Victorian Land Systems Fund – Supply Chain Uplift Program

Victorian Land Systems Fund – Supply Chain Uplift Program

What is Victorian Land Systems Fund – Supply Chain Uplift Program?

The Victorian Land Systems Fund – Supply Chain Uplift Program provides up to $100,000 to Victorian defence industry businesses to enhance their capabilities, enabling them to join Hanwha Defense Australia’s supply chain for major Australian Government defence projects.



The Victorian Land Systems Fund – Supply Chain Uplift Program assists small and medium-sized businesses in Victoria to enhance their capabilities, enabling them to participate in Hanwha Defense Australia’s supply chain for significant defence projects. This initiative aims to increase Victoria’s contribution to national defence efforts, fostering innovation, job creation, and economic growth through the adoption of new technologies and processes. By providing support for necessary accreditations, tender preparation, and the development of defence-related products and services, the program is designed to bolster Victoria’s defence manufacturing sector, ensuring local businesses can achieve international competitiveness and sustainability in the long term.



The objectives of the Victorian Land Systems Fund – Supply Chain Uplift Program are to:

  • Enhance the capabilities of Victorian businesses, enabling them to participate effectively in Hanwha Defense Australia’s supply chain for significant defence projects.
  • Promote innovation and technological advancement within the Victorian defence sector, supporting the development of new and enhanced defence-related products and services.
  • Foster economic growth and job creation in Victoria by supporting businesses to gain relevant accreditations, prepare tenders, and undertake minor facilities upgrades.
  • Strengthen Victoria’s role in national defence efforts by encouraging local businesses to contribute to the Australian Government’s Land 8116 Self-Propelled Howitzer and Land 400 Phase 3 – Infantry Fighting Vehicle programs.
  • Support Victorian businesses in pursuing collaboration and export opportunities, contributing to the global competitiveness of the state’s defence industry.


Eligible Entities

Eligible entities for the Victorian Land Systems Fund – Supply Chain Uplift Program are:

  • Businesses registered on Hanwha’s BenchOn portal for application to this program.
  • Legal entities with an operational business presence in Victoria.
  • Entities that submit applications for activities directly linked to their Victorian business operations.
  • Businesses with an Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Entities able to meet the required cash co-contribution ($1 for every $1 provided).
  • Businesses that comply with all workplace health and safety obligations and meet all industrial relations obligations as an employer in Victoria.
  • While preference is given to small and mid-size enterprises, companies with more than 200 employees may apply and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Eligible Expenditure

The eligible activities for the Victorian Land Systems Fund – Supply Chain Uplift Program include:

  • Business Systems and Process Certifications: Funding for activities associated with achieving certifications relevant to the defence or national security industries, such as ISO 9001, AS 9100, and Nadcap. Grants cover the cost of external audits required for certification but not for surveillance or re-certification audits.
  • Tender Response Assistance: Grants to support Victorian SMEs in preparing tenders, including hiring consultants for writing tenders, tender writing training, or third-party product testing to meet tender specifications.
  • Industry Specific Compliance Requirements: Funding to help Victorian SMEs meet compliance requirements like ITAR, DISP, and other relevant cyber or security standards.
  • Supply Chain Collaboration Activities: Grants to facilitate introductions and collaboration with Hanwha’s global and South Korean supply chain partners, and to assist Victorian companies in entering Hanwha’s global supply chains.
  • Development of Defence R&D and Technology Transfer Activities: Supports collaboration on defence R&D and intellectual property transfer opportunities.
  • Product Development: Funding for investments in product design and customisation, including tooling, testing, materials purchase, and prototype development.



Eligible Victorian businesses can apply for grants between $2,000 and $100,000 with matched funding on a 1:1 basis.

Eligible Activities

Eligible expenditure for the Victorian Land Systems Fund – Supply Chain Uplift Program includes:

  • Fee-for-service and Related Costs
  • Minor Building Alterations and Fit-outs.
  • External Audits
  • Software Development and Purchase
  • Equipment Purchase and Installation
  • Trade Missions
  • Defence R&D Activity and Intellectual Property Transfer
  • Product Development


How to get Victorian Land Systems Fund – Supply Chain Uplift Program 

In order to get Victorian Land Systems Fund – Supply Chain Uplift Program you will need to focus on: 

  • Direct Engagement with Hanwha: Demonstrate how your project will directly support and engage with Hanwha’s domestic and/or global supply chain.
  • Benefit to Victoria: Show the potential of your project to generate contracts, develop new capabilities, create jobs, and foster partnerships with overseas manufacturers.
  • Project Delivery Capacity: Provide evidence of your organisation’s ability to deliver the project, including past experience and team capability.
  • Government Support Justification: Argue the necessity for government support, emphasising how the grant will enhance the project’s quality, scale, or timing.
  • Export Potential: Highlight how your project could lead to Victorian export opportunities, particularly in the defence sector.
  • Economic Impact: Explain the project’s potential to attract additional business within and beyond Hanwha’s supply chain.
  • Intellectual Property Contribution: Detail any intellectual property transfer or collaborative R&D opportunities with Hanwha that your project might facilitate.
  • Socioeconomic Benefits: Mention if the project will occur in socioeconomic disadvantaged areas or will employ disadvantaged workers.
  • New and Skilled Jobs: Quantify the new jobs created in Victoria and how existing employees will transition to higher value roles.
  • SME Focus: While companies of all sizes can apply, make a strong case if you’re an SME, as preference is given to smaller enterprises.


The closing date for the Victorian Land Systems Fund – Supply Chain Uplift Program is 30 June 2024.

More information


Round 1 Recipient

APV Corporation’s initiative, backed by the Victorian Land Systems Fund, is to engineer a specialised military seatbelt that combines enhanced durability, swift egress, and compatibility with gear. This seatbelt, designed for extreme conditions, features quick-release systems, ensuring safety without sacrificing mobility or comfort. Adjustable to fit diverse body sizes, it caters specifically to the rigorous demands of military use, bolstering operational efficiency and safeguarding personnel.

Hannagan Solutions is advancing the development of specialised textiles for military use, aiming to improve protection and camouflage for vehicles and personnel. These innovative fabrics are designed to be durable, stealthy, and adaptable to various environments, offering enhanced concealment and protection. With the support of the Victorian Land Systems Fund, this project will leverage cutting-edge material science to meet tactical requirements, ensuring superior protection and reduced visibility in a range of operational settings.

Australian Precision Technologies is elevating its cybersecurity efforts to protect operations and data from increasing cyber threats. By investing in advanced digital security measures, the company aims to fortify its technological infrastructure against cyber attacks, ensuring the safety and integrity of its data. The Victorian Land Systems Fund will support this vital project, providing the necessary resources to implement state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions. This assistance is crucial for maintaining operational excellence and upholding client trust in a digitally dependent era.

Redline Engineering is set to enhance its cybersecurity systems, prioritising the safeguarding of its operations and sensitive data. With support from the Victorian Land Systems Fund, this project aims to implement advanced digital security measures, counter cyber threats effectively, and ensure robust protection of technological assets. This strategic upgrade, backed by the fund, is essential for bolstering Redline Engineering’s resilience against cyber attacks and maintaining its competitive edge in the industry.

Diamond Defence is embarking on introducing a new quality management system to elevate its operational excellence and compliance with industry standards. Supported by the Victorian Land Systems Fund, this initiative aims to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and meet stringent defence sector requirements. The fund’s contribution will facilitate the adoption of cutting-edge practices and technologies, ensuring Diamond Defence remains at the forefront of quality assurance in the defence industry.

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