Tech23 is a national one-day event where emerging Australian tech companies show off their innovations and are celebrated in a welcoming, enriching environment.




Tech23 provides the ideal environment to grow Australian innovation. This is the event where corporations, universities and startups meet, collaborate, and create a better future for Australia.

Tech23 is:

  • A forum for investors to meet top tech companies
  • Where enterprises can get a grasp of the up and coming
  • Where ideas from investors, entrepreneurs and innovators from government, university and industry cross-pollinate
  • A place for world-class startups to show their mettle



Now in its ninth annual year, Tech23 continues to resonate as Australia’s unmissable celebration of innovation. Starting from a blank slate in 2009, Tech23 was born out of the desire to give a platform to the exciting deep tech emerging from Australia’s innovation ecosystem.

As one of the few truly national forums where homegrown innovation can be recognised and celebrated, Tech23 showcases world-class startups from Perth to Brisbane, Wollongong to Hobart. Moving beyond state and territory boundaries, Tech23 is a gathering brimming with goodwill – promoting connections and collaborations where they are needed most.

Tech23 2017 is for you if you are:

  • An Industry Leader with advice and connections to share
  • A young startup looking for guidance, growth and opportunities
  • An up-and-coming impresario looking for your big break
  • An investor scouting for your next smart investment
  • Looking to partnering with tomorrow’s innovators as a way of getting ahead of the competition
  • Wanting to keep abreast of the deep tech of tomorrow and where future jobs may lie
  • Interested in finding out where you fit in Australia’s innovation ecosystem!



Tech23 will be:

  • Dedicated to improving the communication and coordination among the key stakeholders – across enterprise, university, industry and startups.
  • Showcasing the best examples of university/industry collaboration.
  • Assistance for all attendees to gain a better understanding of their role and the role their organisation should take in making Australia an innovation powerhouse.
  • Demonstrating the end-to-end innovation process; help all stakeholders collaborate better by exploring the specific cultures and drivers of each stakeholder.
  • Providing corporates with the opportunity to meet and network with innovative, high-growth companies and the commercialisation/accelerators of R&D organisations.
  • Concentration on ideas, people and companies that will make Australia great!


Tech23 2017 Prizes

China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) Award

The China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) is pleased to provide a 5 day immersion tour through the innovation ecosystem of Beijing to the winning team as part of the CAMPx2018 program, taking place in April 2018. The trip includes flights, accommodation and exclusive introductions and opportunities to pitch to VC’s, startups and leading Chinese corporates as well as touring science parks, co-working spaces and other startup hubs.

Lunch with Upguard in Mountain View, California

Meet the Upguard team and discover the secrets to their success! The lucky winner will have lunch with the legendary Mike Baukes, Alan Sharp-Paul, and Hamish Hawthorne. (Tech23 will cover travel costs up to $5k for the winner to Upguard’s Mountain View Headquarters)

CMCRC Market Changing Technologies Award

$5k cash prize awarded to a Tech23 company with the best chance of achieving global success.

Lunch with Dror Ben Naim – CEO, Smart Sparrow

Tech23 will treat the winner of this prize to a spectacular lunch at Quay Restaurant at The Rocks, Sydney (and interstate travel costs to Sydney if needed). You will dine with Dror Ben Naim, the founder and CEO of successful edutech platform Smart Sparrow.

Simon Martin

Glean insights from investor, former CFO of MYOB, CEO of iCareHealth group, and director of Sendle and Milanote in two 2.5 hour one-one-one sessions with Simon Martin.

Mentoring with Ian Buddery

3 months mentoring with Ian Buddery, founder of eServ, and Chairman of Maestrano.

Meeting with Square Peg Capital

The lucky winner of this prize will have the chance to gain valuable wisdom from behind the curtain of Square Peg Capital, in this exclusive one-on-one meeting.

Westpac Reinventing Financial Services Award

A ‘one-on-two’ lunch at Neil Perry’s Jade Temple with Danny Gilligan, Co-Founder Reinventure and Macgregor Duncan, Head of Business Development at Westpac. The prize will be given to the company with the biggest potential to impact on the future of financial services and / or our specialist client industries, including health, cleantech, education and government.

Amazon Web Services Award

As part of AWS’s commitment to the startup industry, all finalists will gain access to the AWS Activate startup program. Each company will receive $5k of credits, business support for a year plus access to engineers and solution architects.

