Social Innovation Partnerships

Up to $80,000 is available from the Social Innovation Partnerships program to support organisations to create sustained social impacts for Melbourne.


Social Innovation Partnerships

The Social Innovation Partnerships provides funding to tackle our city’s big social issues. Funding is provided
for two years to support innovative projects that address City of Melbourne’s priority focus areas. Eligibility to
apply for a second round of two year funding will be limited to projects that demonstrate outcomes and
incorporate a growth or replication strategy. The Social Innovation Partnerships stream seeks to facilitate the
piloting of well-developed program ideas and improve access to substantive Council support for more groups.



Social Innovation Partnerships allow the City of Melbourne to:

  • directly address the municipality’s social priorities aligned to the Council Plan
  • discover and support new and creative ways of addressing social challenges
  • test new approaches that have the potential to provide long term solutions
  • deliver effective community outcomes outside of Council’s own program delivery and contracted services
  • empower not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises to improve or expand their impact
  • encourage the use of data sets pertaining to the city, through City of Melbourne’s Open Data platform


Priority Areas

Social Innovations Partnerships prioritises projects that build long-term resilience and empowerment.

In 2019/20 and 2020/21, Social Innovations Partnerships priority areas are to:

  • Support young people to remain engaged in education and provide opportunities for people of all ages to actively participate in lifelong learning
  • Provide opportunities that welcome newly arrived residents, build understanding, social cohesion, belonging and resilience through intercultural and intergenerational connections
  • Create pathways to meaningful and secure employment for all members of our community
  • Allow children and young people to grow up healthy, safe and to their full potential
  • Prevent violence against women, promote respectful relationships and gender equality
  • Assist people experiencing homelessness into housing
  • Assist people at risk of experiencing homelessness to maintain appropriate housing
  • Create environments that minimise harm from alcohol and other drug use
  • Provide opportunities to live more active lifestyles
  • Make eating healthy food an easier choice
  • Facilitate older people as active and respected contributors to their communities and prevent elder abuse

Applications that address social issues not listed above will still be considered for funding if they respond to the vision for a City for People.



Applications for Social Innovation Partnerships can be made for any value between $15,000 and $80,000 per year for a two year period (re-application for the second year of funding is not required).

The total pool of funds available is $660,000 per year.



To be eligible to apply for funding through Social Innovation Partnerships, applications must meet the following

  • Applicant organisations must be a not-for-profit constituted body, a certified B Corporation or a social  enterprise that meets the Social Traders definition of a social enterprise.
  • Applicant organisations must be located within, or be running the project within, the City of Melbourne
    municipality and the project must be targeted to benefit the community of the City of Melbourne.
  • The project must practically address a priority social issue for the City of Melbourne aligned to Council
  • The project must demonstrate an innovative, new or creative way of addressing the social issue.
  • We strongly encourage applicants to contact City of Melbourne to discuss your idea before submitting an application.



Applications close 15 January 2019.


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