Small-Scale and Craft Program Stream Three

What is the Small-Scale and Craft Program Stream Three?

The Small-Scale and Craft Program Stream Three is a program that focus on creating unique visitor or ongoing tourism experiences that involve and are directly linked to multiple small-scale and craft agribusinesses.



The Small-Scale and Craft Program is a four-year program that builds on targeting businesses looking to scale-up operations, diversify product lines, expand exports and create new jobs. It will help achieve our goal of increasing agricultural exports to $20 billion by 2030.

There have been two previous streams under the Small-Scale and Craft Program in 2019-20, Stream One: Small-Scale and Craft Business Development grants and Stream Two: Job Creation and Economic Development grants.



Stream Three focuses on creating unique visitor or ongoing tourism experiences that involve and are directly linked to multiple small-scale and craft agribusinesses.

Stream Three aims to:

  • Create cohesive visitor experiences that showcase Victoria’s premium smallscale and craft products and has the potential to become an ongoing tourist attraction
  • Develop new agri-visitor experiences across Victoria
  • Ensure Victoria continues to be a leader in artisanal produce, showcasing the sectors excellence, resilience, sustainability and local job creation
  • Create opportunities for communities and visitors to engage with the unique small-scale and craft sector
  • Increase understanding of and customer connection with Victoria’s small-scale agribusinesses.



Stream Three offers grant funding from $25,000 up to $100,000. Recipients are required to make a cash co-contribution of a minimum of 25 per cent of the total cost of the project.

Only one application per project will be accepted.

Projects must benefit multiple small-scale and craft agribusinesses; letters of support from the agribusinesses must be attached to the application.


Eligible Projects

Stream Three will prioritise projects that:

  • Benefit multiple small-scale and craft agribusinesses
  • Improve the agri-tourism offering of the local region
  • Offer ongoing experiences, rather than one off events or one-off experiences.

Grant funding may be used for the following types of projects:

  • Visitor experience project planning and/or delivery e.g. development and delivery of food trails.
  • Diversification of local agri-tourism offering.
  • Project management costs (capped at 10 per cent of total project costs).
  • Marketing costs – initial establishment costs for digital marketing, advertising, promotional collateral.

Other eligible expenditure will be accepted on a per case basis. Projects must be completed within 6 months of the executed Grant Agreement. Longer project times can be considered on a case by case basis.


Eligible Applicants

In order to apply, applicants must:

  • Have a current Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Be registered as a business in Victoria
  • Have a Victorian business address
  • Be a legal entity
  • Operate a small agribusiness within the small-scale and craft sector i.e. cannot be a subsidiary of a larger firm
  • Agree to participate in future program evaluation activities
  • Meet all industrial relation obligations as an employer in accordance with the National Employment Standards
  • Be able to meet the agreed (minimum 50 percent) private cash/finance contribution
  • Attest to having obtained all relevant regulatory permits and approvals for the project to commence (where applicable)
  • Provide relevant business information on the project, including costs



Stream Three Applications close 19 November 2021.


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