TCF Small Business Program

Up to $50,000 is available for fashion companies to undertake new projects such as purchasing an Enterprise Management System, ecommerce system or new equipment.

                TCF Small Business Program


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The TCF Small Business Program aims to transform the business enterprise culture of established TCF small businesses and boost their capacity to be innovative. A maximum of $50,000 is available for a particular project.

The program is now closed. Bulletpoint recommends TCF companies to consider other government incentives such as:


Our Success Stories

We have worked with a number of high profile fashion houses. Some of the clients we have assisted with the TCF Small Business Program are shown below.

MaticevskiV I K T O R I A + W O O D SLIFEwithBIRD
TCF Small Business ProgramTCF Small Business ProgramTCF Small Business Program


Eligible Applicants

The TCF Small Business Program is open to any eligible established TCF small business or to a consortium that includes an eligible TCF small business.

To be eligible for a grant under the TCF Small Business Program, you must:

  • Have fewer than 20 employees.
  • Have not received funding from the TCF SIP or BIC Schemes
  • Have had a turnover of not less than $100,000 in the previous year, and must be solvent and not under any administrative arrangements.


Eligible Projects

The TCF Small Business Program has traditionally funded projects such as:

  • Enterprise Management Systems
  • Marketing Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • CAD systems
  • New equipment
  • Ecommerce systems



A maximum of $50,000 is available for a particular project through the TCF Small Business Program. The maximum applies to any project, regardless of its size or the cash contribution made by the applicant. The applicant must make a cash contribution to the project of no less than 25% of eligible project expenditure.



The program is now closed.


Expert Assistance

Writing a good quality grant application is a critical element in the application process. An application needs to be well thought through, written concisely, have clear objectives and purpose, and show clear links to the objectives of the grant guidelines.

The grant application must answer all questions, provide all required information and respond to the merit criteria. It should also reflect your organisation’s business strategy.

Writing a good application takes time and effort, and requires particular writing skills.

Bulletpoint are expert grant consultants and can assist with all aspects of grant preparation.


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Round 9 Recipients

59 companies share in $2.2M to undertake new projects such as purchasing an Enterprise Management System, ecommerce system or new equipment.

Grenenger, James JosephManagement systems and process change for diverse growth markets$50,000
Lo Sordo, MichaelNew business development and management strategy with upgraded systems and e-commerce website$50,000
R I TalebManufacturing capability upgrade and new business management system$50,000
Merino CountryStreamlined manufacturing processes and new production technology for product diversification$50,000
Norfolk BlindsManufacturing process upgrade with new equipment for increased efficiency$50,000
JFSM TextilesOperations review and new systems for resource planning and customer relationship management$50,000
Swish ClothingNew business management system$50,000
AssinNew business management system for streamlined processes$50,000
Melbourne MadeManufacturing capability upgrade and new online platform for customers and suppliers$49,950
Ensign InternationalNew e-commerce and business management systems$49,773
Frankie And SwissNew digital business system integrated with an e-commerce platform$49,500
Material By ProductStreamlined production process for marketing to create strong online presence$49,500
BJPSNew business management system$48,500
Thirsty FishNew digital business systems to improve operational performance$48,500
Haskin, JonathanProcess re-engineering for circular knitting operation$46,125
OleomarkBusiness review and new export marketing strategy$45,000
Skin And ThreadsNew mobile responsive e-commerce website integrated with business systems$45,000
Fleur R Holdings & Leina B HoldingsNew business management system$44,747
McCarron, RosalieNew enterprise management system to support business expansion$44,250
StarsubNew digital business system to integrate business operations$44,250
Top Cat TrimmingsNew business management system$44,250
Kaplan GroupNew business management system to enter sleepwear market$43,500
Custom Fit AustraliaNew computer aided manufacturing system to support mass produced footwear.$43,110
Orthema AustralasiaManufacturing capability upgrade for custom footwear supported by e-commerce website$42,375
Coombes, Adam AndrewE-commerce website and digital marketing strategy$42,231
Kinetic CreationsNew interactive e-commerce website$42,200
Lifestyle BrandsNew business management system to support a new manufacturing business model$42,000
Simply Oarsome AustraliaNew sublimation printing machinery integrated with the server network$40,953
S P Orthopaedic FootwearA business management system to support a new footwear business model$40,500
Wright, FelicityConsortium: new marketing and supply chain management strategies$40,271
Powers TextilesE-commerce website and marketing strategy to support sales$40,125
Pod ProductionsNew marketing strategy to capitalise on growth markets$37,366
Sample RoomAn international marketing and export strategy$36,948
All Sportswear)Print design upgrade integrated with the e-commerce website to streamline production$36,499
R Boylan & S.P CurtisUpgrade e-commerce website and develop a marketing and export strategy$35,141
Hosking DesignMarketing and social media strategy with e-commerce website upgrade$32,614
Warne, Tuila AnneNew 3D pattern-making system$31,900
Lavecky, ZivaNew business management system$30,274
Elegantly ScantNew e-commerce marketing strategy with website upgrades and system integration$29,322
NookieNew digital pattern-making system$29,250
Lady PetrovaNew export marketing strategy supported by international pop-up events$28,909
B & C TextilesNew e-commerce website for direct retail and expanded markets$28,624
Brigid McLaughlinA 3D virtual modelling and computer aided design system upgrade$27,525
Atkinson, DanielleNew product development process and stock management system for improved capacity$27,062
Bliss EmporiumIntegrate a new business management system and an e-commerce platform$27,000
Durrant HoldingsNew digital marketing and customer relationship strategies and systems for increased sales$27,000
Ae’lkemiNew digital pattern making system$25,050
Marlene DawnNew digital pattern making system integrated into wholesale and retail operations$24,000
CalecheProduct diversification and new e-commerce marketing strategy$24,000
Paolo SebastianNew digital pattern making system$24,000
Beau BrandDevelop a marketing strategy and rebuild the e-commerce website$23,520
ChiodoDevelop a marketing strategy and upgrade the e-commerce website$22,530
LP 33.3New e-commerce marketing strategy and website with inventory control$22,155
Sunday Morning DesignsNew e-commerce sales and marketing strategy$22,000
McDonald, AndrewAlign brand with a digital marketing strategy$18,420
Tiwi DesignsNew e-commerce website and manufacturing capability upgrade$17,750
Sample RoomNew sales strategy and upgraded website to support global distribution$16,933
Howell, KatieE-commerce and digital marketing strategy for business growth$16,400
Watson, Michael RobertNew computer-aided design system and e-commerce website$8,200

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