Water and Energy $avings Program

EPA Victoria’s Water and Energy $avings Program supports investigations or feasibility studies that are focused on reducing the use of potable water and energy in industrial processes.  Government grants are available for projects upon EPA approval, via an application process.

The projects carried out through the Water and Energy $avings Program are tailored to industry needs to achieve the best possible savings.  Generally, projects are completed by consultants with industry specific and resource efficiency expertise and managed by the Water and Energy $avings team.

Resource efficiency means getting the most out of what you have by using resources such as water and energy more efficiently.  This can benefit your company in reducing operating costs, the amount of materials used and waste generated, as well as reducing your impact on the environment.

The business opportunities presented through our Water and Energy $avings Program projects will assist your company to achieve environmental benefits and direct cost savings in a short timeframe.

Who can apply?

The program is set up to support Industry across Victoria.  Any company that has a processing site in Victoria can apply. Companies that are in Victorian Government regulatory programs, such as EREP, WaterMap and EEO, are also eligible. However, financial assistance is not available for a project as part of compliance activity. Currently the application process is open door, so there is no closing date.

What can be funded?

Government grants are available for projects related to:

  • Investigation of potential process efficiencies; and
  • Feasibility and/or business case development.

What can’t be funded?

Government grants will not be available for Water and Energy $avings Program projects related to:

  • Compliance activities;
  • Capital works projects; and
  • Retrospective activities.

How much funding is there?

The price of a Water and Energy $avings Program feasibility study that investigates process improvements can range between $15,000 and $50,000 depending on the project scope and depth of investigation.  A project generally involves tendering for an external consultant.

Generally, the successful applicant is expected to match the government grant that EPA puts towards the project.  After the completion of the project there is an expectation that the company will implement identified actions and demonstrate their benefits to industry.

Case Studies

Previous funded Water and Energy $avings Program are described below.

Project FocusCompanyDescriptionDownload the case study document
Bluescope Steel
Western Port site
BlueScope Steel employees identify more than 100 energy saving ideas for evaluation by the Energy Team.Energy team find significant
savings at western portt plant.(PDF file, 166KB)
Bluescope Steel
Western Port site
A continuous improvement approach to waste management provides significant prescribed industrial waste reductions and savings.Perseverance pays off

(PDF file, 210KB)

Carter Holt Harvey
Awareness of energy cost, rigorous procurement processes and energy monitoring have contributed to savings for Carter Holt Harvey’s plant in Myrtleford.Continuous improvements
provide savings(PDF file, 185KB)
Ford Australia
While optimising energy efficiency has been an ongoing activity for Ford across all of its Australian sites since the early 1990s, recent results from the Broadmeadows plant have been notable.Optimising energy
efficiency since
the 1990s(PDF file, 196KB)
Godfrey Hirst
South Geelong
In pursuit of environmental excellence beyond their already impressive track record in water management Godfrey Hirst now tackles energy efficiency.Rewarded by commitment and technical sophistication

(PDF file, 176KB)

We are specialists in preparing and winning government grants. If you require assistance with a government grant application please contact us to discuss further.

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