Victoria Law Foundation Knowledge Grants

What is the Victoria Law Foundation Knowledge Grants?

The Victoria Law Foundation Knowledge Grants is a program to help organisations build their research capacity and gain a better understanding of the legal needs of the community. It will fund projects to collect, collate and/or analyse new or existing data and information to explore a civil legal issue, for example tenancy, consumer issues, infringements.



Up to $50,000 is available to build capacity in research and data collection through investigation into a civil legal topic.


Eligible Projects

The Victoria Law Foundation Knowledge Grants support community legal organisations to develop data and information systems and processes to investigate important community legal issues.

Priority will be given to projects that:

  • develop a new understanding of the legal needs of Victorians through collection of data and information
  • improve capability of the organisation to collect, analyse and use data and information about particular audiences
  • share information with other organisations or agencies which results in a better understanding of the target group and ways to address need effectively.

Budget items will depend on your project methodology. Some of the items that you can apply for include:

  • courses or training for staff e.g. focus group facilitation, data analysis
  • consultant fees e.g. evaluation
  • software e.g. data management systems
  • project coordination (salary)

Generally, the grant will not fund:

  • studies to obtain a degree or diploma
  • government organisations with the exception of independent statutory bodies
  • recurrent or core operational costs
  • purchase of major items of equipment
  • international travel costs
  • commercial or profit-making activities
  • litigation of any kind
  • projects that primarily support political activity and lobbying
  • costs incurred prior to grant approval
  • grant applications previously deemed unsuccessful by the foundation unless invited to reapply.


Eligible Applicants

The Victoria Law Foundation Knowledge Grant applications are open to community legal centres and not-for-profit community organisations.

The grant will only fund organisations – individuals are not able to apply.

Research organisations may not apply on their own, however, may like to partner with a community legal organisation to provide guidance and advice to undertake a research project.



Applications close 24 August 2020.


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