Translational Research Grants Scheme

What is the Translational Research Grants Scheme?

The Translational Research Grants Scheme is a program that provides grants to staff employed within local health districts, specialty health networks, NSW Ambulance and NSW Health Pathology. The Scheme is designed to build research capability and accelerate evidence translation within the NSW public health system.



The Translational Research Grants Scheme offers grants to facilitate high impact research that will translate into better patient outcomes, health service delivery and population health and wellbeing, and build research capability within NSW Health.

The Translational Research Grants Scheme funding is available to staff within NSW LHDs, SHNs, NSW Ambulance, and NSW Health Pathology, including medical staff, nursing staff, allied health professionals and population health practitioners.

The following changes have been made for round 6.

  • A local consultation process to determine the need or evidence gap, research question, methodology, and outcomes is required.
  • Engagement with relevant policy branches to ensure alignment with statewide strategy and processes must be documented in the Expression of Interest (EOI).
  • A maximum budget of $500,000 is permitted. Service delivery costs for the research will not be funded, and it is expected that each research project develops and tests a low cost and sustainable process for delivering the intervention.
  • The maximum number of EOIs able to be submitted by a host organisation is five, however an additional EOI may be submitted if the sixth EOI is focused on rural/remote or Aboriginal Health.
  • Host organisations are encouraged to partner with an administering organisation that can manage funds across financial years.



The objectives of the Translational Research Grants Scheme are to:

  • Foster the generation of high-quality research that is directly relevant to clinical, health service and population health practice in NSW.
  • Support projects that have the potential to be translated into policy and practice. Translational Research Grants Scheme supports:
    • research that is translatable; that is, research that can be generalised and scaled across other LHDs/ SHNs across the state
    • translation research; that is, implementation science projects that examine how to more effectively apply best practice in models of care.
  • Reduce the time from evidence generation to practice implementation.
  • Enhance health and  medical research capability and capacity within the NSW health system.



The project must be conducted in NSW, within a Local Health District (LHD), Specialty Health Network (SHN), NSW Ambulance, or NSW Health Pathology

The Host Organisation for the project must be a LHD, SHN, NSW Ambulance or NSW Health.Pathology.

Host organisations that cannot manage funds across financial years are encouraged tobpartner with an Administering Organisation. Funds will be paid to this administeringborganisation.

The project cannot be specific to one site only,bunless justified because it is a proof of conceptbstudy. Projects involving collaborations acrossbmultiple sites within an LHD, or between onebor more LHD/SHN or NSW Ambulance/NSWbHealth Pathology will generally be prioritised.

Host Organisations must provide financial and in-kind support for the research and translation activities

The Chief Executive of the Host Organisation must certify that the project findings will be implemented if the results are positive.

Applicants may include:

  • medical staff
  • nursing staff
  • allied health professionals
  • population health practitioners



Applications for Round 6 close 22 October 2021.


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