SPUR Location Grants

What is the SPUR Location Grants?

Landgate’s SPUR Location Grants Program is a collaborative Western Australian (WA)  Government initiative, designed to leverage the State’s location information and deliver value to the land sector.



In 2022, Landgate is proud to announce its partner agencies are:

  • Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation
  • Department of Finance
  • Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries
  • Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage
  • Small Business Development Corporation



The program can assist the early adoption of emerging technology, products and services developed in WA.

Landgate is working with its partner agencies to offer grants under two categories:

  • One First Nations candidate
  • Four WA based small businesses or start-ups

Successful applicants will each receive:

  • $25,000 grant funding
  • information sessions from Landgate and partnering agencies to help them work more effectively with government



General Grant category applicants must demonstrate their proposal is innovative and explain how it leverages the State’s location information and delivers value to the land sector.  This could be through:

  • data management and modelling
  • information sharing and collaboration
  • improved operational efficiency (e.g. process automation)
  • emerging digital technologies (e.g. digital twin or smart city capability).

First Nations Grant category applicants must demonstrate their project is culturally significant and explain how it uses place-based information to deliver value to the land sector. This could be through:

  • cultural mapping activities
  • ranger programs
  • on-country programs
  • other areas of interest specific to Aboriginal-Owned Corporations

Along with financial support, successful candidates will attend targeted information sessions delivered by each partnering agency.  The information sessions provide invaluable networking opportunities and assistance to better engage with WA government data and procurement processes. It is worth noting that previous cohorts consistently identified networking among the most valuable program component.

The grant is open to:

  • small businesses
  • start-ups
  • not for profit organisations

Your business must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • registered and operating in Western Australia (must be a legal entity, with ABN/ACN)
  • not a previous Landgate SPUR Grant recipient
  • actual or forecasted revenue of less than $1,000,000 per annum
  • able to obtain appropriate insurance
  • not publicly listed or representing a government agency
  • demonstrate how your project/product/service:
    • is  innovative
    • leverages the value of the State’s location information
    • is supported by a project plan
    • delivers value to the land sector
    • achieves outcomes for:
      • data management modelling
      • information sharing and collaboration
      • improved operational efficiency (e.g. process automation)
      • emerging digital technologies (e.g. digital twin or smart city capability)



Applications close 31 July 2022.


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Latest News

14 June 2022 – More grants for West Aussie innovators and SMEs

Two new grants programs targeted at startups and small to medium sized businesses have opened in Western Australia, with just over $2.1 million available overall.

SPUR Location Grants are being awarded to five firms based on their proposals for unique uses of Western Australia’s location data. Firms cannot have an annual turnover greater than $1 million per annum. It is being administered by the Western Australian land information authority Landgate.

Five grants have been announced for projects that will benefit the land sector. Four of the awards are in the General Grant category, while the fifth is in the First Nation Grant category. This could be through cultural mapping, on-country programs, or areas of interest to Aboriginal-Owned Corporations.

Western Australian Lands Minister John Carey said that the SPUR program would help add value to local businesses and the state overall. A previous SPUR grant recipient was data analytics and aerial drones startup UXMachines. They previously completed the D.Start Ignite innovation and entrepreneurship program run by the Department of Defence.

“The SPUR grant supported us to develop software for our automated aerial drones for agricultural duties. SPUR helped us to help farmers conduct aerial drone missions,” Dr Lugmayr said.



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