VicHealth Innovation Research Grant

Up to $200,000 is available to support research projects that can benefit Victorians’ health.

VicHealth Innovation Research Grant


The VicHealth Innovation Research Grant provides an opportunity for research teams to trial an innovative idea, research a new concept or methodology, or to develop better supporting evidence relevant to the theory, policy and practice of health promotion.



VicHealth is a pioneer in health promotion. The primary focus of VicHealth is promoting good health and preventing chronic disease.

Health promotion is a powerful, cost-effective and efficient way to maintain a healthier community. It enables people to increase control over and improve their health. Rather than focusing on people at risk for specific diseases, health promotion involves the population as a whole in the context of their everyday lives. Activities are geared toward promoting health and preventing ill-health.

The VicHealth Innovation Research Grant funds researchers to undertake a two-year research project addressing specific research priorities related to the VicHealth Action Agenda for Health Promotion.



The VicHealth Innovation Research Grant aims to support the development of new knowledge and approaches related to our five strategic imperatives – health eating, physical activity, tobacco, alcohol and mental wellbeing.



VicHealth will provide up to $200,000 cash per project over two years. In this round, at least two (2) projects will be funded. Expenditure must be justified in Stage 2 and VicHealth reserves the right to negotiate with successful applicants in relation to their requested funds. Funding and projects are expected to commence in April/May 2017.


Eligible Projects

To be considered for funding:

  • Projects MUST contribute to the evidence base for achievement of at least one of the five VicHealth strategic imperatives, particularly the three year priorities and ten year goals.
  • Projects MUST address one of the VicHealth research priorities
  • Projects MUST also be aligned with VicHealth’s health promotion and operational models. Projects focusing upon disease treatment or management will not be considered.

To be considered for funding, projects MUST address one of the priorities outlined below:

  • Healthy eating
  • Physical activity
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Health promotion


Eligible Applicants

The VicHealth Innovation Research Grant is open to researchers based at Australian not-for-profit organisations such as universities, research centres, government or non-government organisations. The researcher may work in partnership with community organisations.

The research must be conducted in Victoria, about Victorians, although the administering organisation can be based interstate.



Applications close 14 October 2016.


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