TCF Small Business Program Recipients

Recipients received up to $50,000

Sixty-seven switched-on textile, clothing and footwear businesses will benefit from Australian Government funding totalling $2.5 million to refashion their business enterprise culture with better business and management processes.

The funding, part of the Government’s Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Small Business Program, will help those businesses succeed in tough economic times.

Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said the TCF sectors faced challenging times and projects such as putting in place digital systems and improved management practices would help ensure the industry’s competitiveness and its long-term viability.

“We have more than 45,000 people employed in the TCF industries. It is an integral part of our manufacturing sector,” Senator Carr said.

“By updating business processes, the 67 businesses stand a better chance of succeeding in a tough environment. The job prospects of 45,000 people – many in regional Australia – will be a lot more secure.”

All states and the Northern Territory have received grants ranging from $15,000 to $50,000.

The Australian Coat Company Pty Ltd in Slacks Creek, Queensland, is using its $27,600 grant to install a design/patternmaking system. It will streamline production, giving it the flexibility to move into new markets for protective oilskin coats, work and motorcycle gear.

The bridal wear business of Luci Di Bella (Belena Pty Ltd) in Armadale, Victoria, will fund a digital management system with its $50,000 grant. It will centralise business data and reporting for better analysis and decision making.

Betty Sugar Clothing in Beckenham, WA, will use its $17,550 to develop e-commerce business and marketing plans to improve financial management and enable the design and manufacturing business to be more profitable and sustainable.

