Technology Voucher Program

Up to $250,000 is available to develop new technologies or integrate them into products and processes.

Technology Voucher Program

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The Technology Voucher Program helps companies to develop new technologies or integrate them into products and processes. It provides a voucher that is exchanged for access to facilities, services or expertise provided by other companies or publicly funded organisations (e.g. Universities, CSIRO, the Australian Synchrotron or Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication).

The program specifically targets the development and integration of information and communication technology (ICT), industrial biotechnology and small technologies (nano and micro scale technologies) by businesses. Integrating technology into business processes or products can be an effective way to improve productivity and stay ahead of competitors.



The Technology Voucher Program is primarily designed to support Victorian companies to use technologies – specifically ICT, industrial biotechnology and small technologies – in order to develop more competitive products, processes and services.



Technology Development Voucher

Companies can apply for a maximum of $50,000 under the Technology Development Voucher. This voucher can be used to undertake technology development activities or to test the feasibility of integrating technology into a product or process in conjunction with a technology service provider.

Technology Implementation Voucher

companies can apply for a maximum of $250,000 under the Technology Implementation Voucher.  This voucher can be used to undertake substantial testing or applied development activities to adapt existing technology-based innovations into new practice, industries or markets in conjunction with a technology service provider.

Technology Student Accelerator Voucher

Companies can apply for a maximum of $250,000 under the Technology Implementation Voucher.  This voucher can be used to undertake substantial testing or applied development activities to adapt existing technology-based innovations into new practice, industries or markets in conjunction with a technology service provider.



  • Technology Development Voucher: $50,000 – Closed
  • Technology Implementation Voucher: $250,000 – Closed
  • Technology Student Accelerator Voucher: $10,000 – Closed


Expert Assistance

Writing a good quality grant application is a critical element in the application process. An application needs to be well thought through, written concisely, have clear objectives and purpose, and show clear links to the objectives of the grant guidelines.

The grant application must answer all questions, provide all required information and respond to the merit criteria. It should also reflect your organisation’s business strategy.

Writing a good application takes time and effort, and requires particular writing skills.

Bulletpoint are expert grant consultants and can assist with all aspects of grant preparation.


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Technology Implementation Vouchers

3 companies secure up to $250,000 each to create more competitive products and processes. These highly innovative products will benefit the community and have exciting commercial potential nationally and internationally. The vouchers are designed to assist companies to navigate the early stages of demonstrating the technical viability of projects and scaling up for commercial implementation.

  • Sienna Cancer Diagnostics will work with three groups, including the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, to develop better cancer tests and improve their use of specialised control slides.
  • Nplex will work with Planet Innovation to develop low-cost and high-precision diagnostic tests for infectious diseases.
  • Blamey & Saunders Hearing will work on developing IHearYou Everywhere, a new system which is changing the way people can adjust their hearing aids, with assistance from a blue tooth device.


Technology Development Vouchers

Companies that have recently received a Technology Development voucher are:
  • Keech Castings Australia Pty Ltd – to explore new material grades for increased longevity and performance in mineral mining.
  • Sentient Vision Systems Pty Ltd – to develop a prototype to demonstrate the feasibility of changing their proprietary video processing algorithms from software-based to a small hardware solution.
  • PX Biosolutions Pty Ltd – to assist in the scale-up to manufacture a novel nanoparticular-based vaccine for gynaecological cancers.
  • Victorian Water industry Association Inc (VicWater) – to trial a novel method to identify and measure toxic bacteria in Victorian waters.
  • Boxing Australia Limited – to work on a commercial prototype and supply chain for a specialised sensor vest for Box’Tag® (a modified low-risk form of boxing).
  • Avexa Ltd – to investigate an improved, more cost-effective method for further development of two potential anti-HIV drugs.
  • Involve Audio Pty Ltd – to develop a sleek and consumer attractive design for a new type of loudspeaker that can be easily and cheaply manufactured in Australia.
  • Aquila Diagnostic Systems – to transition their portable diagnostic platform from prototype to volume manufacturing in their first target market of malaria detection and pathogen detection in cattle.
  • Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses Pty Ltd – to use Augmented Reality (AR) technology and camera–integrated interface systems to trigger animations.
  • United Surface Technologies Pty Ltd – to address the further development of new generation coatings for wear and corrosion protection.
  • Advertiles Corporation Pty Ltd – to enable the demonstration of Advertiles (lightweight modular LED tiles), which lower the infrastructure and energy costs of billboard and sign installations.
  • Elektromotive Australia Pty Ltd – to develop a locally-produced power control component to replace components imported from overseas suppliers for use in electric vehicles.
  • Ti2 Pty Ltd – to develop customised wearable sensors for a portable Bio-Impedance reporting Device (BIRD) currently under development.


