Supply Chain Facilitation

What is the Supply Chain Facilitation?

Supply Chain Facilitation services are tailored to assist and enable eligible Australian small and medium businesses to participate in domestic and global supply chains, generate sustainable business growth and find opportunities to connect and network with their customers.

Supply Chain Facilitation services include activities to:

  • work within a supply chain to find opportunities, improvements and linkages
  • support the entry of eligible businesses into supply chains
  • create and implement a plan which builds and strengthens the business’ capability and skills
  • facilitate connections between an eligible business and customers, both domestically and globally
  • share practical information on specific supply chains with industry via



Supply Chain Facilitation services are part of the Entrepreneurs’ Programme and reside within Business Management.

Supply Chain Facilitation services (Supplier Improvement Plan and Customer Connections) are tailored around Supply Chain Opportunities. A Supply Chain Opportunity provides a driver to embed a capability or capacity benefit to an EIP eligible business, has the commitment of both the supplying and buying stakeholders within the supply chain, and is either a Tourism business in Northern Australia or within one of the growth sectors:

  • Advanced Manufacturing;
  • Food and Agribusiness;
  • Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals;
  • Mining Equipment, Technology and Services; and
  • Oil, Gas and Energy Resources.



Supply Chain Facilitation offers your business practical ways to:

  • connect with, and supply existing and new markets
  • provide you with project opportunities.

At no cost to your business, a skilled Business Adviser or Business Facilitator will work closely with your suppliers and customers to:

  • strengthen your supply chain
  • improve your ability to access new markets.


Support & Funding

Supply Chain Facilitation services are delivered through three distinct client services, namely:

  • Information Services
  • Customer Connections
  • Supplier Improvement Plans.

These Supply Chain Facilitation services include activities to:

  • work within a supply chain to find opportunities, improvements and linkages
  • support the entry of eligible businesses into new supply chains and markets
  • find and assess gaps in the business and connect this information with the supply chain opportunity
  • create and implement a plan, which builds and strengthens the business’ capability and skills
  • build connections between an eligible business and customers, both domestically and globally
  • share practical information on specific supply chains with industry.

Your business can expect:

  • a custom action plan with strategies for your businesses’ specific market or supply chain
  • training to help you to prepare for introductions to buyers
  • to join in supply chain forums and attend networking events and training.



To apply, your business must

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be registered for GST

and be one of the following entities

  • a company incorporated in Australia
  • an incorporated trustee applying on behalf of a trust.

You must also:

  • have the intent and opportunity to engage in trade with a purchaser so as to directly and demonstrably contribute to or enhance its trade in Australian markets and/or markets in other countries
  • have an annual turnover or operating expenditure within the following range in the current or previous two financial years
    • between $1.5 million and $100 million, or
    • between $750,000 and $100 million if you are from remote Australia or northern Australia
  • have operated in Australia and filed business activity statements showing ongoing trading in at least three consecutive years.

You must also satisfy one of the following:

  • be operating in one or more growth sectors (you should refer to Appendix A of the Guidelines for definitions of the growth sectors)
    • Advanced Manufacturing
    • Food and Agribusinesses
    • Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals
    • Mining Equipment, Technology and Services
    • Oil, Gas and Energy Resources
  • have the skills, capability, intellectual property or expertise and intent to operate in one of the growth sectors
  • provide enabling technologies or services to one or more of the growth sectors.

You are not eligible for a supply chain facilitation service if you have received one in the last five years.



Applications open on an ongoing basis.


Active Supply Chain Projects

Active Supply Chain Projects by sector:

Advanced Manufacturing

StateSupplier CategoriesContact
NSWAssisting suppliers in the commercial joinery industryMike Goodman
NSWSuppliers to an industrial manufacturing and fabrication project.Mike Goodman
VICSuppliers to standardise the way materials are identified, barcoded and tagged in the rail industry.Christie Davidson
NSWSupply chain optimisation for specialised vehicle manufacturingMike Goodman
NationalPreparing suppliers to the Australian Truck Manufacturing sector for changes and adaptations created by Industry 4.0 and other digitalisation.James Scotland
NationalSuppliers to an advanced global manufacturing business.Mark Amirtharajah
NationalEnhancing supplier engagement, fostering product innovation and improving overall performance of specialist packaging and engineering companies operating within the mining explosives supply chain.Christie Davidson
VICSuppliers to an industrial manufacturing and fabrication business.Mark Amirtharajah
QLDImproving capability, performance and sustainability of suppliers to a manufacturer in the materials handling sector.Anthony Holzwart
QLDAssisting long term suppliers to the bus manufacturing industry to adapt to the new requirements of Industry 4.0 and other industry developments.James Scotland
VICStrengthening the Australian rail industry supply chain.Grant Peden
NationalQuality and DIFOT optimisation in window and door manufacturing.Mike Goodman
NationalDeveloping Australian SMEs for the global ‘Big Science’ marketplace.Anthony Holzwart

Food and Agribusiness

StateSupplier CategoriesContact
NationalValue creation initiative for national beverage brand by providing specialist resources to strategic supply chain partners.Christie Davidson
NationalAssisting suppliers to an Australian FMCG retailer build capabilities to best practice levels to meet the rigorous demands of automated and digitised supply chain requirements.Mark Amirtharajah
NSWProject to enhance packaging logistics execution for major food company.Brett Henderson
NationalSuppliers in the fast-moving consumer goods space to assist those businesses to fast track uptake of technological platforms and systems to maximise freshness, efficient distribution and commerce, and product sales.Bryan Moroney
SAWineries, distillery and brewery suppliers to off-premise independent liquor retailers in South Australia.Simon Williams
WASuppliers providing food and beverage to a premium Australian integrated resort.Michael Beaton
QLDAssisting the Organic Food Manufacturing sector to succeed in the fast-growing global industry.James Scotland

Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals

StateSupplier categoriesContact
VICSuppliers to Victoria’s healthcare sector supply chain – improving e-commerce capabilities and logistics.Brett Henderson
WAStrengthening the strategic supply chain relationships with suppliers servicing Public Hospital Operating Theatres in South West WA.Michael Beaton
NationalSupplier development in the advanced manufacture of custom made medical devices utilising 3D printing.Michael Beaton

Mining Equipment, Technology and Services

StateSupplier categoriesContact
NationalStrengthening supplier capabilities to enhance productivity, improve delivery performance and improve contract and legal compliance in the mining industry, in order to access additional markets.Ross Contarino
NSWMachinery component manufacturers in order to build awareness, and better manage issues concerning IP management and control, cybersecurity and digitisation.Bryan Moroney
QLDBuild business capacity within a range of local suppliers and to improve their ability to perform at a level required by the resource industry.Ross Contarino
QLDCurrent and emerging suppliers for the operation of copper mining and processing facilities.Ross Contarino
NSWEncouraging capability development of SME suppliers to better meet the demands of NSW mining companies for rapid, reliable and quality repair, overhaul and maintenance of earth moving plant and equipment.Mike Goodman
WAImproving capability and performance of off-site and mobile repair and maintenance repair services.Anthony Holzwart

Northern Australian Tourism

StateSupplier categoriesContact
QLDEnhancing the wedding market in the Port Douglas Region.Ross Contarino

Oil, Gas and Energy Resources

StateSupplier categoriesContact
QLDPreparing regional suppliers to the Oil & Gas industry in the requirements of supplying to operators of long-term Gas production.James Scotland

ICT and Professional Services

StateSupplier categoriesContact
NationalProviding support to solution providers who are enhancing and tailoring software, barcoding and labelling solutions for the food, rail and transport sectors.Christie Davidson


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