Full list of recipients

(ex GST)
Tran, Thi Tieu ThanhDevelop and implement business & marketing plans & skills$17,550WA
CCNL Pty Ltd Atf The CG Family Trust & The Cs Family TrustIntegrated business system to coordinate all aspects of business$50,000WA
Custom Fit Australia Pty Ltd atf Wootten Investment TrustImprove production process by implementing design system, workflow procedures and digital communications$50,000VIC
Obus Pty LtdImplement social networking digital strategy and upgrade website$44,864VIC
Scandiwear Pty LtdComputerise processes and integrate with new e-commerce website$38,032VIC
Hot Sublimation Pty LtdPurchase CAD/CAM system & link to production equipment.$41,200VIC
Shebang Heartland Pty LtdDevelop e-commerce website and install digital pattern making system$50,000VIC
Petarg Design Pty LtdImplement e-commerce website integrated with business software$41,287VIC
Nevenka Pty LtdImplement an Enterprise Management System$50,000VIC
Belena pty. Ltd.Integrate EMS & business systems$50,000VIC
Downey, Stephanie JayneUpgrade website to include e-commerce$22,695VIC
Three Lambs Pty LtdDevelop strategic sales, operational and marketing systems.$24,618VIC
Rayona Frock Manufacturing Pty Ltd.Operational review and implement business management systems.$35,195VIC
Reymond, Doris NataliaUpgrade website to include e-commerce$31,220VIC
Roshan Textile Pty LtdRe-structure product mix and design capabilities$35,000VIC
Hancock, Walter MichaelDevelop & implement business growth strategy$35,000VIC
Marley Lou Pty Ltd atf Marley Lou TrustDevelop a marketing strategy and operational plan$50,000VIC
Cashmere Connections Pty LtdCustom design, develop & implement an EMS$35,000VIC
Dunston, Pamela JoyE-commerce implementation and re-branding project$21,606VIC
Tasmanian Clothing Company Pty Ltd atf Graham Davis Family TrustIntegration of a Computer Aided Design system and a website Content Management System$35,038TAS
Uniform City Pty Ltd atf Trackwear Family TrustAcquisition of equipment to bring printing inhouse$50,000TAS
Besmitten Pty Ltd atf The Carl Mason Family TrustPurchase and installation of a CAD system$29,500TAS
Monterry Pty Ltd atf Monterry TrustInstall and integrate a CAD design & binding options system$35,000SA
S.P. Personal collections Pty Ptd atf The S Phillips TrustImplement an enterprise management system$47,000SA
Falstaff Pty Ltd atf The McCoy-Travers Family TrustImplement web-based enterprise management system$50,000SA
Marino Monograms Pty LtdReview and implementation of integrated EMS$48,000SA
Colette Foubert Pty Ltd atf Colette Foubert Family TrustImplement a cost and control Enterprise Management System$50,000SA
The Shoe Co. Pty LtdMarketing and branding strategy for orthotic footwear$35,800QLD
J.R Cottee & S.T CotteeImplement EMS and develop strategic plan.$50,000QLD
Hilde Heim Designer Bride & Cocktail Pty Ltd atf Bennett Heim TrustMarketing & Business Systems Consultants, software, travel and website upgrade$26,537QLD
Stray Cats Pty Ltd atf The Tanner and Johnstone Family TrustCreate e-commerce website to integrate EMS and link sites$45,724QLD
Rope Online Pty LtdReview, revise and expand business systems, capacity and methods$32,500QLD
Brazier, Fleur atf The Lethal Industries TrustDevelop website to improve e-commerce, improve business management systems and develop marketing strategy$22,730QLD
The Australian Coat Company Pty LtdImplement CAD system to increase efficiency in new product development$27,600QLD
Denigan, Michael James JosephIntroduce digital production with a CAD system and laser cutting machine$19,013NT
Berczelly, Irene RCreate operational strategy and procedures$21,450NSW
Map Pacific Pty LtdDevelop integrated e-commerce marketing strategy$21,200NSW
Soul Sports Pty LtdE-commerce technology strategy$40,108NSW
Melinda & Narina Pty LtdMentor and Business guidance with systems framework development$15,000NSW
Joosie Pty LtdPurchase of pattern making system and equipment$23,647NSW
Lee, Dion Robert JohnExport Market Development$43,110NSW
A.L Plunkett & L SalesImplement e-commerce website strategy$34,600NSW
Woodford & Co Pty LtdImplement web strategy incorporating e-commerce$36,880NSW
Elsom Holdings Pty Ltd atf Elsom Holdings Unit TrustImplement web strategy and e-commerce website$36,325NSW
Smallbone, Ruby HopeEmploy mentor to implement business plan and financial model$28,435NSW
Tluxe Clothing Company Pty LtdWeb strategy and e-commerce implementation and consultation$21,528NSW
M.A Tanaya & L TyDevelop business strategy with focus on financial planning and growth$28,915NSW
Frisoni 1 Pty LtdExport Strategy$50,000NSW
Shona Joy Pty Ltd atf Shona Joy TrustImplement an EMS supported by business mentoring$50,000NSW
Mcdonald, Andrew RobertImplement an enterprise management system$49,986NSW
SZABO, MARGARET ANNImplement an e-commerce website integrated with the enterprise management system$34,775NSW
Lerelu Pty LtdImplementation of Enterprise Management System to improve operational efficiencies.$48,316NSW
Nookie Pty LtdImplement an online enterprise management system$50,000NSW
Ellery Land Pty LtdPurchase pattern making system.$24,600NSW
Strummer Design Pty LtdA business review, strategy & mentoring project$26,435NSW
Promoda Pty LtdImplement an Enterprise Management System$50,000NSW
Tim O’connor Retail Pty LtdImplement e-commerce functionality to website and integrate with EMS$32,125NSW
G.A Byrne & P.V GailiunasImplementation of CAD system to increase workflow and production efficiencies.$43,000NSW
High Tea With Mrs Woo Pty Ltd atf Foong Family TrustDevelop and execute a strategic business plan$27,435NSW
Oliver (NSW) Pty limitedImplement e-commerce platform and marketing strategy.$35,996NSW
B Cheeseman & A.J PrinceImplement an EMS and streamline operations$47,636NSW
Magdalena Velevska Pty LtdReview processes and implement website with e-commerce$50,000NSW
Grandma Takes A Trip Pty LtdWebsite development incorporating e-commerce$38,805NSW
F.C Press & M.J PressMentor to conduct research and work with management team to develop strategic plan$28,000NSW
Duma, MagdalenaRe-design website, including e-commerce, develop iPhone app, and marketing & business strategy mentoring$35,672NSW
Muhan Corporate Pty LtdImplement strategic marketing plan and mentoring program$33,500NSW
Pod Productions Pty LtdEstablish strategic export plan and integrate EMS$43,911NSW

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