Companies that have previously received a Technology Development Voucher are:
  • Scientific Technology Pty Ltd (with RMIT) – for applying watermarking to audio files that will detect whether an original file has been tampered with, edited or changed.
  • Lignor Ltd (with Dieffenbacher, Germany) – for the development of cross-laminated strand timber to produce shipping container flooring to an international performance standard.
  • I C One Two Pty Ltd (with Involve Audio Pty Ltd) – to produce a commercial LED camera flash unit.
  • Spuds R Us Pty Ltd (KMH Environmental Engineering) – to trial technology to enable the removal of solids from wastewater using a small technology based membrane.
  • Evado eClincial (with Logical Tech Digital) – to further develop a functional prototype of a new architecture for developing mobile applications.
  • Samaran International Pty Ltd (with Monash University) – to develop a remote monitoring and decision support system, using sensor and communication technologies, for real time data on milk volume and temperature prior to collection.
  • Carbon Revolution Pty Ltd (with Insight Engineering Australia Pty Ltd) – to design and implement a novel system for whole of life tracking of individual components using radio frequency identification (RFID) chips embedded in carbon fibre wheels.
  • UoM Commercial Ltd (with Planet Innovation Pty Ltd) – to enable a working prototype of a unique sound recognition software program for application in security monitoring devices.
  • Computist Bio-Nantech (with Circa Group) – to establish the feasibility of a new method to design novel classes of drugs to treat forms of cancer that are currently resistant to treatment using existing chemotherapies;
  • IMTRAM (with Grey Innovation) – to develop a sensor device to ensure the safety of installation and maintenance workers on railway projects;
  • LPG-Liquid-Inject Limited (with Wingmate) – to develop an extremely fast engine management system for high pressure liquid petroleum gas (LPG) injection in advanced low emission engines;
  • Prana Biotechnology Limited (with Industrial Research Limited) – to investigate scalable manufacturing opportunities using industrial biotechnology;
  • Pitchwise (with The University of Melbourne and Acceleon) – to develop a digital market research tool to enable data-driven decision-making for clients;
  • MBD Energy Limited (with The University of Melbourne) – to test a new industrial waste water remediation technology;
  • Karora Living (with Planet Innovation) – to create an affordable integrated air-conditioning and ventilation system;
  • Truefield Ophthalmic Devices (with Planet Innovation and the University of Melbourne) – to advance its development of a novel ophthalmic device for the detection and management of eye diseases;
  • Invest F1rst Realty (with Newbiz Solutions) – to introduce a fully electronic, interactive bulletin that provides real-time information on land packages;
  • Snugfit Australia (with Swinburne University of Technology) – to carry out design and manufacturing of an ergonomic support system, particularly for sleep apnoea;
  • Smartwood (with RMIT University) – to pilot a technology to generate bioenergy from sawdust;
  • OptoTech (with Swinburne University of Technology) – to develop the next generation of a device for the detection of tumours; and
  • Big Forest (with the University of Melbourne and RMIT University) – to develop a novel visualisation platform that converts data from a variety of sources into a 3D tree.


Technology Implementation Vouchers

The seven projects receiving a total of more than $1.6 million under Round 1 of the Technology Implementation Vouchers are:

  • Micronisers – for pilot scale development of nanostructured additives for plastics.
  • Sapien Technology  – to develop a cloud-enabled livestock weight management system.
  • Universal Biosensors – to develop a device for cardiac marker biosensor development.
  • IntelliMedical Technologies  – to develop and test a steerable micro-guidewire device for use in interventional medical procedures – the IntelliWire.
  • Tasweld Engineering  – to develop advanced software for rapid prototype development for chaotic mixing.
  • ZyGEM – to develop a device for molecular detection for rapid, mobile forensic DNA fingerprinting.
  • Circa Group  – for pilot scale demonstration of the commercial feasibility of manufacture of a new renewable solvent.


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