Cicada Innovations – Deep Technology Award

$2k cash prize with complimentary co-working space in the Cicada Innovations Accelerator Hub for two months; 2 mentoring sessions with Petra Andren, CEO, Cicada Innovations; and access to the Cicada Innovations executive team.

The Addisons Award (for the most ‘backable’ team)

$5K in cash and legal advice to the value of $5K

The AMP Amplify Award for best technology start-up founded by a woman

$2.5k cash prize awarded to a female entrepreneur who is the builder of an innovative, ground-breaking and/or game-changing company.

Appbot – Most Promising Mobile App

12 month subscription to Appbot and meeting with Stuart Hall, Co-founder & CEO Appbot. Valued at USD$1788.

“Innovation in Enterprise Mobility” Award

A free trip to Boston for 2 with 2 nights accommodation and Connections to AUS Trade Boston and Mass Challenge. Valued at USD$4,500

Austrade Going Global Award

The award winner will participate in an 8-day visit to Berlin and Tel Aviv hosted by the Australian Landing Pads at Betahaus Berlin and SOSA Tel Aviv, with flights and accommodation thanks to Tech23. The winner will receive a curated visit program meeting with high-growth startups, local investors, corporate innovators, potential enterprise customers and accelerators.

The B2B Enterprise Award

Two tickets to attend the Agile Australia 2018 conference to be held on Monday 18 – Tuesday 19 at the Crown Palladium, Melbourne. This prize will be awarded to the company that shows the greatest solution for the enterprise.

M8 Ventures – Most Awesomest Pitch

$1K cash prize

Onestack scale up award

Understand how to truly scale your startup through a $10k workshop with the growth experts at Onestack.

Tech23 2017 Innovation Excellence Award

Tech23 2017 Greatest Potential Award

Tech23 2017 People’s Choice Award


Tech23 2016 Winners

  • The Austrade Best Startup Award – 90-day residency at one of Austrade’s Landing Pads – Cardihab
  • The PayPal Enabling Choice – anytime, anywhere on any device – $5k cash prize – Biteable
  • Saasu Award – Two Saasu large plans for online business, valid for 18 months – agAlytics and Rappsio
  • The Tyro Fintech Award – Six months co-working space and a meeting with CEO Jost Stollmann – Haventec
  • Square Peg Capital Award – one-on-one meeting with Square Peg Capital – Gruntify
  • CMCRC Market Changing Technologies Award – $5k cash prize – Hovermap
  • Dinner with Martin Hosking, CEO of Redbubble – SPEE3D
  • Meeting with the legendary Bill Bartee of Blackbird Ventures – Data Creative
  • The OneVentures Prize for best potential growth company – meeting and business workshops – Lorica Health
  • The AMP Amplify Award for Best technology Tech23 2016 start-up founded by a woman- $2.5k cash prize awarded to a female entrepreneur – Leonore Ryan, Cardihab
  • Data61 Digital Disruption Award – $5k cash prize – AgriWebb
  • The Audinate Prize – $2.5k plus review/advice from Audinate’s Australian Management team – Myriota
  • The B2B Enterprise Award – Two tickets to attend the Agile Australia 2017 conference – Plutora
  • ATP Innovations – Advanced Technology Award – $2k cash prize with complimentary working space in the ATP Innovations Accelerator Hub, and three mentoring sessions with Petra Andren, CEO, ATP Innovations – SPEE3D
  • MYOB Awards – 1:1 session with a MYOB Executive Leader – Black AI
  • “Launching in the USA” Award from FD Global Connections – 3 hour exclusive consulting engagement – Gruntify
  • Bigtincan Enterprise Mobility Leadership Award – 5 days and 4 nights in Boston, Massachusetts – Black AI
  • Berkeley Advisory Best Commercial Success Award – business consulting session – GeoInteractive
  • Tech23 2016 Innovation Excellence Award – ResApp Health
  • Tech23 2016 Greatest Potential Award – Plutora
  • Tech23 2016 People’s Choice Award – AgriWebb
  • Amazon Web Services Award – $2k of credits, business support for a year plus access to engineers and solution architects – All of the Tech23 companies!


