Transport Assistance

Up to $20,000 is available from Transport Assistance to help transport stock or fodder in emergencies such as declared natural disasters or droughts.

Transport Assistance

Transport Assistance

Transport Assistance provides support in three areas:

  • Natural disasters – assistance with the cost of transporting stock or fodder/water following a declared natural disaster.
  • Animal welfare – help with the cost of transporting stock where there is significant risk to animal welfare.
  • Donated fodder – help with the cost of transporting donated fodder from within NSW to drought affected properties.



The following funding is available:

  • Natural disasters – up to $15,000 is available.
  • Animal welfare – up to $20,000 is available.
  • Donated fodder – up to approximately $7,500 is available.


Eligible Projects

Eligible costs that can be subsidised include:

  • transport of fodder for stock (including bees) to properties
  • transporting of stock (including bees) to agistment
  • returning stock (including bees) from agistment
  • transport of stock to sale or slaughter
  • transport of domestic water
  • transport of stock drinking water.


Eligible Applicants

To be eligible, you must be a primary producer that:

  • has a right or interest in the land used for a farm enterprise
  • be registered with the Australian Taxation Office as a primary producer
  • has an ABN
  • has your primary production business located within an area that has been defined in the list of Declared Natural Disasters on the NSW Rural Assistance Authority website.



Applications must be made during the six month period following a natural disaster declaration.


More Information

  • Source
  • Natural Disaster Scheme Information & Guidelines
  • Natural Disaster FAQs
  • Animal Welfare Scheme Information & Guidelines
  • Animal Welfare FAQs
  • Donated Fodder Scheme Information & Guidelines
  • Donated Fodder FAQs

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