TAC Community Road Safety Grants

Up to $25,000 is available for road safety projects to reduce the level of death and injury across the state.

Community Road Safety Grants



The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Community Road Safety Grants Program provides an opportunity for community groups to develop and implement road safety projects at a local or community level.



The TAC Community Road Safety Grants Program aims to:

  • Encourage community involvement in local road safety programs that are consistent with the Victorian road safety strategy.
  • Provide opportunities for local community groups to develop and implement effective road safety projects targeting specific local road safety issues.



The TAC may consider applications of $25,000 or less.

Applications for larger funding amounts can be discussed with the Community Road Safety Grants officer prior to submitting an application.


Eligible Projects

Road safety programs are evaluated periodically to understand the elements contributing to the best possible community road safety benefits. These evaluations inform additional guidelines for specific road safety issues to assist applicants achieve the best outcomes possible from their road safety projects. Project-specific guidelines have been developed for:

  • Breathalyser Projects;
  • Community Road Safety Strategy Projects;
  • Variable Messaging Sign (VMS) Projects.


Eligible Applicants

The TAC Community Road Safety Grants Program funds Victorian community-based projects conducted by not-for-profit community groups that can show that:

  • There is a specific road safety problem to address; and
  • They have an effective project idea to address it.

Individuals cannot apply for funding and there are some rules about the organisations that can apply:

  • You will need to show your organisation is financially viable. This means your organisation should be an incorporated body and your application should include your organisation’s audited financial statements.
  • You will be expected to partner with other community groups, such as registered community road safety groups or local councils, to enable your road safety project to draw on a broad range of local knowledge. This means you’ll need to contact other groups, negotiate roles, and agree on a project and the funding arrangements before submitting your application.

Some groups will not be funded, including commercial organisations (e.g. businesses, for-profit organisations and consultants) or those promoting activities that are inconsistent with best practice road safety. State Government organisations are not eligible, although local government and school projects may be funded



Applications for Round 18 close 15 April 2016.

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