Victoria Salt Reduction Innovative Grants

Up to $25,000 is available from the Victoria Salt Reduction Innovative Grants to achieve salt and sodium reductions to Victoria’s processed food industry.


Victoria Salt Reduction Innovative Grants

FIAL & Victoria Health are committed to making a difference in consumer lives. As such they are offering businesses grants for production concerns or innovative ideas in ways to reduce this. They are so committed in supporting those businesses. they will connect you with a “grant application expert” to help apply for the grant, provide the funds for your idea and also provide you with leading scientists and researchers in order to help your business.



The Victoria Salt Reduction Innovative Grants will provide one for one matched cash contribution up to a maximum of $25,000 for eligible applicants.

You can submit an application if you are currently receiving levy contributions from an RDC for the project, however this funding cannot form part of the matched cash contribution towards the project. The maximum total project funding is $50,000 i.e. $25,000 from the VSRIG and $25,000 from the applicant company. Applications that provide additional funding are eligible, however VSRIG can only match up to a maximum of $25,000 cash. The minimum total project co-funding is $5000 for a total project amount of $10,000.


Eligible Projects

Eligible projects must:

  • Demonstrate a clear technical challenge that is not able to be solved with the internal capabilities of the applicant organisation.
  • Have a salt reduction objective, but can also include other opportunities for improving the health position of a
  • Be able to demonstrate the clear path to market as a result of solving the technical challenge. A commercialisation plan must be included in the application.
  • Clearly demonstrate the consumer insight which is influencing the market demand.
  • Ensure internal training to up-skill staff as required.
  • Benefit the Victorian food supply. Companies with processing capability in addition to Victorian manufacturing
    must show how their project will benefit Victoria.
  • Be completed within one year of the date of funding.


Eligible Applicants

Eligible companies must:

  • Be based in Victoria or have a substantial operating footprint in Victoria with a registered ABN/ACN
  • Have more than one year of commercial sales prior to the EOI submission date.
  • Already be in the market as food, beverage or agribusiness producers, or suppliers to the agribusiness chain
  • Not be a university or research organisation
  • Not be a Rural Development Corporation or Subsidiary

Applications from consortiums of more than one commercial organisation are welcomed.



Applications open on an ongoing basis.


Media Release

Australia’s first salt reformulation guide for food manufacturers will be launched today by the Heart Foundation and VicHealth to help reduce the high salt intake in Australian diets.

A recent consumer study found 47 per cent of people surveyed were very concerned about the amount of salt in food and a whopping 90 per cent knew that salt was bad for their health.

Reformulation Readiness: A best practice guide to salt reduction for Australia food manufacturers supports reduction of salt (sodium) in processed and packaged products. It guides manufacturers through the reformulation process with information on checking nutritional composition, completing competitor benchmarking, establishing salt targets and timeframes, product improvement and testing.

Leading nutritionist, reformulation expert and guide author, Vanessa Clarkson, said this new guide is particularly useful for small-to-medium food manufacturers.

“The food industry is constantly evolving to meet consumer demand, which increasingly is calling out for healthier choices,” Ms Clarkson said.

“Food manufacturers looking to reduce salt in their products will find this guide a useful starting point for their reformulation journey. By working collectively and over time to reduce salt in the food supply, consumers’ palates will adapt to lower amounts and together we can have a big impact on public health.”

Heart Foundation CEO Victoria Kellie-Ann Jolly welcomed the guide as timely with the Federal Government’s work to develop voluntary salt reformulation targets nearing finalisation.

“Our Reformulation Readiness guide provides a handy roadmap for Australia’s food manufacturers to embark on their salt reformulation journey. As we approach the Federal election, we encourage the incoming Government to announce voluntary salt targets in the near future,” Ms Jolly said.

“Excess salt consumption can lead to high blood pressure, yet Australians are consuming nearly double the recommended daily salt intake of less than a teaspoon. One in three Australians suffer high blood pressure, which puts them at risk for heart attack, stroke and kidney disease.

“The biggest contributor of salt in our diets is through processed and packaged foods, so it’s easy for people to consume too much salt without realising it.

“Through our Unpack the Salt campaign we’ve sought to educate consumers while working with manufacturers and the Federal Government to adopt a population-wide approach to reducing salt in processed food and setting voluntary targets in key food categories.”

VicHealth Acting CEO Dr Lyn Roberts AO said salt reformulation strategies are a “best buy” for improving Australia’s health.
“Australian manufacturers are making some progress with salt reduction but overall we are lagging.

The UK has one of the lowest salt intakes of any developed country and this has been achieved through a robust and effective reformulation program,” Dr Roberts said.
“They have seen a 15 per cent reduction in the average population salt intake across a decade.

Estimates suggest this has prevented more than 9000 premature deaths a year.

“It’s time to get reformulation ready and reduce salt in processed foods. We know consumers’ taste preferences for salt are heavily influenced by the saltiness of our food supply.

“This guide is about supporting food manufacturers to work towards voluntary salt targets, backed by strong Government leadership.
“The responsibility doesn’t just rest with the food industry alone, we need to work together – government, food manufacturers, public health bodies – to reduce salt in our food supply.”

Food manufacturers can find salt reformulation information and resources including Victoria Salt Reduction Innovative Grants up to $25,000 which are currently open and available for small-to-medium food manufacturers to apply. Visit


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