Tech23 “The 23” Companies 2017

Axis Energy

Axis Energy Group is a Queensland-based renewable energy company developing a novel type of ducted vertical axis turbine that has application in both wind energy and marine energy. The company’s technology addresses the shortcomings of other turbines and provides customers with a cost-effective solution to generate power in previously uneconomical low flow sites. Its modular design is an industry first and allows for minimal costs from manufacturing to installation, operation and maintenance. The company has received government grants and international investment. Axis is currently establishing proof of concept sites and will commence manufacturing and sales in 2018.

Bombora Wave Power

Bombora has developed a membrane wave energy converter called the mWave for the global renewable energy market. Resting on the sea floor similar to a fully submerged reef, it is invisible from the shoreline. As ocean waves pass over the mWave the membrane deflects pumping air through a turbine to generate electricity. The mWave is unique among wave energy converters as it simultaneously addresses the cost of energy and ocean wave survivability challenges. The mWave is protected by international patents.


Ecospectral’s BRIM system, developed in the ACT and manufactured in Australia, is a powerful scalable IoT sensing and control platform for buildings and city infrastructure. BRIM shrink-wraps energy use around building occupancy patterns while also delivering functions to benefit safety, comfort, building use intelligence and valuable demand management, maximising the ROI and value of PV, battery and grid supplied energy investments. It is not just a box that reports energy use. We measure occupancy patterns and control energy use according to those patterns in a room-by-room, space-by-space manner giving adaptive fine-grained real-time demand management.


Elula is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced analytics and data visualisation products and services. Our tools empower leaders to make data driven decisions, focus their team on the highest value work, and optimise their workforce, inventory, supply chain, IT infrastructure, and transport networks. This delivers enhanced customer experience, cost savings, and revenue uplift. We are passionate about revolutionising how businesses operate by pioneering the Artificial Intelligence revolution at work and delivering game-changing business outcomes. We are focused on solving complex problems, delivering actionable insights, driving exceptional commercial value and embedding cultural change.


EpiSoft is an innovative digital health company that is punching well above its weight. EpiSoft has developed a platform technology that supports any chronic disease and is proven in cancer, mental health, hepatitis, Crohn’s disease, eye disease and addiction disorders. It provides care coordination and treatment planning in line with best practice evidence in these massive chronic disease markets. EpiSoft has developed a highly scalable and configurable application that will deliver economies of scale to areas of medicine that until now had limited if any software that could meet their need. The software also bridges the information divide between everyday care and cutting edge clinical research.


Today factories consume half of the world’s energy, a quarter of the world’s water and produce three quarters of all solid waste. Our vision is a world where factories can think: identifying opportunities to become more efficient, selecting how to source and use energy dynamically, and are self-regulating. With Factoryone, tomorrow’s factories will produce benefits for the world, without the waste.


Fleet is building the global digital nervous system to power the next industrial revolution. When launched, it will provide free, global connectivity to the more than 75 billion connected devices that will transform industries around the world. Fleet was founded in South Australia in 2015 by aerospace engineers who wanted to solve the issue facing businesses globally over the next decade: how to connect billions of sensors and devices, simply and cheaply. Fleet will launch the first of more than 100 planned nanosatellites in 2018, creating a global, free connectivity network that will plug directly into the millions of digital sensors already beginning to transform industries like agriculture, logistics, and mining and gas.


FluroSat saves a family farmer AUD$100k or 20% in wasted fertilizer annually. The product is best thought of as “satellite guided fertilizer”. FluroSat supplies a farmer with a precise nutrient prescription they feed into a smart tractor. The company uses computer vision and Machine Learning to process hyperspectral imaging data from satellite and drones, to identify nutrient deficiencies at a very granular level. $10B of fertilizer is wasted annually that FluroSat can address. Further to that, greater value to the industry is provided by AI-driven yield prediction models. FluroSat is currently monitoring farms in five states in Australia and in California, USA.

Future Grid

Future Grid is a software company that has developed a platform to convert vast amounts of real-time operational data into mission critical decisions. For example, one client in the electricity sector uses the platform to orchestrate 3 billion data points every day to mitigate the impact of distributed energy resources (e.g. solar) in real-time for 650,000 customers. Using the platform, customers have improved network reliability, improved customer safety and reduced infrastructure cost. Today, cloud solutions centralise data processing. Future Grid’s highly efficient software provides unique server-scale performance at the edge of networks enabling future decentralised data models.


