Sustainable Water Partner Program

Up to $25,000 is available from the Sustainable Water Partner Program to improve water efficiency and reduce demand for water from the Rous Water regional water supply system.

Sustainable Water Partner Program

Sustainable Water Partner Program

The Sustainable Water Partner Program can provide your business with a rebate to save water. Saving water is important for the future of our community, and will help delay and downsize new water sources, which means we all benefit.

There are three steps in the Sustainable Water Partner Program:

Step 1 – Identify water saving projects through a water saving plan.
Step 2 – Implement your water saving projects and save money.
Step 3 – Become a sustainable water partner and have your achievements recognised.



The Sustainable Water Partner Program is designed to help your business:

  • improve water efficiency
  • save money by reducing water, sewage, liquid trade waste and energy bills
  • receive recognition for sustainability.



Financial rebates are available to engage a specialist waster consultant to undertake a water efficiency plan. If you implement some of the water efficient projects suggested in the water plan than you may be eligible for a rebate, including the following:

  • Toilets and urinals – $150 per toilet
  • Showerheads – $50 per showerhead
  • Taps – $75 per tap/tap set
  • Rainwater tanks – $1,500 (for tanks between 2kL and 10 kL)
  • Commercial washing machines – $500 per machines
  • Water recycling – lesser of $3,500/ML/A saved or 50% of project costs
  • Leak repairs – lesser of $3,500/ML/A saved or 50% of project costs
  • Water meters – 15% of the cost of purchase and installation of the meters
  • Other – lesser of $3,500/ML/A saved or 50% of project costs

There is an upper limit of $25,000 in rebates per organisation.



At a minimum, you must:

  • be a business located in one of the following local government areas; Ballina, Byron, Lismore or Richmond Valley
  • have your water supplied by Rous Water regional water supply
  • use in excess of five megalitres per annum.

Other eligibility requirements may apply.



Applications open on an ongoing basis.


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