Smarter Resources, Smarter Business

Up to $50,000 is available to implement materials efficiency projects.

  Smarter Resources, Smarter Business Program


The Smarter Resources, Smarter Business program invests $14 million over five years to help a variety of industry sectors use their resources more efficiently.

The program has three categories:

  •  Energy and materials to help small to medium sized business be more competitive and productive.
  •  Energy efficient office buildings to help commercial office building owners reduce energy use and costs while increasing tenant appeal and asset value.
  •  Recycling to help business realise the potential financial value of waste.


Smarter Resources Smarter Business – Energy and Materials Program

The Smarter Resources Smarter Business – Energy and Materials Program provides funding and support for small to medium sized businesses to improve their energy and materials efficiency and boost productivity through:

Some examples of the types of activities that can be funded include:

Materials efficiency:

  • Process efficiencies and improvements including:
    • Internal reuse of product material, processing material, or packaging material.
    • Product or services redesign.

Energy efficiency:

  • Energy efficiency improvements to compressed air systems.
  • More efficient use of process heat and steam, such as reuse of ‘waste heat’, improved insulation to reduce process heat loss, and improvements to steam return systems.
  • Best practice lighting efficiency upgrades (only in non-retail applications).



Capital funding grants of up to $50,000 are available to implement materials efficiency projects or up to $25,000 for energy efficiency projects.


Expert Assistance

Writing a good quality grant application is a critical element in the application process. An application needs to be well thought through, written concisely, have clear objectives and purpose, and show clear links to the objectives of the grant guidelines.

The grant application must answer all questions, provide all required information and respond to the merit criteria. It should also reflect your organisation’s business strategy.

Writing a good application takes time and effort, and requires particular writing skills.

Bulletpoint are expert grant consultants and can assist with all aspects of grant preparation.



Capital Funding Round 3 closed on 2 May 2014.


Round 3 Recipients

Sustainability Victoria congratulates all the Victorian businesses that were successful in applying for Capital Funding grants. Three rounds of grants over the past two years have provided $3.8 million in funding to over 140 projects, helping businesses implement measures to significantly reduce energy and materials to save thousands of dollars a year.

These businesses are expected to save a combined $4.74 million a year, or $23.7 million over five years.

A.G. Brown SawmillImprove climate control systems of timber kilns which will reduce material waste and energy consumption, and will allow for production of a greater product range.$50,000
AFCOL Australia LtdPurchase of new cooking equipment that will significantly reduce wastage.$50,000
Airstep AustraliaInstallation of a system to pre-process materials used in production of foam underlay, making more efficient use of materials.$30,223
Ballantyne FoodsInstallation of a system to recover and reuse cleaning chemicals used in sanitation of food processing equipment, saving materials, water, energy and trade waste charges.$50,000
Centre State AsphaltingInstallation of an asphalt waste recycling unit, saving significant quantities of raw materials.$50,000
Dollar Sweets CompanyPurchase of new confectionary production equipment that will reduce by half the material waste resulting from operating this equipment.$50,000
ABMT TextilesInstallation of alternative waste water treatment technology that will allow the dye house to recover and reuse more materials. The upgrade will also save water, energy, and trade waste charges.$45,000
Giorgio Dental LaboratoriesPurchase of a 3D printer for producing dental prostheses, eliminating waste associated with traditional plaster moulds, improving accuracy and reducing production cost and time.$48,910
ShowerlineProvision of new equipment that will save materials and improve productivity in the manufacturing of shower bases, providing the construction industry with alternative, less materials-intensive products.$50,000
Heslop Contract CastersImplementation of an innovative new die-casting process for producing magnesium alloy capsules that would significantly reduce the materials used.$50,000
Rhodes OrchardsInstallation of a netting system to protect fruit from birds and bats, saving produce and improving the quality of apples.$27,710
Big Fellas CherriesInstallation of a netting system to reduce hail damage, saving produce and improving the quality of cherries.$50,000
Moraitis TomatoesInstallation of equipment to better control greenhouse temperature and humidity, significantly increasing yield.$50,000
Oakmoor OrchardsIntroduction of an evaporative cooling system to reduce crop damage from heat stress, leading to substantial savings of produce and improving the quality of apples.$40,000
Plaster Profiles/Regency PlasterInstallation of improved systems that will eliminate waste and new equipment that will allow reuse of any residual plaster waste.$50,000
La Madre BakeryPurchase of a dough cutting machine to reduce waste, and software to improve demand planning and therefore reduce over-production and associated waste.$14,950
Mister CabinetsInstallation of new equipment that will allow for more efficient cutting of boards used in kitchen cabinets, reducing waste.$47,300
Vincent Painting ContractorsNew sand blasting facility with the capacity to capture and reuse blast material.$50,000
Edible Forest GardensIntroduction of an improved system for managing weeds – including a steam weeder and pasteurisation cabinet – that will result in material savings and reduced stock losses.$10,855
Corryong Licensed SupermarketImprovements to refrigeration efficiency – including installation of a heat pump to use heat from refrigeration units to heat hot water, controls to optimise temperature settings, and the installation of variable speed drives.$14,609
Ace Wire WorksInstallation of LED lighting and daylight sensors.$25,000
Canterbury Blinds and WindowsInstallation of LED lighting.$25,000
AximaInstallation of LED lighting and motion and daylight sensors.$25,000
Barden FabricationsInstallation of LED and T5 fluorescent lighting and motion and daylight sensors.$14,184
Barry Smith Family TrustInstallation of a more energy efficient pump system.$10,140
Bryan John DicksonInstallation of heat exchange units to use heat from the milk cooling system to heat water for cleaning.$9,500
Alpine Toboggan ParkInstallation of variable speed drives on pump motors driving the park’s water features.$15,560
PureharvestInstallation of LED lighting and motion and daylight sensors, and timers.$25,000
CMTPInstallation of variable speed drives on dust extraction systems, offering potential for significant energy savings.$18,737
Common Equity HousingInstallation of a building management system to improve the efficiency of the heating, venting and air conditioning system, as well as an LED lighting upgrade.$25,000
Bell Tower InnPurchase of universal remote controllers for wall mounted split systems in hotel rooms, which restrict temperature selections within a specified band.$4,450
Deliver.comInstallation of LED lighting including re-design and daylight and motion sensors.$25,000
Epping Plaza HotelUpgrades to improve energy efficiency in the building’s heating, venting and air conditioning system, including centralised control of air conditioning, the capacity for economy cycles, and installation of variable speed drives.$20,750
Ernest HillierLED and induction lighting upgrade.$25,000
Flinders BannerImprovements to refrigeration systems to save energy, reduce maintenance costs, and increase product shelf-life.$25,000
Glass Recovery ServicesInstallation of a voltage power optimiser to reduce site voltage and therefore energy use.$25,000
top CoteInstallation of LED lighting.$25,000
Hilustre CoatingsModification of ovens to capture and reuse the hot air that currently escapes.$22,753
Hume Doors & Timber (VIC)Installation of LED lighting.$25,000
Conti OrchardsInstallation of a fast operating roller door on the cool room to improve energy efficiency, and upgrading the carbon dioxide scrubber system that is used to control the environment in storage chambers.$25,000
JC Quality FoodsInstallation of insulation on roller doors to storage area, and an upgrade of the air conditioning system to improve energy efficiency.$25,000
Kellock Lodge AlexandraInstallation of motion sensors on lighting.$4,550
Kincrome AustraliaLED and T5 fluorescent lighting upgrade including motion sensors.$25,000
Licola Wilderness VillageInstallation of an energy efficient oven and a variable speed drive on water supply pumps. Energy efficiency improvements to diesel generators, including upgraded monitoring and control system.$25,000
Lower Plenty HotelUpgrade of air conditioning system to more energy efficient units with economy cycles and digital controls.$25,000
Lyndale TradingInstallation of a more energy efficient heating system and upgrade of ventilation fans and control systems in chicken sheds.$25,000
Montague Cold StorageInstallation of variable speed drives for evaporator fans in the freezer storage room.$25,000
Norman Disney & YoungInstallation of a chilled water thermal storage tank that will improve the energy efficiency of the chilled water system used for air conditioning.$15,744
P Aker Flower BulbsReplacement of existing cooling system with more energy-efficient ‘slurry ice’ system.$25,000
Perroplas AustraliaInstallation of variable speed drives on injection moulding machines.