GardenSpace is the world’s first visual garden sensor. Our GardenSpace unit makes growing food at home easy by monitoring, guiding, and automating growing. Home food growing is not a sustainable production method because of modern life styles. Home crops fail because of a lack of time, knowledge, and external threats. We have taken ag-tech solutions and made them low-cost and applicable to home food growers.

Hind Technology

At Hind Technology we design and manufacture robotics control systems that are simpler and affordable to operate. Our vision is to provide advanced robotics controllers for current and future advanced manufacturing industries with clear focus on simplicity and reliability of the design. There is a huge international market and demand for our products with over 95% of sales towards exports. Our controllers have been shipped to over 28 countries.


Littlepay is a fast-growing fintech with a ground-breaking product that’s transforming the way businesses process little payments. Littlepay has created a versatile open loop payments platform which can be adapted to suit a range of industry verticals. With an initial focus on the transit industry, littlepay have deployed their contactless payment solution with several of the UK’s major transport operators – allowing travellers to use their mobile wallet, payment card or wearable device to travel without a second thought.

Modular Photonics

Modular Photonics, a spin out from the laser and photonics research group at Macquarie University, is manufacturing a series of glass chip micro devices that significantly and cost effectively increase data transmission rates and ranges, across multi building campuses. The devices can achieve 100 times increase in data transfer speeds over 10 times the distance, at approximately one tenth the cost of current fibre upgrade options.


Nucleotrace has developed the first product-integrated supply chain monitoring and anti-counterfeiting technology for consumable products. Information such as the batch number, expiry date and manufacturing facility are encoded into fragments of DNA which are incorporated into the product as a non-toxic molecular fingerprint. Nucleotrace technology has the capacity to significantly reduce drug counterfeiting which is responsible for one million deaths and costs the pharmaceuticals industry $100 billion each year.


Pedestal exists to improve online education in object based disciplines. Pedestal does this by making it easy for teachers and students to use 3d representations of objects online. Our 3d media platform helps educators improve and enhance object based learning by reducing issues of access and limited handling and adding advanced tools for analysis through a simple web interface.


Current precision agriculture technology is unaffordable and inappropriate for most farmers in the world. Platfarm turns the smart device the farmer already owns into a mobile navman, enabling them to carry out smarter work on their land in order to maximise yields, whilst optimising the use of inputs. The app has simple tools to create an informed prescription map of where work needs to be carried out. When in the cab, the app tells the operator when to start and stop work. Platfarm earns money through re-occurring premium subscriptions, and transactional revenue share when farmers purchase inputs through the platform.


Presagen has a unique AI platform that allows rapid development and delivery of cloud-based
products in two areas: automation of human behavior and medical diagnostics. Presagen’s automation platform uses Defense technology, leveraging behavioral science and psychology, to automate complex human centric tasks that require human-like reasoning and decision-making, which are difficult to automate using machine or deep learning. Presagen’s medical diagnostics platform uses a range of deep learning and computer vision techniques to analyze medical images, create validated diagnostic models, and deliver the models to end users via a cloud-based delivery tool.


Sofihub is a voice based hub that learns normal behaviours of residents and manages alerts and notifications based on “abnormal” behaviours. It is unique because it doesn’t require residents to wear any pendants or charge any devices and the primary interface is via voice. SofiHub is located with the Telstra backed accelerator Muru-D and is expanding its clinical base to include USA, UK, Singapore and New Zealand.


Computers are good at doing what they’re told, but telling them what to do is tedious. With Syntropy, you train your own personal AI simply by using your computer. It watches you while you work, and without any explicit programming, learns to automate your common tasks and processes, saving you time and increasing your productivity.


Thinxtra is rolling out the first nationwide Internet of Things (IoT) network in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, based on Sigfox technology. This is the missing link – connectivity – between things and platforms. The network will cover 95% of the population by the end of 2017. Beyond managing these IoT networks, Thinxtra is building an ecosystem of partners (IoT platforms, device makers, system integrators, consultants, and researchers) to enable mass deployment of Industrial IoT, to make IoT a reality.


Utillix Pty Ltd has created a Mapping Application for underground utilities and services. The applications concept is based around a real-time visual presentation of underground infrastructure. Utillix can quickly convert out-dated black and white drawings into a user friendly colour-coded, real-time format to mobile phones and tablets. Users can also do their own 2D draw, upload photos & videos, provide geolocation, upload project documentation and make utilities live in real-time.


