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The Queensland Government and the Australian Industry Group were offering small to medium sized Queensland businesses another opportunity to turn their big ideas. They were looking for projects that will assist your firm to develop a new product, process, system or business model that will create a big impact.


Eligible Applicants

Queensland-based small to medium sized businesses employing less than 200 employees may apply. Businesses must be registered and operating in Queensland, have an ABN and be registered for GST.

Not for profit organisations are eligible to apply for this program as long as they are registered and operating in Queensland, have an ABN and are registered for GST.


Eligible Projects

Funds can be used for the following:

  • new product/process development
  • new business model development
  • new service delivery or customer interface
  • new service development
  • access to skills and research expertise
  • transfer knowledge of a scientific, technical or innovative nature that is new to the enterprise
  • costs associated with securing intellectual property rights.

Note: Applicants must either own the Intellectual Property (IP) or have obtained the necessary consents to use the IP in relation to the project. Applicants must also ensure that they are not party to any agreements which conflict with the right to use the IP (e.g. confidentiality agreements)


Assessment criteria

Projects will be judged by a panel of industry experts. The Judges will base their decision on:

  • the impact of the proposal e.g. financial, employment, spill over benefits
  • the capacity of the business to manage the implementation of the new idea
  • how innovative the idea is – whether the idea is cutting edge, new to the world, new to the industry or new to the business.


 Need Funding For Your Idea?
Call 1300 658 508


Tips for Writing Proposals

  • Include details of any intellectual property related to your idea such as ownership, patent applications, licences or consents.
  • Outline how innovative your idea is – is this a new idea for your business, for your industry? Check to see if someone else has used this idea before and outline what checks you have undertaken. (If a similar idea or product is found in the public domain e.g. on the internet, your idea may not be innovative unless you can demonstrate it is significantly different).
  • Outline the potential impact of your idea – the likely financial returns; other benefits and how you have come up with these figures.
  • Outline your ability to deliver on this project – your business plan. How you have worked out likely costs and timeframes; the expertise of your firm to complete the project; if you are partnering with any project partners providing outside expertise; similar projects of this size that you have implemented in the past.
  • Include a timeline showing how you will implement the idea over a 12 month period.
  • You should also address your financial capacity to complete the project successfully.
  • You may be requested to provide additional financial or promotional information during the assessment process.

Round 1 Winners

Development of an Underground Emergency Mine Rescue Beacon

Blast Movement Technologies – DARRA –

The goal of our new idea is to directly improve the human aspects of mining by increasing the likelihood of being rescued in the unfortunate event of an underground mining accident – such as the recent Pike River disaster and earlier collapse at the San José Mine in Chile.

Coral Sunscreen Project

Coral Sunscreens Pty Ltd – AITKENVALE –

In 2008, we started investigating the potential for an innovative new sunscreen agent for our Larissa Bright Australia natural skincare range. We were looking for a compound that is organic, inspired by nature and safe to use. Through extensive research, we discovered a UV light absorbing compound derived from the North Queensland region that offers superior features, compared to currently available sunscreens that utilise metals (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) in combination with nanotechnology.

Bush Fire Resistant Transportable Buildings

Cox Architects Pty Ltd – WINDSOR –

To achieve a design criteria solution that opens the way to improving the quality of transportable buildings and expands the locations where they can be built safely.  Transportable buildings need not be temporary.  They could provide permanent solutions to remote areas as well as providing solutions to mining, rural and even urban communities.

The Cullector

Cullin Innovation Pty Ltd – CLIFTON BEACH –

There are 20 million showers taken each day in Australia alone. If every shower had a Cullector™ fitted we would save in excess of 200 megalitres of fresh drinking water per day or 73 gigalitres per annum. This saving also eliminates the need to treat the same volume as grey water and is additional to any savings made by flow restricting showerheads.


Energy Innovations Pty Ltd – CAIRNS –

Polepower is a world-first application of solar technology which turns ubiquitous power poles into micro power stations. By feeding electricity into the network at every pole, a large amount of clean, green electricity can be generated without having to access large amounts of real estate or roof space on buildings.

Social Commerce Platform

Follow Lucid Media – NEW FARM –

This platform will not only allow for the monetisation of businesses’ online followings but will also deliver a true conversation between customers, industry and opinion leaders. It’s not simply about discounting product – it is about delivering the experiences people want to see created.

Flavoursome High Density Nutrition (HDN) Foods for Consumers with Dysphagia

Food Spectrum Pty Ltd – NATHAN –

The company chairman and founder – Peter Lancaster saw a unique opportunity to provide a range of functional ingredients to major brand owners. The company is built on technology, innovation and service. To provide a high density nutrition product to support the specific target market i.e. children with cerebral palsy and dysphasia sufferers.

World first application for sonic / utrasonic cutting to peeling and slicing tropical fruit (Banana)

Foodstream Pty Ltd – CLEVELAND –

The idea is the development of a combination mechanical peeler and slicer of bananas. The cutting edge innovation is in combining and integrating a low cost bench mounted skinning machine with slicing.

Production of Retail World

International Education Services – SPRING HILL –

The organisation is founded on the three pillars of excellence, growth and innovation. The organisation seeks to be the global leader in the delivery of quality educational services that grow people to their maximum potential through innovative learning strategies. The development of the innovative virtual learning business simulation, ‘Business Island’ and its hybrid ‘Retail World’ are a natural extension of this vision.

MainRobin’s Mobile Ticketing Application

MainRobin Pty Ltd –