sessions$320
Additional ongoing mentoring$80/session



Anyone interested in developing or setting up a small business can apply for the Small Business Mentoring Program.



Applications for the Small Business Mentoring Program are open on an ongoing basis.


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