When used purposefully, technology enhances the education experience. By streamlining certain tasks, teachers can spend more time with children, classrooms can run more efficiently and parents can quickly and easily communicate with teachers. We believe technology can never replace human relationships or experiential, in-person learning. Instead, it is a tool to support the growth of each individual child. Xplor is an end-to-end operating system that allows childcare centres to communicate in real time with the children’s parents by sharing photos, messages and videos while also accepting payments, monitoring data and managing reporting obligations.

Zeppelin Bend

Zeppelin Bend is building a platform to support the development of next generation operational technologies for electricity distribution networks. Our technology is needed for electricity networks to adapt to distributed energy resources and variable renewable energy.


Tech23 “The 23” Companies 2016

The Tech23 in 2016 represent the best in deep-tech innovation in Australia. With founders hailing from TAS to WA – ACT to QLD this truly national line-up will showcase 23 of the most exciting tech start ups in the country:


agAlytics is an agtech start-up based out of the University of Queensland’s Innovation Lab. We are developing sensors utilising lab-on-a-chip technology to manage water and soil nutrients.


Based in Melbourne, Agersens is an agri-tech startup company developing the worlds first virtual shepherd. This IoT system will connect each animal to the internet and enable farmers to fence, move and monitor their livestock using their smartphone or tablet. Called “eShepherd”, this system will enable beef and dairy farmers to automate the grazing control of their animals – enabling farmers to increase scale while cutting costs to improve farm profitability, productivity and sustainability. eShepherd will improve the health and welfare of livestock, provide a wildlife friendly, flood and fire proof method for preventing cattle from polluting rivers, damaging our land through overgrazing.


AgriWebb is an innovative software company transforming the livestock industry. Its founders come from 5 generations of livestock production and want to drive the industry forward through data driven decision-making. Their farm management platform is made up of the AgriWebb Notebook, for easy record keeping in the paddock, and the AgriWebb Portal, which enables customers to make decisions that improve productivity and increase profits.


Airwallex is a financial technology company that offers integrated solutions for personal and business cross-border transactions. Airwallex facilitates international money transfers through a combination of local payment collection, foreign exchange and distribution. Airwallex’s products include an invoicing platform for businesses to create and pay international invoices and a series of APIs that allow e-commerce platforms to process international payments, convert funds at the mid-market rate, manage inventory, and display prices across multiple currencies in real-time. Supported by high profile investors including Gobi Partners and Gravity VC, Airwallex brings extensive experience in the Asia Pacific region to the global multi-currency market.


Making high-quality videos is time-consuming and expensive, so we decided we wanted to create “the world’s simplest video maker”. Biteable is designed to make it fast and easy for any individual or organisation, regardless of video production skills, to create studio-quality videos. The platform is free, but videos have a Biteable watermark so users become an army of brand advocates doing potentially millions of dollars worth of unpaid advertising. Premium users pay a small, annual fee to remove the watermark. We’ve attracted over 600k users in the last year and are now adding >90k new users each month.

Black AI

Black AI has built an artificial intelligence system, Ani, that can watch and understand human behaviour. She automates the direct observation of people movement and flow through environments, detecting interactions and notable events, reporting on them in real time.


Cardihab is a spin out company from the CSIRO. Cardihab provides healthcare organisations with the ability to deliver clinician led, remote chronic disease management and prevention programs. Our first product is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for healthcare providers to deliver postdischarge cardiac rehabilitation to patients remotely, via a patient smartphone app and clinician web portal. This is the world’s first, scientifically validated, way to deliver remote cardiac rehab and it increases patient completion rates by 70%.

Data Creative

The Data Creative platform creates data-driven personalised videos in seconds, that deliver relevant, timely and valuable information to any individual who receives them. Working with a client’s existing communication software and data, Data Creative integrates securely and seamlessly with any database, eliminating the requirement to login or learn a new software package; ultimately providing clients with a competitive edge over market competitors.


Gelion relies on nanostructured gels and is aimed to compete on safety, durability and price. The initial market is storage in buildings – both residential and commercial, the idea being to build houses with batteries inherently included as part of their structure, ready to take advantage of rapidly improving, solar energy technology and also to serve as a buffer for the grid, enabling an ever greater share of renewables to be connected, while grid stability is maintained.With major international investment secured from the UK’s Armstrong Energy, a full commercial demonstration prototype is scheduled for development within four years.


