Sustainable Infrastructure Fund

What is the Sustainable Infrastructure Fund?

The Sustainable Infrastructure Fund is a program to improve consumer confidence in using products made from recycled materials and the quantity of recycled products being sold in Victoria.

The Sustainable Infrastructure Fund supports local governments and alpine resort management boards to use recycled materials in infrastructure projects. The fund is delivered by Sustainability Victoria, on behalf of the Victorian Government.



The Victorian Government is committed to transforming recycling in Victoria, to support the transition to a circular economy. To enable this, there needs to be strong markets for the materials collected and recovered. Victorian local governments are estimated to spend over $8 billion on infrastructure projects over the next three years, presenting a significant opportunity to increase their use of recovered materials. Additionally, Victorian councils are responsible for more than $110 billion in community infrastructure and assets such as roads, bridges, town halls, recreation and leisure facilities, drains, libraries and parks.

The grants are part of SV’s $2.2 million Accelerating Public Procurement program and aligns with the Victorian Government’s response to current issues in the recycling sector outlined in the Recycling Industry Strategic Plan (RISP) and the Recycling Victoria Policy. The RISP sets out the pathway to a safe, resilient and efficient recycling system in Victoria. It highlights the need for government to stimulate markets for the use of recovered resources, increase jobs, develop quality products for end markets and increase investment and procurement of products made from recycled priority materials.

The Recycling Victoria Infrastructure Plan provides the context and long-term vision for improving Victoria’s waste and resource recovery infrastructure system; stimulating and supporting markets for products made from recovered resources is critical to achieving this vision.



The Sustainable Infrastructure Fund aims to:

  • improve confidence in using products made from recycled materials
  • demonstrate performance of existing products and standards
  • increase the quantity of recycled products being sold in Victoria
  • support organisations to try new technology and processes.

Using recycled products in infrastructure projects can:

  • reduce waste to landfill
  • lower greenhouse gas emissions
  • prevent loss of valuable resources
  • increase demand for recycled materials and products
  • support local manufacturers and suppliers
  • support innovative technology and processes
  • support sustainable procurement objectives.



Sustainability Victoria (SV) is offering grants of between $50,000 and $300,000 each ($1: $1 Co-contribution) to support local governments to increase the use of products made from recycled materials in infrastructure projects.


Eligible Projects

Funding is available for local government authorities and Alpine Resort Management Boards to:

  • use products made from recycled priority materials in infrastructure projects
  • demonstrate performance of existing product specifications and standards using recycled priority materials
  • utilise innovative technology and processes that allow for the use of recycled priority materials
  • increase consumption of recycled priority materials
  • contribute to Victoria’s transition to a circular economy.

The Fund will support the construction/installation of a new asset or the renewal, expansion or upgrade of existing assets.

Assets can include but are not limited to; roads, footpaths, cycleways, permeable pavements, carparks, drainage fixtures, bridges, buildings, fittings and furniture for parks, open spaces and streetscapes.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible for funding applicants must:

  • Use at least one of the following recycled priority materials:
    • glass
    • paper and cardboard
    • plastics (flexible and rigid)
    • rubber.
  • be a Victorian local government authority or Alpine Resort Management Board
  • have a current Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • have project activities take place in Victoria
  • meet the minimum $1: $1 co-contribution requirements of the Fund
  • complete the project within 12 months of signing the SV funding agreement.



Applications close 08 October 2020.


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