TCF Small Business Program Round 5 Recipients

Sixty-three small businesses will share $2.6 million in government grants announced under the Australian Government’s Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Small Business Program.

The government grants, ranging from $17,000 to $50,000, have been awarded to help these businesses become more innovative and strengthen the business culture of Australia’s TCF industries.

Innovation Minister, Senator Kim Carr, said the program was aimed at making TCF small businesses more competitive by developing new processes, especially at the niche, high-value end of the market.

“This round has again been extremely competitive, with over 250 businesses applying for grants,” Senator Carr said.

“The strong response shows that the TCF sector is keen to embrace a culture of innovation and enterprise, and power through the tough market conditions.

“Typical of the innovative approaches of government grant recipients are projects to improve production processes, explore export markets, and embrace the internet as part of their business strategy.

“These small businesses represent the next generation of TCF industries that employ 45,000 people, including many in regional Australia. A vibrant TCF sector will lead to more high-value, high-skill jobs.”

The TCF Small Business Program is providing $25 million in grants over 10 years to Australia’s small designers and manufacturers.

Successful round five projects include:

  • Jongs Tailor and Dress House, in the Northern Territory – a grant of $32,165 directed at improving the business’s design and manufacturing capability with strategic business mentoring and the implementation of CAD software and equipment. 
    [Contact: Mrs Fifi Tse (08) 8947 0654]
  • J’Aton Couture, in Victoria – a grant of $43,600 to develop and implement a business strategy for the high-end fashion label, with supporting administrative and business processes. It includes research to identify alternative export and domestic markets. [Contact: Mr Jacob Luppino (03) 9533 8666]
  • Besmitten in Tasmania – a grant of $45,920, to mentor the principals and build the capability of the business as producers of superfine merino clothing (Smitten Merino), by implementing communications and marketing plans.  [Contact: Mr Carl Mason 0408 094 594]

The full list of recipients is detailed below:

Applicant Name Project Title Grant
Romance Was Born Business mentoring $43,898
Alice McCall Managing the total business to sustain growth $50,000
Anna & Boy Business mentoring program – Strategic Channel Management $33,608
Berczelly, Irene E Designs, patterns and improved production $30,000
Birdee Golf Apparel Heading “Out of Bounds” – riding the winds of e-commerce $47,238
Brigid Mclaughlin Implement and integrate a computerised patternmaking system $27,849
Ology Hannah McNicol’s journey to wholesale: a business sophistication project $40,000
Ellery, Kimberley Jean Kahurangi Enterprise Management Software, operational management and procedures project $49,643
Friedrich Gray Shades of gray to black & white – bringing certainty and confidence to the production process $50,000
Grandma Takes a Trip Brand and marketing strategy for Grandma Takes a Trip $40,000
Hussy Clothing Website upgrade to e-commerce platform $42,500
High Tea with Mrs Woo Unravelling the Threads $50,000
Katie Perry Review and expand operational, marketing and product development opportunities $25,700
Johanna Johnson Computer management system for wholesale production, supply & distribution $50,000
Josh Goot Business mentoring $43,128
Kirrily Johnston Marketing and e-commerce $50,000
Konstantina Developing capabilities with systems and mentoring $48,000
Lee, Dion Robert John Business mentoring program $35,148
McDonald, Andrew Robert Successfully exporting into culturally different markets $31,900
Muhan Corporate Total control a necessity for customer service $30,000
Nundle Woollen Mill Strategic marketing approach to the future of Nundle Woollen Mill $30,000
Rawsthorne Group Digital communications & marketing strategy $48,260
Rittenhouse Strategic growth operations $44,244
Soul Sports Marketing and sales strategy $33,660
Embryo Designs Embryo’s rebranding and operational improvement project $42,340
Sumakhi Building an accessible storehouse of accurate and up to date information $50,000
Sundara Productions Technology and change $28,000
Tluxe Clothing Company Strategic review and implementation of an integrated Enterprise Management System $50,000
Jiva Clothing Business mentoring – E-commerce and digital marketing $35,862
Woolerina Marketing and operational improvement project $50,000
Zeus Sports Zeus Sports 2010 – 2011 Driving Technology Program $44,500
Bassham, Mette Strategic product review & manufacturing assessment project $17,000
Bima Wear Bima Wear goes Global $35,420
Jongs Tailor and Dress House Business development through product, marketing and internal systems improvement $32,165
Certton Management and communications systems improvement $50,000
Promomotto The Red Thread $27,980
Southgap Diversifying the sales model $50,000
The Mackay-Payne Group Bringing design capability in-house $30,000
Footwear Plus Improving last production $48,297
Elsdon, Nicole Pattern making tools to drive generational change $39,000
Falstaff Implement an in-house pattern making system $30,000
A’West Trading Tasmanian super fine Merino clothing- a Global Opportunity $45,920
Uniform City Develop a customised online marketing and manufacturing service $50,000
Arnsdorf 2010-2011 professional and digital development project $43,000
Bared Bared direct sales model systems development & integration $47,600
Impact Sports Promotions Automated sportswear fabric laser cutter $50,000
C74 Implementing an EMS $50,000
Cashmere Connections Implementation of process change $42,000
C E Wise Tailored and integrated Enterprise Management System $46,640
Formula Screen Printing Process engineering for market differentiation and growth. $50,000
Hancock, Walter Michael Knitting software for niche markets $47,436
J’aton Couture Developing a strategy to reach commercial growth potential $43,600
Sportivo Hosiery Implementation of Information Management System $40,500
Lisa Barron Re-structuring product development workflows for growth $50,000
Nicolangela Business growth through operational excellence $50,000 Expanding Real Australia UGG Boots market success in China $50,000
Roshan Textile Deployment of E-Commerce as part of overall EMS Strategy $43,068
Sold Out Knitwear Breaking out of Melbourne with online marketing $46,000
The Silk Touch Develop e-commerce website and marketing strategy $34,000
T-Sugi Agency Extending the communications and management systems. $50,000
TV Fashions Strategic future markets $46,642
YB Concept E-commerce Project $50,000
Bond, Louise Margaret Computerising Heatseeker wetsuits $32,335
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