Geointeractive is a specialised geoscientific company building smart mapping devices to help prevent catastrophic failures in underground infrastructure, with a current focus on critical waste and stormwater assets.


Gruntify is an Agile software development startup. It provides enterprise customers with an all-in-one, mobile-to-cloud data management platform in 3 easy steps. 1) Mobile apps for data collection, 2) online data management portal with in-built workflow processes, and 3) data mapping and analytics for streamlined decision-making.


Haventec helps organisations build trust by maintaining their customers’ privacy in every interaction. The Sydney-based company aims to disrupt the global cyber security market with a decentralised approach to authentication. Haventec’s security products target the following markets: identity access management, digital online payments and enterprise network security. Haventec’s portfolio of products includes Authenticate, Secure Wallet and Blockchain Platinum.


Hovermap does for drones what Google does for driverless cars. Hovermap provides software which makes drones safe and easy to use, and allows them be used for a host of new applications. It enables collision avoidance and the ability to fly without GPS so drones can fly safely close to structures, indoors or underground. The onboard intelligence also allows a single operator to supervise a swarm of drones, enabling drone applications to truly scale up. The software, combined with a unique lidar mapping payload allows drones to accurately map the environment even without GPS. This is the result of more than six years of CSIRO research and there is no other solution on the market which provides all these capabilities.

Lorica Health

Lorica Health provides advanced claims analytics software and services to healthcare sector funders, providers and regulators. A specialist team of data scientists, domain experts, clinicians, analysts and engineers develop industry specific solutions which target fraud, abuse and waste, while also making markets that improve the quality and safety of health care.


Myriota has developed a new satellite communications platform to transmit small amounts of data at a very low cost. Myriota’s patented technology has been developed from the ground up to make critical data accessible and affordable. Myriota uses tiny low powered transmitters, small amounts of bandwidth, tiny low earth orbit satellites and clever signal processing software to transmit small amounts of data via satellite at previously unattainable prices.

Ninox Robotics

Ninox Robotics is an Australian owned company whose mission is to enhance productivity within various industries, through increasing automation and improving accessibility to information. Ninox Robotics is able to deploy a UAV team anywhere in Australia and provide clients with various spatial imagery products that can assist their enterprise.


Plutora is a global startup based out of Sydney which develops an innovative platform for enterprises to test and release complex applications.

Point Duty

Point Duty is a software development company that focuses on applications that capture and visualise data from social media networks, peer to peer networks, the dark web and other internet sources. Our products are used by organisations that have an investigative/intelligence arm i.e. defense, intelligence, law enforcement, banking and insurance segments. Our tools are used to combat such crimes as violent extremism, child abuse, fraud as well as the standard crimes investigated by police forces. Point Duty is Tasmania based but have offices in Sydney and Sunshine Coast as well as having recently started Point Duty Inc in the US.

PredictBGL Diabetes

ManageBGL helps people to better manage their medications. While currently focused on diabetes and insulin dosing, ManageBGL can also help with dosing of warfarin and other drugs such as cholesterol drugs.


Rappsio is an all-in-one cloud platform for digital agencies that makes web application development fast, and secure infrastructure simple. Increase productivity by configuring the core of your web application, code only to solve new and interesting problems.

ResApp Health

ResApp is developing digital healthcare solutions to assist doctors and empower patients to diagnose and manage respiratory disease. We are creating easy to use affordable, clinically-validated and regulatory-approved diagnostic tools that only require a smartphone. Our solutions are designed to be easily integrated into existing telehealth solutions and we are also working on apps to provide respiratory disease diagnosis and management directly to consumers and healthcare providers.

Reposit Power

The brainpower in your standard battery is limited, but with Reposit we can make it nothing short of genius. Reposit learns, adapts and predicts your energy usage so you’re getting the most from your solar. What’s more, you’ll save on your energy bills which means, on average, you’ll pay off your battery in half the time. Reposit even sells your power back to the grid when the prices are highest – earning you GridCredits™ and an even lower power bill.


SPEE3D has developed a revolutionary high speed, low cost, flexible digital manufacturing process that can manufacture equivalent parts to casting processes. This new technology is born out of several industries including 3D printing, patented and owned by SPEE3D. The technology will disrupt industries – from mining supply chains through to automotive production lines. SPEE3D is the first to market in taking digital manufacturing into the mainstream casting market.


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