TCF Strategic Capability Program Recipients

A military uniform that can track the wearer’s location and detect viral outbreak exposure is just one of ten creative ideas being supported by the Gillard Labor Government under the TCF Strategic Capability Program.

Announcing over $20 million in government grants for ten textile, clothing and footwear projects today Innovation Minister, Senator Kim Carr, said supporting and encouraging creativity in our industries is essential to help them grow and succeed.

“TCF industries contribute to our economy by employing over 45,000 Australians and generating a high number of exports,” Senator Carr said.

“The Government recognises its responsibility to ensure these industries have the strategic capability to grow stronger so their economic contribution is sustainable. We are doing this by fostering innovation.

“Under the TCF Strategic Capability Program we turn creative ideas into reality, boosting productivity and creating new jobs.

“The government grants I am announcing today range from $400,000 to create new market opportunities for smaller manufacturers in the carpet industry, to $6.2 million to make better use of hi-tech production capabilities in the footwear sector.

“All ten TCF projects have great potential and highlight just how strategic our Australian manufacturing companies and organisations are — they embrace innovative opportunities and seek global challenges.”

Government Grant Recipients

Applicant NameStateProject DetailsGrant ($)


Clear Edge Filtration (Australia)VICDevelopment of new technical filter fabrics for minerals refining.


The project will deliver world best practice in filter production to Australia and include the development of new filter media products for use in the Australian and global mining industry.  The project will build upon Australia’s strong reputation for servicing the global mining industry and deliver increased export sales.

Council of Textile & Fashion Industries of Australia Limited  (TFIA)VICTextile and Fashion Hub – state of the art, short run design and production network.


The project is to develop a Textile and Fashion Hub that will support commercialisation of ideas and innovations, implement workplace learning programs, meet skill-gaps in the industry and develop collaborative SME clusters.  TFIA is the lead applicant of the consortium consisting of the Kangan Institute of Technical and Further Education and an initial five TCF SMEs. The hub, located at the Richmond campus of Kangan Institute, will house state of the art design and manufacturing equipment for the delivery of a national network providing wide industry access to ethical supply, product development and short run manufacturing capability.

Creswick Woollen Mills Proprietary LimitedVICStrategic repositioning to create market opportunities within the textile carpet industry.

The project will reposition the business from fine yarn spinning to carpet yarn spinning through an upgrade of the mill. The project aims to produce new product lines, and opportunities for small to medium sized carpet manufacturers by providing access to lower volume, customised yarn production at the mill. This new source of yarn will allow carpet manufacturers to develop new and innovative carpet designs and products.

Footwear Manufacturers Association of Australia Inc (FMAA)VICMass customisation for the Australian footwear industry.

A consortium consisting of the FMAA; R M Williams Pty Ltd; J Robins Manufacturing Pty Ltd; and, Shoe Lasts Australia Pty Ltd will be formed. They will deliver a project focussed on customised footwear for the Australian market. This will involve developing lean, flexible manufacturing systems, testing the commercial application of footwear scanning technology and biometric data collection and storage. It applies new information technology systems in support of a customised product.

Global Safety Solutions & ManagementNSWGSSM survival and location enhancement garment development project.

The project aims to develop a highly innovative ‘smart’ garment that if successful, will save lives. The garment will use high technology fabrics and Radio Frequency ID technology and is designed for combat and chemical warfare protection for soldiers. The garment will feature in-built devices that provide information on wearer location, wearer stress levels, and exposure to chemical and biological agents. These features will enhance soldier survivability and improve ID security through RFID authentication. The product can be customised to provide protective solutions for a wide range of industries and situations.  This project is a collaborative undertaking with Bruck Textiles to bring innovation, fabric and garment manufacture together.

Godfrey Hirst AustraliaVICDevelopment of bonded synthetic carpet.

The project will research and develop an innovative synthetic carpet, leading to many environmental benefits, including lower use of water and energy in the production process, lower greenhouse gas emissions and less waste.

SharcaveNSWEnviro turf – creating the grounds for a greener environment.


The project will develop a unique production process for an innovative recyclable synthetic grass product.  This new product will have a positive environmental impact through reducing the volume of synthetic turf being dumped into landfill and enabling the recycling of material and chemical compounds for use in downstream products.

Specialty Coatings (Aust)VICA photovoltaic textile suitable for roofing applications.

The project will research, develop, test and commercialise a new generation of resin impregnated woven textile substrates, integrated with thin photovoltaic cells to produce a textile product capable of capturing solar energy. The product is for use as roofing and will be suitable for commercial and domestic applications.

TapexNSWDevelopment of ultimate High Performance sport yarn.

The project involves researching, testing and configuring new equipment and technology to develop an innovative yarn for synthetic surfaces for sports fields. This will create new opportunities for Tapex and their tufting partners to compete in overseas markets.

Textor TechnologiesVICBuilding an Australian commercial nanofibre production and processing capability.


The project is directed at establishing a state-of-the art nanofibre production and processing facility in Australia.  This new facility will lead to the production of unique products with applications in chemical and biological protection, the selective removal and degradation of toxic substances and in the fields of medical and health.


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