17 projects share in $5.53 million in funding for capital infrastructure to expand their manufacturing facilities.


Round 2 Recipients

A total of $5.53 million in funding was announced for 17 projects that will support the region’s local manufacturing capabilities. They include:


  • Warrnambool Cheese and Butter, Mt Gambier – offered $1.3 million for a $5.3 million project to upgrade and expand its Mil Lel cheese manufacturing facility which will create 26 new full time jobs.
  • J&M Shanks, Millicent – offered $220,468 for construction of a new engineering facility that will generate six new full time jobs.
  • Jaffa Limestone , Cape Jaffa – offered $486,750 towards the expansion of its limestone brick manufacturing plant creating nine new full time positions.

The funding awarded through round two is expected to create up to 140 jobs and generate approximately $20 million in investment. When you add this to the investment figure from grants taken up after round one, the total investment in the region generated by the fund is over $37.4 million with 274 new jobs being created. These are projects that may not have got off the ground with the support of the Fund,” he said.







expand its manufacturing capability of sheet metal to produce new products, which include flashing and guttering products.


build a new warehouse, parts dismantling, manufacturing, despatch and retail complex.
Aston Newman Timbers


expand operations into the production of larger timber trusses.
Big Holes


purchase a new track mounted skid steer loaded bobcat.
BJH Controls


expand its industrial automation calibration services, remote location services and switchboard manufacturing.
De Bruin Engineering


purchase equipment required to build the Harrington Seed Destructor, a mechanical tool used for the reduction of herbicide resistant weeds.
The Distributors


expansion of its cool room storage and distribution facilities.
J&M Shanks


erect a four bay industrial building plus a hard stand pad.
Jaffa Limestone


purchase capital equipment used in the production of residential limestone bricks, a new capability in the region.
South East Laundry


expand its laundry capabilities to service aged care facilities and hospitals.
Roundwood Solutions


Funding will support the company to introduce a new timber longline merchandising system.
Sol U Wall Products


Funding will assist in the commercialisation of the Sol-U-Wall limestone wall panels.
South East Conveyors


Funding will support the company to expand and obtain tooling for a drive pulley engineering workshop.


Funding will support the company’s investment into a new wool processing line to produce high-end niche wool quilts and underlays.


purchase new equipment to facilitate an expansion of its door processing line for high end residential market.
Warrnambool Cheese and Butter


upgrade its Mil Lel facility in order to produce specialty cheese.
Whiteheads Timber Sales


purchase new wood processing equipment as part of its timber sawmills expansion.





The Australian Government and South Australian Government, announced the South East South Australia Innovation and Investment Fund (SESAIIF) to assist with industry development in south east South Australia following the decision of Kimberly Clark Australia to restructure its operations in South Australia.

SESAIIF is a $12 million competitive, merit-based government grant program for innovative jobs creation projects to strengthen south east South Australia’s regional economy and employment base. It will be jointly administered by the Australian and South Australian governments.

The SESAIIF gives effect to the announcement by the Australian Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research on 25 January 2011.



SESAIIF supports investment aimed at creating sustainable, new jobs in south east South Australia. Eligible investment will create new or additional business capacity designed to enhance sustainable employment, business and economic opportunities and will particularly encourage applications for manufacturing, manufacturing services and other services projects that generate high quality skilled jobs.

Investment proposals resulting in the creation of new jobs in south east South Australia at the expense of jobs elsewhere in Australia will not be funded.


What funding is available?

A total of $12 million (less administration costs) in funding is available under SESAIIF and will need to be expended by 30 June 2013, when the fund will close.

Applications involving eligible capital costs of less than $100,000 will not be considered for assessment.  The minimum grant will be $50,000.

Financial assistance will only be provided for:

  • up to 50 per cent of projected eligible capital costs (primarily being for plant and equipment directly applied to the production of the outputs of the investment proposal); and
  • on the provision of satisfactory evidence that the agreed payment milestones have been achieved.

The following conditions will apply to funding investment proposals:

  • applicants must be able to demonstrate that they can fund the costs of the project not met by the funds being sought under SESAIIF;
  • a minimum cash commitment by the proponent, exclusive of in-kind, which at least matches the total amount of grant sought under the program;
  • SESAIIF funding will not be provided for retrospective activities; and
  • the grant will be calculated to take account of funding provided under other applicable government programs so that:
    •  a genuine contribution of at least 50% by