Urban Forest Fund

Up to $500,000 is available from the Urban Forest Fund to support new greening projects that will help accelerate greening across the city of Melbourne.

Urban Forest Fund

Melbourne’s Urban Forest Fund

The Urban Forest Fund provides financial support to new greening projects on private property, such as gardens, tree planting, vertical greening or green roofs.



The City of Melbourne has a number of strategies and programs in place to increase the quantity and quality of green space in the city. The city is working to double the tree canopy cover, increase the amount of open space, green the iconic laneways, improve biodiversity and enhance the urban ecosystems.

While these programs are making an impact on Melbourne’s public realm, widespread greening across all areas of the city will lead to much better environmental, social and economic outcomes. Approximately 75 per cent of the land within the City of Melbourne municipal area is privately owned or managed, so there is huge potential for the private realm to contribute more towards greening the city.



The Urban Forest Fund aims to build partnerships between government and the private sector to deliver additional
greening above and beyond existing Council capital works investment. Melbourne is a truly liveable city and they  want to collaborate across the community to make the city even better.



The Urban Forest Fund provides matched funding grants for greening projects, where we will match successful applicant’s investment dollar-for-dollar. In 2018, we are offering grants from $25,000 to $500,000. This means the minimum total project value must be at least $50,000, with $25,000 contributed by the applicant and $25,000 committed by the Urban Forest Fund.

The maximum grant amount available is $500,000, which would require a minimum investment of $500,000 by the applicant. If the total project cost is greater than $1 million, the Urban Forest Fund will offer no more than  $500,000 and the remainder must be funded by the applicant.



The Urban Forest Fund grants will co-fund the cost of greening and associated necessary works. You are required to submit either a formal itemised quote or costing from a licensed Quantity Surveyor as part of the application. Projects costs that do not directly relate to the greening project must not be included in the request for funds. Some associated projects costs may be included, such as design and project management, but this should not exceed more than 10 percent of the total project cost.

The majority of the funding request should be allocated towards greening outcomes. Applications will be considered with respect to ‘value for money’, so projects that deliver maximum quantity of vegetation for the cost will be more likely to score well.

The Urban Forest Fund will support a wide range of projects, including:

  • tree planting
  • green roofs, walls and facades
  • creation of new green spaces
  • vegetation cover to increase biodiversity
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design
  • improvements to below-ground soil conditions to support healthy vegetation.



Applications close 22 October 2018.


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