Princes Linen ServicesInstallation of a variable speed drive on the boiler, as well as a system to use exhaust heat to pre-heat boiler feed water.$25,000
R Radford and SonApplication of thermally efficient roof coating and installation of variable speed drives in refrigeration motors, and a system to capture and reuse waste heat.$25,000
South Pacific Sea BathsRetrofit of pool and spa motors and pumps with variable speed drives.$10,872
San Carlo Homes for the Aged LtdInstallation of LED lighting upgrade and daylight and motion sensors.$19,261
Shepparton Retirement VillagesInstallation of LED lighting upgrade and daylight and motion sensors.$25,000
Sims SupermarketReplacement of fans on refrigeration systems with more energy efficient models, and installation of ‘night blinds’ on refrigerated cases.$13,622
Stefano’s Mildura BreweryEnergy efficiency improvements to steam and refrigeration systems, these will also improve operating flexibility and product quality.$25,000
Tahbilk Winery & VineyardInstallation of variable speed drives and pressure transducers to allow the cooling water pumps to operate at variable speeds, and a variable speed driver for the cooling tower fan.$7,750
Textor TechnologiesInstallation of energy efficient lights and daylight sensors, including re-design of lighting system.$25,000
Coldon HomesInstallation of LED lighting upgrade and daylight and motion sensors.$25,000
The Game Meats Company of AustraliaInstallation of a system to reclaim heat from refrigeration systems and use it to preheat boiler feed water.$25,000
Austco Polar Cold StorageA new evaporative condenser will lead to more efficient chiller plant operation, and a variable speed drive will be installed on the condenser unit.$25,000
Zagame Boronia Club HotelApplication of thermally efficient roof coating and window tinting to reduce use of heating and air conditioning.$17,495
Proud Chic Mega MeatsRefrigeration plant upgrade and installation of measures such as ‘night blinds’ and electronically commutated fans to increase efficiency of cool rooms and refrigeration.$25,000
Tim LenehanVariable speed drive installed on vacuum pump for milk harvesting.$6,490
Vawdrey ManufacturingInstallation of a variable output compressor for the compressed air system.$25,000
  1. Ryan Abattoirs
Replacement of atmospheric boiler with a new condensing boiler that is expected to lead to significant gas savings.$25,000
Watergardens HotelUpgrade of refrigeration plant, to reduce energy used for air conditioning.$25,000
Wingara Wine GroupReplacement of agitators in holding tanks with more energy efficient alternatives, improving energy efficiency as well as the quality of wine.$25,000


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