Sustainable Hunting Action Plan Grant

What is the Sustainable Hunting Action Plan Grant?

The Sustainable Hunting Action Plan Grant is a program which aims to support project that promote responsible, safe, and sustainable game hunting practices across Victoria.



The Sustainable Hunting Action Plan 2021-2024 (SHAP) is a $5.3 million investment by the Victorian Government that will deliver new programs to support safe, responsible and sustainable hunting across the state.

Grants will support the long-term sustainability of hunting actions that will maximise benefits for the environment, the economy, the community, and hunters.

The program will enable a collaboration and partnership approach to be taken between government, Traditional Owners, hunters and the community to deliver innovative new projects that will grow recreational hunting in Victoria.



The Sustainable Hunting Action Plan Grant program aims to increase the role of all participants in the hunting industry in the promotion of responsible, safe, and sustainable game hunting practices.

The intended outcomes of this program include:

  • Recreational hunters are actively involved in promoting the environmental, economic and social benefits of game hunting.
  • Recreational hunters and the wider community have increased understanding of safe and responsible game hunting practices.
  • The habitats for game species are maintained and improved.
  • The scientific evidence base for game species knowledge and understanding is increased.



Eligible applicants may seek funding of up to $80,000 per project, with a minimum funding amount of $10,000 per project.

Eligible applicants will be required to demonstrate the project’s ability to address each of the Sustainable Hunting Action Plan Grants Program core criteria as outlined in the SHAP Grant Program Guidelines.


Eligible Projects

Examples of eligible projects include:

  • promotion and tourism activities
  • knowledge and education activities
  • habitat restoration
  • research activities.

Eligible expenditure items are:

  • Staffing costs that relate directly to time spent undertaking the project activities
  • Equipment and machinery costs required for the project activity that are not listed as an ineligible expense in section 4.2 of the guidelines or are otherwise determined by the
    Department to be ineligible
  • Technology costs for the development of online resources and applications
  • Access costs to facilities and equipment, including lease or hire that are not part of usual operational expenditure
  • Any other project related costs the Department determines to be eligible.

Not all expenditure on your project may be eligible for grant funding. The Department makes the final decision on what is eligible expenditure.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • be an incorporated company, trustee, registered charity, community-based organisation, association or Victorian local government body
  • hold an active Australian business number (ABN)
  • conduct the project activities in Victoria
  • participate in future program evaluation activities
  • attest to compliance.



Applications close 24 June 2022.


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