One of the biggest questions from startup companies is: “what help is available for us out there?” If you’re looking to take your idea or company to the next level, check this list of start-up accelerators in Australia.

Top 10 Accelerators for Start-ups in Australia


Top 10 Accelerators for Start-ups in Australia

Accelerators are cohort-based programs that run for a fixed term. They typically include mentorship and educational components and culminate in an event or demonstration day; and they can be either public or privately funded, focussing on a range of industries.

The application process for accelerators is open to anyone, but can be highly competitive.

Accelerators are a major source of assistance to start-ups, but there can be an overwhelming number of options out there.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 accelerators for start-up companies in Australia, and how they might be able give your business the boost it needs and turn big ideas into a reality.

1. Startmate

This is focussed on Internet-based start-ups that are chasing large markets. It’s a five-month program, the first three of which are in Sydney with the remaining two in San Francisco.

Mentors will help begin the search for a business model to win the first customers. Once the program has concluded, Startmate will still be engaged with shareholders and be of service as needed. Included is a trip to Silicon Valley and introductions to many useful contacts and networks.

Startmate initially invest $75,000 for a 7.5% stake in the start-up.

2. Slingshot

The Slingshot Accelerator program provides seed capital, a 12-week mentor driven program and support to assist start-ups. Here’s what you get:

  • Seed investment and importantly the opportunity for second-round investment from the Slingshot Venture Fund
  • Three-month structured program that provides entrepreneurial education and support
  • An additional three month incubation program focused on driving results
  • An aligned corporate partner provides the opportunity to work with a large, engaged customer base who understands your market
  • Access to investors in Australia and overseas
  • Support, access and infrastructure

3. Ignition Labs

Successful applicants to this accelerator are enrolled in an intensive 3+3 month development program. Businesses will be asked build a plan, validate their technology and business model, and produce a working prototype of their product or service to test with customers.

The program culminates with a road show, where portfolio companies will pitch their health or medical technology business to angel and VC investors in Australia, and the USA or Europe.

Successful applicants will receive a $25,000 investment in return for 7.5% equity.

4. iLab

iLab is a Brisbane-based accelerator that focusses on early-stage tech start-ups. A variety of programs are available for entrepreneurs which includes the Germinate program. This program offers three-months training and mentoring from a diverse range of experts as well as office space and up to $20,000 in funding.

5. BlueChilli

This accelerator is based in Sydney and in Melbourne. Successful applicants attend a two-week validation bootcamp where you’ll be expected to show you’ve identified a real and valuable problem to be solved and why you’re the right start-up to solve it. During the bootcamp, you’ll get assistance to prepare to validate your idea and prepare a pitch presentation help with raising pre-seed investment.

There is an opportunity for pre-seed funding to the value of $25,000.

6. Excelinc

Excelinc matches young entrepreneurs with the knowledge base, skills, team and networks required to build on their ideas and business skills.

Learning to develop practical skills as part of a team, successful applicants will have assistance to build a functioning business and be afforded the opportunity to pitch the business to angel investors and funding bodies.

This accelerator provides the potential to secure $20,000 in seed funding for start-up businesses.

7. Mktplace Ventures

Investing in early stage start-ups, usually at seed or pre-seed stage, this accelerator welcomes any applicant, from any segment, with any idea or business. Start-ups will be provided with the space, skills, advice and time for success.

Based in South Melbourne, Mktplace Ventures has a well-established system enabling investment in start-up companies. On-site and in-house support for financial, legal, technology and marketing support is provided.

8. York Butter Factory

York Butter Factory is an accelerator based in Melbourne primarily assisting start-up businesses in digital media and web 2.0 companies.

Resources sharing and collaboration along with the provision constructive criticism and feedback underpin the culture of collaboration afforded to start-ups successful in their applications for assistance.

Opportunities to access funding are provided through the tech-focussed Venture Capital fund.

9. Founder Institute

The Perth chapter of this Silicone Valley accelerator targets start-ups identified as having the potential to create meaningful and enduring technology.

Successful applicants will receive mentoring from local and global experts in their field. They will participate in a four month idea-stage accelerator program and global launch network. It is a comprehensive, step-by-step program designed to provide your start-up company with the support needed to be an enduring success.

10. Gen Innovation Australia (GENIAUS)

This is a collaborative workspace for young entrepreneurs who want to build innovative start-ups. Companies are provided with office space in a resource-rich environment. A commercialisation program is available to help turn the start-up idea in to an investor-ready, sustainable venture.