Up to $50,000 is available from Victoria Law Foundation to help Victorians understand the law and use it to improve their lives.


Victoria Law Foundation

Victoria Law Foundation is an independent not-for-profit sharing information and ideas to help Victorians understand the law and the legal system.



Thousands of Victorians benefit each year from the legal projects that Victoria Law Foundation fund through their Grants Program.

The projects they support help Victorians to understand the law and use it to improve their lives. Victoria Law Foundation are drawn to grant projects that have a connection to their own work – legal projects that reach out to the community, that engage Victorians with the law or that provide better legal information.

Victoria Law Foundation Grants Program focuses on a particular theme each year. In 2017/18, their priority will be on supporting projects that help Victorians understand the law. They will offer funding for diverse legal projects including research, service delivery, development of legal resources or community education.



The Victoria Law Foundation’s functions are contained in section five of the Victoria Law Foundation Act 2009. They are:

  • to promote or undertake community education within Victoria, including school programs, in relation to the law and the legal system;
  • to disseminate knowledge relating to the law to assist persons in accessing the law and to educate lawyers in matters relating to the administration of justice and access to the law;
  • to commission research, and disseminate such research in relation to: (i) access to the law; (ii) identifying the needs of persons who are unable to access, or face barriers in accessing, the law effectively; (iii) community and professional education about the law and the legal system; (iv) the administration of justice;
  • to make grants to organisations to fund projects and programs in relation to the law that in the opinion of the Foundation are likely to benefit the people of Victoria;
  • to inform the people of Victoria about matters in relation to the law that are in the public interest;
  • to publish or subsidise the publication of material relating to, resulting from or connected with, carrying out the functions of the Victoria Law Foundation.



General Grants awarded are between $20,000 and $50,000 and you can also apply for Small Grants of up to $3000 (excl. GST)


Eligible Projects

One of the factors the foundation considers when assessing grant applications is how a grant application sits within the foundation’s guiding principles.

Generally the Victoria Law Foundation will fund:

  • innovation and practicality — ideas that translate into sustainable, practical solutions
  • partnerships and collaborations — which build expertise and learning
  • multi-purpose — to realise a number of the foundation’s statutory functions
  • fostering networks — within and between the legal sector and the community
  • significant impact — measured either by the size of the audience or by the depth of impact
  • for a small target group
  • efficient use of resources — doing ‘more with less’
  • accountability and evaluation — of processes and outcomes
  • balancing short and long-term outcomes — necessary one-off, moment-in-time projects coupled with projects that can make a lasting contribution
  • leadership in public benefit best practice
  • the ‘but for’ test — essential work which ‘but for’ the foundation cannot, or would not, be undertaken


Eligible Applicants

Any organisation can apply for a Victoria Law Foundation grant. Applications from individuals are not accepted.



General Grants application closes 27 August 2018 and Small Grants will be available until June 2019 or until the funding is exhausted.


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