Timber Recycling Fund

Up to $150,000 is available for projects that reduce the amount of timber going to landfill.

Timber Recycling Fund


Four Victorian businesses are receiving more than $500,000 in funding to increase the recovery and re-use of timber waste.

The successful projects have the potential to recover an additional 27,500 tonnes of timber waste each year. This represents about 10 per cent of the timber waste reportedly going to landfill each year in Victoria.



Australian New Energy – $140,000

ANE currently produces high quality wood biomass pellets for domestic heating, pet litter, boiler fuel and chemical spill domestic markets and industrial fuel export markets. Funding will enable them to purchase and install an automated bagging system and hammer mill which will increase production by up to 10,000 tonnes of waste timber per annum.


D&R Henderson – $135,750

D&R Henderson is the only particleboard manufacturer in Australia who uses recycled waste timber as an input to their product. Currently, they utilise approximately 18,000 tonnes of timber waste per annum. This funding will support them to construct a 475 tonne capacity storage area that will keep the recycled timber input dry and allow for production to be maintained during wet weather. This will support an additional 6,000 tonnes of timber waste to be utilised per annum.


EcoRecyclers – $150,000

EcoRecyclers currently produce a high quality recycled timber briquette for the domestic heating market. This funding will support them to purchase and install a twin shaft shredder, which will increase the efficiency of the briquette production and increase the recovery of demolition waste timber by up to 6,500 tonnes per annum.


Mobius Materials Recovery –  $91,615

MMR provides waste and recycling services to the domestic construction industry. This funding will enable the purchase and installation of a two shaft shredding system, conveyors and hopper feeder to resize MDF waste and timber waste. This project will provide the first MDF recycling service in Victoria, and will recover 11,000 tonnes of timber waste per annum.



Approximately 393,000 tonnes of timber waste is generated each year in Victoria, of which 286,000 tonnes (73%) is sent to landfill. This creates unnecessary waste disposal costs on businesses and is a missed opportunity to gain more value out of the resource.



The Timber Recycling fund will provide up to $550,000 to increase the recovery of timber waste and:

  • improve the consolidation and supply of recycled timber to timber manufacturers
  • increase the production of recycled timber products by Victorian businesses
  • increase onsite energy generation using timber waste.

Funding of between $25,000 to $150,000 will be available to projects that may include, but are not limited to:

  • the development or expansion of facilities for timber waste consolidation that deliver increased recovery and supply efficiencies
  • infrastructure to allow recycled timber to substitute virgin timber in existing engineered wood products
  • new recycled timber product development and testing
  • infrastructure for timber waste to be used to generate heat or electricity on-site.



At this stage there are no plans for a second round of funding to be announced. If you have any questions please contact Jane Street, jane.street@sustainability.vic.gov.au or 03 8656 6709.

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